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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘The Devil’s Greatest Trick’

Published on February 9th, 2018 | Updated on February 8th, 2018 | By FanFest

I know I say this every single week, but I can for sure say that this is in the top 5 episodes so far this season. There was more than just your weekly action and conflict. This episode was all about the teamwork, and the surprises.

‘The Devil’s Greatest Trick’ started off with Oliver and Diggle heading down to Cayden’s old headquarters to find out that the devil himself was not there. Cayden appeared on the television screens surrounding the room instead, stating that he felt the base was compromised so he didn’t feel safe there. Oliver asked Cayden for more time, because he was working on proof that Oliver as not the one responsible for Cayden’s sons death. Cayden then stated that Oliver was out of time, and he would be detonating the bomb at midnight.

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Down at the Arrow Cave, Alena and Felicity continued to work on the algorithm to decode the video of Oliver killing Cayden’s son. Alena warned Oliver, stating that even if they could get it decoded that Oliver was working with a man who refused to see reason.

Flashback Cayden eighteen months ago, where Cayden met Alena for the first time. During their meeting, Cayden got a call from his son Owen and left the building. Cayden headed out to meet his son, and apologized for missing Owen’s game. He told Owen that he wanted to be a bigger part of his life, to which Owen said was not possible if Cayden wanted to keep up with his hacking group. Cayden then made a promise to be there for Owen’s final game.

Oliver called Thea and asked her to bring Raisa and William from the safe house and to bring them to the bunker because it would be the safest place for them if they bomb were to detonate.

Dragon, Black Siren and Anatoly all met together and Dragon pointed out that the aircraft Cayden promised was extremely late – ironically and he suggested they get to a safer place.

Dinah hit the streets and she was beating up a thug on the street, demanding to know where Black Siren was. Rene and Curtis met up with her, and tried talking her down off of her horse. They told her that Felicity called, and stated that the bomb was going to be going off at midnight – so the city would have to take priority over Dinah’s vendetta. Dinah stated that the two of them stay out of her way, and she was going to get justice for Vincent.

Alena’s and Felicity finally stated that they figured out who was behind the assassination. An unnamed assassin was the one who killed Owen, and used a bow and arrow to add on to the Green Arrow’s M.O and make it look more realistic.

Image: The CW

Oliver had Barry carry him and Oliver to stop Cayden from leaving the city. Oliver handed Cayden the tablet that contained the real video of the assassin who killed Cayden’s son, ultimately framing Oliver. Cayden recognized the coding and said it was someone within his organization. He then instructed Oliver and Diggle to bring in Anatoly, Dragon and Black Siren alive – otherwise he would detonate the bomb over Star City.

Down at the Arrow Cave, Oliver told Felicity and Alena the news. Felicity got to work on finding the golden trio, and stated that they would more than likely be together. Thea arrived in the bunker with William. Oliver told William the truth, stating that Cayden had a bomb over the city and the best place for him would be in the bunker. William asked Oliver if he could come with him, but Oliver told him it would be best if William stayed put.

Diggle called Curtis to inform him of the current bid. If they brought in Black Siren and her two comrades, then Cayden would leave the city alone. Rene brought Diggle up to speed, saying that they better hurry because Dinah was hunting her down to – and was aiming to kill her.

While Black Siren packed her bags, Dinah found her. The two had a brief fist fight, and Dinah knocked Black Siren to the ground. Lance came running in, asking Dinah to stop. Instead, Dinah used her Canary cry on Lance. Before anything could further happen, Oliver arrived and used his rope arrow to bind both Dinah and Black Siren to the concrete posts. Dinah demanded to know what Oliver was doing, and Oliver told her that he was saving the city.

Image: The CW

Oliver called Cayden and told him they had Black Siren. Cayden stated that was no good, and he wanted all three at the same time – and for Oliver to call him when they had the trio.

In another flashback, Cayden headed out of the Helix HQ to go to his sons game. Alena ran up to him and told him it was probably not a good idea for him to go out, as ARGUS may have picked up his signature on his most recent hack. Cayden told her that he would take extra precautions and he could not miss this event.

Elsewhere, Rene and Curtis managed to nab Richard Dragon while Oliver and Diggle got Anatoly. Anatoly denied once more to Oliver about his involvement in the photo. Dinah held Black Siren hostage in one of the safe houses. The two had a brief verbal exchange before Lance walked in. Dinah warned Lance that she would kill her if Cayden didn’t.

Down at the Arrow Cave, William asked Felicity where Oliver was. She told him that he was out on a mission, but it was taking a bit longer than expected – and that he would be okay. Oliver radioed in and told Felicity that they were heading to meet Cayden at the abandoned theater on Jefferson. While Alena, Felicity and Thea were distracted William snuck out of the bunker.

In another flashback, Cayden watched Owen’s basketball game from outside. As he watched two ARGUS agents pulled up and ordered him to come with them – he was under arrest. Cayden asked the agents if he could stay and watch the game, but they denied his request and took him in.

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As the group gathered outside Cayden’s drop off location, Lance had a conversation with Black Siren. She told him that he would never be like her Laurel, and that she actually enjoyed killing. Lance refused to believe that she could change. While they talked, Dinah walked up and told them it was time to go.

They all converged inside the theater, to see that William had also arrived. He told Oliver that all he wanted was his dad. Cayden approached his three former associates, and demanded they tell him which one of them killed Owen. Black Siren finally spoke up, stating it was her that did it. Cayden punched her in the face, but then continued to state that he didn’t believe her because she hesitated to kill Vincent.

Felicity radioed to Oliver and told him that he had to get Black Siren away from Cayden, because his detonator was interfering with her collar. However, this news was delivered too late, which resulted in her collar no longer working. She used to sonic scream to blast everyone away, and then took off herself. The team was divided, taking off in all directions. While the teams chased down Anatoly and Dragon, Lance and Dinah ran after Black Siren. During a screaming match, Dinah shot Black Siren.

Elsewhere, William and Oliver faced off against Cayden. Cayden have a brief speech about fathers needing to protect their sons, and then told him he had no choice and he had to detonate the bomb. Oliver quickly threw an arrow at Cayden’s wrist so that he dropped the trigger.

Image: The CW

Down at the bunker, Oliver made a promise to William that nothing would ever happen to him. Rene and Curtis reminded Oliver that even though they worked together to take down Cayden James that they were still two separate teams. After they left, Felicity informed them that Black Siren, Anatoly and Dragon were once again in the wind.

The next day, Oliver met with Cayden James in the interrogation room. Cayden handed Oliver a piece of paper with the possible location of his former partners in addition to the bank accounts in Corto Maletese where all the money was sent. He then asked Oliver for a request, to see his sons grave once more. Oliver said he could have that arranged.

In another flashback, an ARGUS agent informed Cayden about his son being murdered.

Elsewhere, Lance got into his car and had Black Siren handcuffed to the back seat. He told her he had a sliver of hope for her, and that he was going to take care of her.

The episode ended with Richard Dragon walking in Cayden’s interrogation room. He thanks Cayden for helping him prep Star City for a prime takeover. He then stated that he had the Police Captain and a few other city officials on his payroll. He told Cayden to say hello to his son for him, before stabbing him in the neck and killing him.

Arrow will return on Thursday, March 1st at 9PM/EST on The CW.


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