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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Underneath’

Published on May 4th, 2017 | Updated on May 4th, 2017 | By FanFest

‘Underneath’ was definitely the episode that Olicity fans across the Arrowverse needed. Even though there was not a rekindling of romance and reigniting that flame, some connections were absolutely made and ‘Olicity’ fans got the closure they desired… for now.

The episode opened with the Oliver and Felicity both laying on the floor in the Arrow cave, stunned from the explosion. Oliver immediately picks up a gun and begins searching for Chase. Afer Oliver completes his search, Felicity tells him that Chase used an EMP device to overload every circuit in the bunker. When Oliver asks her how she knows this, Felicity tells him the chip implanted in her spine isn’t working, and she can’t feel her legs.

We flashback to almost a year ago,  just after Team Arrow ‘broke up’. Felicity began arguing with Oliver over whether they should expand the team. Curtis walks in and sees the pair talking at close quarters and smirks to himself.

In the present day, Captain Lance and Wild Dog face a crisis of their own. Every defense attorney in the city continued to call City Hall, petitioning to overturn all of Chase’s convictions due to the fact that he’s a serial killer. Wild Dog and Lance ask Curtis to check the bunker for Oliver, since he can’t get in touch with him. Curtis heads out, and then discovers that he cannot get into the Arrow Cave.

Image: Robert Falconer/The CW

Oliver tells Felicity that the reason Chase has them trapped down there, is because he’s going after someone Oliver cares about up on top. He then tells Felicity that Chase knows about William, and that when Chase tortured him, he showed Oliver a photo of William. Felicity tells Oliver to grab the blue prints for the bunker, which Cisco designed.

At Diggle’s apartment, Diggle and Lyla argue over whose morality is more compromised. Before they can continue their discussion, Rene, Dinah, and Curtis arrive and inform them that Oliver and Felicity are trapped in the bunker.

Oliver attempts to climb up the elevator shaft, despite Felicity’s warnings that Chase probably rigged it. Turns out she was right, as Oliver sets off the booby trap and falls back down the elevator shaft, landing on top of a rivet.

Felicity stitches Oliver up to the best of her ability, and she bring up why they were originally arguing in the first place. She confronts him about not trusting her, especially when it came to her dealing with Helix. Afterall, they both were after the same thing… putting Chase away. Oliver admits that she was right, and if she has a plan for getting them out… he’ll support it.

Back to the rest of the team, Curtis tells them that if they are really trapped in the bunker, then they probably only have a few hours of air left. Lyla tells Curtis to let her know what they need, as A.R.G.U.S is at their disposal.

Image: Robert Falconer/The CW

Felicity wheels around the bunker, followed by Oliver. She suggests they use Oliver’s old motorcycle to generate some electricity to power up a cellular link, so they can attempt to reach the team.

In a flashback, Curtis talks to Felicity about how he sees she and Oliver are flirting once again. Oliver walks in on the discussion, carrying Curtis’s take out order of Chinese food. Curtis pretends like he has a last minute date with Paul, and tells the pair to enjoy the food and the wine that is in the garage, before giddily running out.

Rene and Curtis rappel down the elevator shaft so they can try to weld through the roof of it. While Rene and Curtis are down the shaft, Dinah talks to Diggle about her past relationship problems, and sometimes there need to be things kept from each other for the sake of their own sanity.

In the bunker, Oliver and Felicity continue to argue about how he did not support her play with Helix. Ironically, their conversation gets cut short when the mainframe turns on and immediately overloads, causing the methane gas pipe to rupture.

Oliver quickly grabs some duct tape and tries to patch up the pipe, but it doesn’t work. Felicity states that they have a matter of minutes before they asphyxiate. Oliver checks the blue prints one more time and realizes they can escape through the steam pipe underneath the Arrow Cave.

Rene and Curtis continue to try to melt the roof of the elevator, but they accidentally cause an explosion. Curtis informs Rene that there has to be some sort of a methane leak, which triggered the explosion.

Oliver’s shoots one of his explosive arrows, destroying the entryway door to the steam pipe tunnels. Felicity climbs on top of Oliver’s back, they begin their descent down the two-story pipe via rappelling.

Image: Robert Falconer/The CW

In a flashback, Oliver and Felicity get a little tipsy. Oliver demonstrates to her how to use the salmon ladder. They then kiss and collapse on the bunker floor together.

Lyla shocks Curtis by bringing him one of his T-Spheres, using the excuse that ‘ARGUS keeps tabs on interesting tech’. As if that’s an excuse for stealing someone’s technology. Diggle isn’t shy to hide his disappointment from her.

Oliver and Felicity discover that steam pipe is a dead end and Oliver collapses from blood loss ontop of the methane inhalation. Felicity crawls over to Oliver, and he admits to Felicity that he began his conquest because he actually enjoys killing people…and that’s why he didn’t back Felicity’s play. He refuses to let her be like him.

In another flashback, Felicity tells Oliver that they can’t get back together. She admits that she just can’t get past the fact that he doesn’t trust her, regardless of whether she loves him or not.

Lyla and Diggle have a private conversation in which she gives him a list of every black op she’s signed off on. She tells him that she doesn’t understand how he can support Oliver’s morally questionable conquest, but not hers. Curtis interrupts their conversation, saying he’s figured out how to rescue Oliver and Felicity.

Oliver wakes up, weaker than ever. Felicity begins crying and she tells Oliver that Adrian Chase is wrong the man he really is. Oliver suffered 10 years of hell, and that doesn’t make him a monster. It makes him a survivor.

As they continue their discussion, a sudden explosion occurs in the wall. Curtis’s T-Sphere appears. Curtis tells Oliver and Felicity they don’t have a lot of time,  the mainframe will turn back on shortly, causing all the methane to explode. Curtis tells them he has a plan to get the vents back online before the mainframe turns back on. He manually turns on the vents on while Diggle climbs down the pipe to rescue Oliver and Felicity.

Image: Robert Falconer/ The CW

As Oliver heads out the hole created by the T-Sphere, he passes out again. Just as Felicity begins to lose hope, Curtis informs her that the T-Sphere is loaded with adrenaline. She stabs Oliver in the chest, which immediately causes him to wake up. They meet Diggle in the elevator shaft, but Diggle realises they don’t have enough rope… and Oliver will have to jump with Felicity on his back. Oliver musters up what strength he has, and makes the leap…. safely into Diggle’s hands.

The team heads to a secret A.R.G.U.S base, so that the team can recover and use as their temporary lair. She and Diggle talk, and he finally apologizes to her. Oliver gets out of emergency surgery and immediately asks to see Felicity.

He thanks Felicity for giving him an encouraging talk about who he really is. Felicity then also apologizes for joining up with Helix. She also finally admits that she understand why he had to lie about William. She and Oliver mutually agree that it is time for Oliver to figure out the person he really is.

In the closing minutes of the episode, we see William getting off a school bus…. only to be confronted with Chase himself. Chase smirks wickedly, telling William that he is an old friend of William’s fathers. OMGGGG!!!

Arrow will return Wednesday, May 10th at 8PM/EST on The CW.

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