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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘The Thanatos Guild’

Published on March 30th, 2018 | Updated on March 29th, 2018 | By FanFest

After over half a year of waiting, we got another answer to the question in regards to who survived Lian Yu – Nyssa Al Ghul! It was nice to finally get some closure in regards to Nyssa! There were no mentions of her since the Season 5 finale, and to be honest I was a bit worried. All is good now – she’s back!

Image: The CW

‘The Thanatos Guild’ kicks off with a flashback of Thea and Malcolm speaking in the limo four years ago – where he promised Thea he would make her strong again. Flash forward to Nanda Parbat, where an archer named Athena discusses the idea of Malcom’s successor being head of the League. Nyssa, pulls of her mask and begins fighting with Athena. At the Arrow HQ, Team Arrow throws a farewell party for Thea. Oliver and Diggle talk about who will wear the Green Hood. Thea and Roy head out of Star City, and are attacked by a rogue archer. Before anything can happen, Nyssa jumps in and saves them. She heads back to the Arrow Cave with them, and tells Oliver and the team about how Malcolm had recruited loyalists, with Athena as his second in command, prior to his death. Those loyalists were now after Thea, thinking she is possessing a map that Merlyn hid – a cube-like safe containing the map. Thea agrees to help Nyssa find the map.

Elsewhere, Dinah grows suspicious when Captain Hill dismisses her from a case. She then asks Curtis to see if Captain Hill is one of the dirty cops. Thea and Nyssa meet with a former league member, who draws a map for Thea of where the cube is hidden. They call in Oliver and the team, and head to the warehouse. Nyssa discovers a safe hidden in the concrete floor and uses C4 to detonate it and grab the cube. As soon as she does, Athena and a few of her archers drop down from the ceiling. After an epic fighting sequence, Oliver and his team take out some of Athena’s minions giving them a chance to escape.

Image: The CW

Back at the Arrow Cave, Nyssa offers to take the cube far away from Star City to keep Thea safe. Thea disagrees and asks Felicity to help them crack the safe. At the police evidence locker, Dinah and Curtis attempt to dig up some information on Captain Hill. Felicity discovers a crack for the guild, to which actually works. When the safe opens, they find a blank piece of parchment. They attempt to use the flame technique, but it doesn’t work. Elsewhere, Dinah and Curtis examine the evidence that Dinah stole from the Star City PD locker that Captain Hill confiscated from Dinah earlier. They discover that it is the same drugs that Diaz is pushing, convincing Dinah that Captain Hill is dirty. Back at the Arrow Cave, the team discovers a lead on Athena’s hideout. The team suits up and heads out. When they arrive, Athena approaches Thea and informs her that the maps ink won’t work unless Thea’s blood is spilled on it.

While Thea and Athena fight, Felicity discovers that the warehouse is rigged with C4. While Roy gets to work on deactivating it, Athena knocks Thea down. Thea threatens to burn the map in the fire, to end it all. Before Athena could react, Nyssa shoots Athena – who escapes. Thea looks down at her map to see that her blood, in fact, does reveal what the map is really hiding. Felicity discovers that Malcolm rigged the map so that enzymes in Thea’s blood could show what was really on the map. Nyssa studies the map, and reveals that it shows the locations of three different Lazarus Pits.

At the police station, Curtis scores a date with the new cop named Nick. Dinah approaches Curtis and tells him that she discovered that Captain Hill released a bunch of drugs, including Vertigo, from the evidence locker. More than likely for Diaz to sell.

Thea and Roy decide to go with Nyssa to destroy the remaining three Lazarus Pits. Oliver bids both Thea and Roy a heartfelt farewell, as they depart Star City.



Well, for starters I am SUPER happy that Nyssa survived the Lian Yu explosion. When there was no mention of her, my heart was broken. She was definitely the highlight of the episode for me. This episode was definitely something very different and even though it did not tie into the man plot for the season, it was an episode we needed. We needed to see Roy ‘suiting up’ alongside Thea and Oliver once more. However, I am truly sad that Nyssa annulled her marriage to Oliver in the closing minutes. I do SO much get a kick out of the fact that she kept jokingly referring to Oliver as husband! 🙂



Arrow will return next week on Tuesday March 3rd at 9PM/EST on The CW.






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