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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘So It Begins’

Published on November 10th, 2016 | Updated on November 10th, 2016 | By FanFest

I knew from the moment I saw the title release for this episode, that it was going to be a really good one. ‘So It Begins’ had a perfect mix up of action, comedy, and teamwork. Teamwork that is, with a small side of drama. But what can you expect? A group of ‘vigilantes’ gathering together to fight crime in the city and not all their personalities are the same; obviously, not everyone is going to get along all the time. That is one of the many reasons as to why I love Arrow so much. The writers script these characters to reality, not some fairy-tale like story. I love it.

The episode opens with Oliver and Diggle heading into an abandoned building to look for Tobias Church’s cell phone, which was recently pinged. When Felicity asks Oliver why he didn’t bring the rest of the team with him on the mission, Oliver states that he suspects that it is a trap set up by Prometheus. When Oliver and Diggle stumble upon the cell phone, an explosion occurs behind the pair and Oliver and Diggle approach a message spelled out in flames, saying ‘So it Begins’. Boom. Episode title.

Image: The CW
Image: The CW

Oliver and Diggle head back to the Arrow cave to talk about their recent discovery, and about how Prometheus is desperately trying to send a message to The Green Arrow. Oliver tells Felicity and Diggle (OTA!) that he is not ready to tell the ‘recruits’ about Prometheus until he knows exactly what they are up against.


The following morning, Oliver has an interview with Susan Williams about his plans for Star City.  Lance walks in late and Thea asks him if he was out drinking again, which he denies. At the conclusion of Oliver’s interview, Thea shows Oliver and Lance plans for an arts festival, A night out in Star City. She tells Oliver it would be great for publicity and for bringing the city together. Lance suggests a venue, the Rockets Arena, and says he has a contact. Oliver tells Thea and Lance to make it happen.

Elsewhere, Prometheus arrives in a random woman’s apartment and kills via throwing star to the neck. Hours later, The Green arrow shows up at the crime scene and speaks to DA Adrian Chase (why don’t I trust this guy!?) about information on the victim. Before they can get into too much detail, Chase gets a notification on his phone that there has been another murder, also killed by a throwing star.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Diggle suggests that Felicity use her boyfriend’s police connections to grab one of Prometheus’s throwing stars, which were taken as evidence. At first she protests, but then she eventually heads to the police station and gathers one of the stars, while her boyfriend is distracted.

On the news, Susan Williams breaks the “Throwing Star Killer” story on the news, which causes a panic in Star City. Oliver gathers his team (his entire team) to respond to a riot that is going on at an outdoor shopping mall, after someone reported that Prometheus was ‘in the area’. (Thanks for causing a panic Susan!) The Team successfully gets all injured patrons to safety, and they disarm all the rogue gunmen.

Image: The CW
Image: The CW

Once the riot is contained, Oliver and Diggle finally tell the rest of the team about Prometheus. They’re clearly upset, feeling as though Oliver doesn’t trust them since he continued to withhold information from them. Curtis agreed to help Felicity with an algorithim to find a connection between Prometheus’s victims.

Hours later, Felicity gathers Team Arrow and tells them she found out how Prometheus has been selecting his victims. His two most recent victims’ names can be used as anagrams for people that were formerly on, wait for it…. Oliver’s LIST. Yes, we are talking about ‘the list’ from Season One. Oliver’s hit list. Man, they really were not kidding when they said Arrow would be returning to it’s roots.

Oliver attempts to explain the history of The List to his new team, but they react the complete opposite of what Oliver expected. They state that they cannot believe they are following a ‘serial killer’. After his team scatters, Oliver tells Felicity to cross-reference The List with Star City’s population to get a lead on Prometheus’s next victim.

Thea visits Quentin’s apartment after discovering a bottle of whiskey in his desk at city hall. She finds him drunk, and she discovers that Lance had never sobered up in the first place. She says that she is not giving up on him, and she insists that she takes him to an AA meeting.

While his recruits meet up at Rory’s workshop to vent their feelings of dismay, Oliver vents back at the Arrow cave by shooting some tennis balls with his bow and arrow. (Season One reference anyone?) Diggle reminds Oliver that he’s moved past that phase, and that Oliver now only kills as a last resort. Oliver had no choice when it came to killing Damien Darhk, or Tobias Church’s men. He tells Oliver that eventually his new team will see that too.

Felicity comes up with a list of six names that Prometheus could target, and Oliver tells his team that they need to split up to protect them. Felicity’s list turned out to be completely accurate, as Prometheus goes after one of the names; a subway train operator who Artemis is shadowing. Artemis attempts to fight Prometheus and even cuts him in the arm, but she’s clearly outmatched. As Prometheus prepares to kill the operator and possibly Artemis herself, Oliver arrives and Prometheus flees almost immediately. (But not before taking an arrow to the back). During his attack, Prometheus damaged the train’s controls by placing a bomb ontop of it. Oliver straps Artemis, himself, and the conductor to a parachute arrow and they all managed to make it out just before the train detonates.

Felicity meets up with her boyfriend at the police station and tells him the truth about her involvement with the Green Arrow. He seems upset at first, but then he admits that she is saving the city and he is proud of her.

Thea, Oliver and the rest of Team Arrow arrive at the arts and music festival, and it is going off without a hitch. However, Felicity arrives and pulls Oliver aside and says she’s found a break in the case as to who Prometheus really is. Apparently, Prometheus’s throwing stars are made from Green Arrow’s old arrows from his old victims, which means that he has access to the police department’s evidence locker. In B-roll, while Felicity tells her story, we see Lance waking up in his apartment with a cut on his arm (in the exact same spot where Artemis cut Prometheus) and one of Prometheus’s throwing stars on his desk. WHAT!? Could Lance really be Prometheus?

Image: The CW
Image: The CW

Flashback Oliver

Anatoly attempts to teaches Oliver how to make a small bomb. The lesson doesn’t go well, as Oliver fails the exercise. Suddenly, a driveby shooter sent by Kovar fires upon the bar they are in, and almost kills Oliver and Anatoly. Following this attack, Oliver and Anatoly meet with the head of the Bratva. The one leader (who keeps calling Oliver an ‘American Puppy’) tells them that Kovar is trying to expand his territory with a casino. He suggests that Oliver pose as a rich American playboy to get inside the casino and blow it up from inside. Oliver  takes one of his Bratva brothers to the meeting with one of Kovar’s men, and comes extremely close to blowing up the casino. However, he gets knocked out by one of Kovar’s men.

When he wakes up, Oliver meets Kovar (who turns out to be….DOLPH LUNDGREN). After delivering a rather smooth, diabolical speech, Kovar kills Oliver’s Bratva brother, but keeps Oliver alive… for now.


A Few Thoughts

Ummmm…. what!? I don’t even know where to begin. I don’t even know how to mentally process the thought that Lance could possibly be the wicked Prometheus! I really hope this is some sort of misleading thing, as it would truly break my heart. Haven’t enough Lance’s died already?! Also, STELLAR performance by Dolph Lundgren on the show. I cannot wait to see what he brings to this role!

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