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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘The Sin-Eater’

Published on February 22nd, 2017 | Updated on February 23rd, 2017 | By FanFest

It is always extremely enjoyable to see old characters come back on our favorite television shows; especially those of the villain variety! (They certainly know how to change things up a bit). This episode of Arrow, titled ‘The Sin-Eater’, not only presented us with the return of one character… we got 3!

The episode opened with our favorite duo, Diggle and Oliver, on the hunt for Justin Clayborne’s mistress. Oliver entered the house, as Mayor Queen, not as the Green Arrow. He told the woman that he has reason to believe that her son is Prometheus. She stated that she hasn’t seen her son since Justin Clayborne’s funeral, and when Oliver asked for her son’s name, she began to get angry. She stated that she doesn’t want Oliver to ‘cage him up’. She then said that her son is hurt and scared, and that he is doing what he has to do because a ‘monster’ put an arrow into his father. Amanda then kicked Oliver out, saying she refused to help him and she will not change her mind.

Meanwhile on a prison transfer bus, China White, Cupid and Lady Cop overtook the two prison guards and allowed the other prisoners on the bus to escape…. before stating that it was time to make their way back to Star City.

Dinah enters the arrow cave and she warns the team about the escaped convicts. Felicity and Curtis activated a device to see if Prometheus’ mother has made any contact with him since Oliver’s visit.

'Arrow' Recap 'The Sin-Eater'
Image: The CW

Oliver meets with Adrian Chase at City Hall to talk about new business and to swear in the newest member of the SCPD; Dinah. While he talks to Adrian, Susan comes in to see Oliver. After a brief, cutesy moment… she asked Oliver point blank if he is the Green Arrow. Oliver responded ‘yes’, but when he realized that she is being serious, Oliver stated that he was just joking.  Susan told Oliver that she was working on a story and she asked him again, on the record, if he is the Green Arrow. He denied it again, saying that it was a ridiculous theory that makes absolutely no sense. Chase comes in and says that it is time to get the ceremony started. Oliver apologized to Susan, but she walked away, disappointed.

After Oliver swears Dinah into the SCPD, Thea approached Oliver and asked him about Susan. Oliver told her about how Susan randomly asked him if he was the Green Arrow; to which Thea was alarmed by. Before they could continue their conversation, Lance walked up to them and mentions the prison escape. Oliver got a text from Felicity stating she had a location on the escapees and Lance demands he join Oliver after learning that Liza Warner was involved, stating that it was personal.

Felicity directs Oliver and Lance to a Chinese Triad hideout; where they discover that China White and the gang wiped out a whole team of triad members. Oliver immediately tells Lance not to blame himself, and he says they need to find the girls before they drop any more bodies.

Oliver joined his team back at the Arrow Cave to analyze the video footage of China attacking the Triad. Oliver hears China White asking about a depository and says they need to figure out what she’s talking about.

While Team Arrow deals with that crisis, a patrolman delivers Captain Pike an urgent letter. He urgently states to get the entire Anti-Crime Unit in the room in five minutes.

'Arrow' Recap 'The Sin-Eater'
Image: The CW

Thea meets Felicity in the Arrow Cave and tells her about how Susan Williams approached Oliver and asked him if he was the Green Arrow. With that, Felicity hacked into Susan’s computer and discovered all the photos and paperwork containing everything she has discovered about Oliver. Felicity stated that Susan had to of had an outside source, so deleting all the information off of her computer would have been useless because she would just get it again.

Wild Dog and Mr. Terrific confront a surviving Triad member that Tobias Church had a $100 Million deposit in storage, which he never spent before he died… and that is what the convicts are after.

Oliver and Lance began searching through some of Tobias’ Church’s old safe houses. Oliver took the opportunity to ask Lance if he was okay with Dinah taking up Laurel’s mantle as The Black Canary. Lance says yes, as long as she continues to make Laurel proud. They hear gunshots, and they realize that the three convicts are in the same safe house. Oliver begins to fight Cupid and China White, while Lance chases down Liza Warner. Lance confronts Liza, asking her why she went dark. Liza tells Lace that she went dark again after she discovered that Lance, as a Police Captain, teamed up with Damien Darhk. Lance insisted that he only did it as a way to protect Laurel, not because he believed in Darhk’s policies.

Cupid and China White suddenly flee, and then the ACU immediately swarmed in. The ACU Captain then announced that Green Arrow is under arrest for the murder of Detective Billy Malone.

Oliver stated that he was innocent, and that he had nothing to do with Billy’s murder. He then uses a flare arrow to escape. Oliver immediately rushed back to the Arrow Cave to alert the rest of the team about the ACU’s actions. Oliver and Lance agree that Oliver should use his position as mayor to find out why the ACU suddenly decided to target the Green Arrow.

Oliver, Chase and Lance meet with Captain Pike and asked him why they suddenly made a move on the Green Arrow. Captain Pike handed over the coroner report which stated that he was killed by one of Green Arrow’s arrow. Oliver stated that the Green Arrow wasn’t involved, but Captain Pike refuses to listen, stating that the Green Arrow is a copkiller. Oliver asked to speak with Lance privately, before stating that Prometheus was the one who forged the coroner’s report, since Opal City, where Prometheus’s mother resided.

'Arrow' Recap 'The Sin-Eater'
Image: The CW

Oliver entered his office to find out that Susan was fired for allegedly plagiarizing her reports for the past year. She gets accusatory, stating that the timing is suspicious; since it happened shortly after she asked if Oliver was the Green Arrow. Susan calls him out and tells him about all the photos and other evidence she gathered on him from his time in Russia… when he as supposed to be on a deserted island. She then storms out of Oliver’s office, telling him not to speak to her.

Oliver confronts Felicity in the Arrow Cave, and her if she was the one who planted the evidence on Susan’s computer. He then finds out that Thea was the one behind the framing of Susan.

Thea meets up with Lance, and he tells her about what happened when he encountered Liza. Lance feels guilty, but Thea says that he needs to stop blaming himself for the sins of others.

China White, Cupid and Liza locate one of Bertinelli’s men and demand he takes them to Church’s deposit box.

Oliver meets with Thea, and he asked her if she was aware of the fact that Susan was fired. Thea confesses that she didn’t think it would go as far as it did (Susan beeing fired), but Oliver doesn’t believe her. Oliver states that he was concerned that Thea could so effortlessly destroy a woman’s life…. wondering how she could do that to a person. Thea stated that she only did it to protect Oliver. Lance comes in and tells Oliver about Liza and the others, but Oliver says they need to let the cops handle it. Lance asked why Oliver was suddenly giving up, and Oliver states that even though Prometheus arranged things…. Oliver was still the one who shot the arrow. Lance tells Oliver about the conversation he had with Thea earlier, inspiring Oliver to go talk to Captain Pike.

Oliver meets with Captain Pike and explains the true circumstances surrounding Detective Malone’s death. Captain Pike asks Oliver how he knew all of this, to which Oliver states that the Green Arrow himself told him. He tells him that he and Chase tried to keep it quiet to protect the city from a city-wide panic. Oliver asked Captain Pike to let Green Arrow keep being the hero that the city needs. After Oliver leaves his office, Felicity calls Oliver and tells him that she has a lock on the trio’s location.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Felicity gives Dinah her own mask before they head out into the field. Dinah says she doesn’t think she is ready to fill Laurel’s shoes, but Felicity disagrees.

'Arrow' Recap 'The Sin-Eater'
Image: The CW

Liza and the others locate Tobias Church’s money in a mausoleum, but before they get a chance to celebrate their victory… Team Arrow arrives. As Oliver and his team make to apprehend them, Liza states that she has a small army on her side too. A bunch of vans pull up, and a bunch of thugs jump out. Team Arrow begins fighting the trio and all of their thugs. As Oliver faces off one on one with China White, the ACU shows up. China states that she ‘can’t wait to watch them take him in’. BUT Instead of shooting Oliver, Captain Pike shoots China White.

Oliver thanks Captain Pike and apologizes for Detective Billy Malone’s death. He states that Billy’s death is something that he will have to live for ‘for the rest of his life’. As he walks away, Captain Pike mutters that Oliver said the same exact thing earlier.

Lance watches Liza get booked, before meeting up with Dinah. He gives her some encouraging words, stating that she isn’t taking Laurel’s place, but rather, carrying on Laurel’s legacy.

Oliver meets up with Thea, to which she immediately starts off with an apology. Oliver says that Thea didn’t make a mistake, she made a choice. Thea, made a tough choice…but not necessarily the right one; just like their mother did multiple times.

The episode ends with Chase entering Oliver’s office and saying that they have a big problem. Oliver turns on the TV to see that someone alerted the media about Oliver’s office covering up the death of Detective Malone, which could cause a possible impeachment.


Flashback Oliver

Anatoly and Oliver try to plan how they are going to carry out their attack on Gregor. Oliver tells Anatoly that he is going to stay by his side until they kill Gregor, but once that is over, he needs to head home. Anatoly tells Oliver that he is a sin-eater, a man who takes the sins of others so they can go to the afterlife.

Oliver then escorts Anatoly out of the hospital, taking out several of Gregor’s men in the process. As Oliver and Anatoly spy on Gregor’s men, in an abandoned basement. They overhear Gregor talking to his men about finding Anatoly, and killing him. Oliver steps up and gives himself up to save his friend. This results in a gunfight, and Oliver takes out a good number of Gregor’s men. As Oliver fights Gregor’s men, Gregor sneaks off and finds Anatoly. He pulls a gun on him, telling him that he will not be a ‘Bratva Captain much longer’.

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