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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘The Longbow Hunters’

Published on October 23rd, 2018 | Updated on October 23rd, 2018 | By FanFest

After last weeks thrilling season premiere, it was amazing to see Ricardo Diaz once again return to Star City in full force. Diaz is a phenomenal villain, and provides quite the extreme challenge for Oliver. I’m so excited to see that Kirk Acevedo has signed on as a regular for this upcoming season.

‘The Longbow Hunters’ kicked off with Oliver being returned to his cell, after it was revealed he spent two days in solitary confinement. Back in Star City, Felicity invites Team Arrow over for some wine and dining. As they discussed the fact that Diaz is back in Star City, Felicity stated she had been tracking Diaz using updated technologies and that it is possible he may have some new ‘friends’ with him. While they all talk, The Longbow Hunters snuck into an ARGUS off site facility and stole a super-powered battery/piece of technology.

At the DA’s office, Dinah tracked down Laurel and questioned her about why she has been ditching her protective detail – especially now that the Longbow Hunters are in town. She told Laurel that it was foolish for her to run around, considering Diaz probably wants her dead – especially after he killed Quentin.

In prison, Oliver walked up to Danny Brickwell and his golden trio (Sampson and Bronze Tiger). Oliver questioned Brick about Ricardo Diaz, and why he hired Brick to attack Oliver. Brick stated that he couldn’t trust Oliver, especially since he was both the mayor and the Green Arrow. He told Oliver he would tell him everything, if Oliver were to ‘take care’ of one of the guards – Officer Yorke.


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Felicity and Curtis hack into an ARGUS database and get a potential location for the Longbow Hunters. She rallied up both Curtis and Rene, and the two of them headed to the warehouse. Once they entered, Felicity accidentally triggers a fail safe, which caused the one laptop to go into self-destruct mode and wipe all of the date. They bump into Diggle and some ARGUS agents, who had set up a sting. Diggle reveals that the stolen tech isn’t just a battery, but a weapon capable of leveling a city. Diggle and Felicity get into an argument saying there is no more ‘Team Arrow’ and that they have to do things the ARGUS way.

At the prison yard, Oliver walked up to Brick and tells him that he can’t kill Yorke – as his record is clean and it doesn’t feel right doing it. Brick ordered Oliver to ‘get rid of him’, and Bronze Tiger hands Oliver a shiv. During a later cavity search, Oliver tried to warn Yorke – telling him that someone wanted him dead and that he needed to leave. Rather than listening to Oliver, he decided to mock him for his past vigilante crimes.

At ARGUS, Felicity and Diggle had a discussion as to why he did not want to put on the Green Arrow hood. He said he watched it tear Felicity, William and Oliver apart – and he couldn’t let the same thing happen to his family. Curtis informed Diggle they had a line on Diaz. Diggle allowed Felicity to help, but only if she played by the ARGUS rules.

Dinah tracks down Laurel outside an abandoned building and asked her what she was doing. Laurel stated she knew Diaz was in the area, and she had to kill him after what he did to Quentin. She stated he may not have been her father for real, but he was the first person to truly care for her after everything she had been through. Laurel headed inside, leaving Dinah with her thoughts.


While this happened, Diggle and an ARGUS team tracked down a train that they believed contained Diaz and the Longbow Hunters – a train carrying the weapon and headed to Star City. Diggle and his agents raided the train, and immediately began engaging the Longbow Hunters. Almost simultaneous, Dinah and Laurel engage with another member of the Longbow Hunters – and together take her on. Diggle manages to confront Diaz himself, and manages to get the ‘battery’ back from him. Diggle orders Felicity to unhook the last car of the train, allowing ARGUS to get away with the technology. Felicity hesitates, so Curtis reaches over the keyboard and unhooked it for her.

The next day, Felicity expressed how upset it made her – allowing Diaz to escape, especially since he cost her everything. At the police headquarters, Laurel went to Dinah’s office and thanked her for backing her up. She also apologized to Dinah for killing Vince, and said that she wasn’t that kind of person anymore.

At prison, Oliver approached Yorke during lunch. He told Yorke that he tried to warn him, before stabbing himself with the shiv that Bronze Tiger gave him – framing Yorke completely. As the guards hauled Yorke away, Brick smiled knowingly at Oliver.

The episode ended with Felicity talking FBI Agent Watson, and demanded she help Felicity track down Diaz.


Arrow will return next week on Monday, November 29th at 8PM/EST on The CW.


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