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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘The Ties That Bind’

Published on May 11th, 2018 | Updated on May 11th, 2018 | By FanFest

Ricardo Diaz is certainly a villain that I love to hate, especially after all of these ‘tactics’ that he pulled out in this most recent episode. I mean, he is a REALLY GOOD bad guy …. but I hate him so much.

‘The Ties That Bind’ kicks off with Oliver, Felicity, and William having an everyday conversation. While William makes breakfast for the pair, Oliver notices that Felicity isn’t quite acting like herself. She states that given the turn of events following the trial result, that being Oliver is a free man, she is concerned and knows that it is not over. Diaz is still out on the streets, while they are inside just living a ‘normal’ life. Meanwhile, Lyla accompanies John to a doctors visit. In a surprising change of events, the doctor informs Diggle that his nerve endings have somehow healed and he no longer requires the use of technology to keep himself functional. Elsewhere, Dinah begins tracking down gang members and street thugs and interrogates them on the whereabouts of Diaz.

As Oliver prepares for a peaceful evening with William and Felicity, he gets distracted by a text message. It was from Anatoly – urging him to get out of his apartment. Before Oliver could comprehend what was going on, three gunmen crashed into the apartment and began firing their weapons. While Oliver handled the gunman, we saw glimpses of Rene and his daughter, Curtis, and his boyfriend, and Diggle and Lyla also getting attacked simultaneously. While Oliver sends William to ARGUS for protective custody, he and the team (both old and new) head to Helix – as Felicity has reported that Diaz located and destroyed the old bunker. Oliver meets with Anatoly, who tells him he will find out where Diaz is now operating out of. Anatoly finds Diaz at the Quadrant HQ and he tells him that it is no longer safe there and they need to move. As they move out, they are confronted by Team Arrow. After engaging in a brutal fight, the corrupt cops arrive and Curtis winds up getting stabbed by Diaz himself. Team Arrow retreats, and Curtis gets sent to ARGUS for care.

Lyla presents an idea that if she were to meet with the chief of police, he could not refuse. She heads to the police station. At the police station itself, Diaz confronts Anatoly and accuses him of snitching to Team Arrow. Anatoly lies and tells him that the anonymous tipper was Lydia. Lyla arrives to talk to Diaz, and sneakily plants a bug on one of the cops computers. As the files start transferring, her cover is blown. Luckily for Lyla, Diggle and Oliver jump in and get her out in time. The team heads back to Helix, and begin reviewing the encrypted files.

An alert goes off on their computer, and Felicity states that Diaz has discovered the Helix headquarters with a small group. He tells them that Oliver Queen is not to make it out alive. Diaz throws in the tear gas, and Oliver orders his team to leave. Felicity stays behind, attempting to decrypt the files. Oliver tells her they will find another way to stop Diaz – and as they head out, they run right into Diaz. After a brief fight, Oliver manages to knock out Diaz and escape with Felicity.

At ARGUS Lyla informs them that they could not find Diaz body, so he is still out there. At the Star City police station, Diaz meets with the Quadrant. He tells them that Lydia Casamento was a traitor and he demands their loyalty – otherwise the consequences could be severe. In the closing minutes, Oliver approaches the special agent and asks for her help in taking down Diaz. He promises her one thing in exchange; he admits to being the Green Arrow.

Arrow will return next week on May 17th, 2018 in the Season 6 finale episode.


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