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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Schism’

Well, my fellow Arrow fans, Season Four has certainly been full of more than a handful of twists and surprises and unfortunately tonight, it has come to an end. I will say, that this Season finale has been one of the best episodes of Arrow ever. I know I have said this before, but I genuinely mean it, this episode is definitely on my Top 3 list. This episode had absolutely everything that I could ask for in a Season finale, and it has certainly left us with a lot of questions? Think you may have missed something? Let me bring you up to speed!

‘Schism’ opened with Damien Darhk using his mystical powers to try and persuade Felicity help him in his end of the world plan, by rendering Curtis unconscious and threatening to kill Donna. Just as Darhk is about to completely suck the life force out of Donna, Oliver comes crashing through the window and fires an arrow at Darhk. Darhk simply looks at the arrow, causing it to freeze and then explode. Darhk mocks Oliver, stating that he is now powered by tens of thousands of deaths. A firefight then breaks out as G.H.O.S.T.S pile into the room, along with the rest of Team Arrow.

Darhk attempts to come at Felicity again, but Oliver intervenes. Darhk begins to use his magic to drain Oliver of his life force, but Thea comes in with an arrow to Darhk’s daughter’s throat. Darhk lets Oliver go in exchange for his daughter, and then pops a flash grenade and makes his escape. Felicity looks over and sees that not only is Curtis pretty badly injured, but Felicity’s laptop that contains the lock-down protocols to Rubicon is now also missing. Sneaky Darhk.

'Arrow' Recap 'Schism'
Image: The CW

Team Arrow hurries Curtis to the Arrow cave in order to properly heal his injuries. While Diggle and Oliver start to patch up Curtis, Felicity heads to her work station and attempts to figure out how to stop Rubicon. Felicity has a discussion with Oliver, wondering how it was possible for him to deflect Darhk’s power before, but not now. Oliver explains that Darhk’s is much more powerful now, and admits that the light inside of him wasn’t enough to stop him.

Felicity gets a lock on her laptop, stating that it is in an office building in downtown Star City. Oliver heads there with Diggle and Thea, but they are surprised to find that the GPS tracker on a table. The lights in the room come on, revealing the H.I.V.E headquarters. Oliver looks at the screen and sees that all the missiles have locked on targets, and that there are 15,000 missiles in the air. 15, 434 missiles to be exact. Felicity calculates that ‘the world’ has about two hours left until all the missiles hit. Except for Star City, which only has about 45 minutes left.

Back at the Arrow cave, the team attempts to go over some evacuation protocols. Oliver and Lyla have an argument about Lyla sending her A.R.G.U.S. troops to attack Darhk in his Templar at City Hall. Oliver argues that she is sending them to her death, and that Darhk cannot be stopped. She shuts him down, saying that it is not his call to make.

Down at City Hall, Damien Darhk’s daughter states that she doesn’t like the temple, and that she misses her mom. In a tender moment, Darhk hugs her and promises her that they will see her soon. A crowd of A.R.G.U.S soldiers come into the Templar, with their guns pointed at Darhk. Darhk stands up and approaches them, a seemingly wicked look on his face.

In the arrow cave, the team listens into the audio as all of the A.R.G.U.S soldiers are slaughtered. Lyla tells Felicity to turn off the radio, as she solemnly turns away. Before anyone can contemplate their next move, a team of G.H.O.S.T.S storms into the Arrow cave, guns blazing.

Team Arrow immediately springs into action, and after a lengthy fight, Malcolm Merlyn appears in the lair, assisting the team in the fight. As Diggle fights a G.H.O.S.T, pulling out his gun to go for the kill shot, a sudden vision of Andy causes him to freeze. Lyla comes to his rescue, finishing the G.H.O.S.T off before he gets the chance to make the move on Diggle first. Even Felicty got involved in the fight, using Laurel’s billy club as her weapon of choice. You go, Felicity!

After the fight is over, Oliver starts to have self-doubt about his mission as The Green Arrow after seeing news reports of the riots on the street in Star City. Felicity attempts to lift his spirits up, but it doesn’t seem to work. Oliver even questions his return to Star City; if he never returned would Laurel still be alive?

'Arrow' Recap 'Schism'
Image: The CW

Curtis wakes up and stumbles over to Oliver and says that he wants to provide some hope. He tells Oliver that sane people don’t like to live in Star City, but that the Green Arrow inspired them to stay. He said there was a point and time when he and his husband were packing up and ready to leave, but one day they saw The Green Arrow come on television, and he gave them hope and inspiration. Curtis says he can give the same to others now, and show that the city is worth fighting for.

Oliver journeys out into the streets of Star City, and sees all the chaos on rioting that is occurring. He climbs on top of a taxi cab as Oliver, not The Green Arrow. He talks to them about hope, and about how the city has survived multiple crisis and with each other, they have survived. He tells them it is never too late to fight for their city. He says that they will survive this. Oliver’s speech is also broadcast on television and the radio, and he inspires everyone to unite as one.

Curtis and Felicity track the missile that is headed directly for Star City, and they manage to use an infrared signal to trick the missile into thinking that it has already detonated, causing it to redirect it out of the city. Felicity and Curtis then track the nuke signal back to the ‘hacker’ who is controlling Rubicon. Felicity, Curtis, Malcolm and Thea chase after the signal, while Diggle stays behind with Lyla and Oliver. Diggle states that Oliver’s speech inspired everyone, including his own team.

As Diggle begins to arm up for the fight, Lyla asks Diggle to explain what happened during the fight earlier. She pointedly asks him if it had anything to do with Andy. Diggle finally admits to her that it wasn’t actually self-defense, and that the reason that he killed Andy was because he threatened Diggle’s family. Lyla tells him that he was in the fog of war, and he did what he had to do. Diggle disagrees, saying that it wasn’t quite that simple.

Oliver heads to City Hall, where he confronts Damien Darhk. Darhk’s daughter asks what the Green Arrow is doing there. Darhk states that he has ‘come there to die’. We see a view of the now quiet streets of Star City, which is interrupted by Oliver smashing through the concrete street, indicating that he was blown through the roof of Darhk’s Templar.

Darhk mocks Oliver, stating how ‘touched’ he is that Oliver chose to spend the last 15 minutes that the world has fighting him. He begins to use his magic to mercilessly beat Oliver, yelling comments of revenge at him. A crowd of people begin gathering in the street, and start throwing things at Damien Darhk. The people yell at Darhk to leave, to which Darhk just merely laughs. He uses his magic to push the crowd back, just as Oliver regains the strength to stand up. Darhk tells Oliver that Star City is a prime example as to what is wrong in the world, and that he needs to cleanse humanity. Oliver states that Darhk will not win.

'Arrow' Recap 'Schism'
Image: The CW

Darhk rounds on Oliver, asking how he plans to stop him. Oliver states that it won’t just be him, indicating that Star City now stands with him. Darhk attempts to use his magic on Oliver, but Oliver resists the magic, as a result of the faith and hope of the people in Star City. Oliver has not only found the light by inspiring himself and his team, but his whole city. Oliver fires an arrow at Damien Darhk, which actually hits its mark and slices Darhk across the cheek. Damien cracks his neck, reminding Oliver that he is a former League of Assassin’s member, and that he doesn’t need magic. They begin to engage in a hand to hand combat match.

Meanwhile, Felicity and her group find the ‘hacker’ and Felicity sees that it is her ex-boyfriend, Cooper. Cooper has been shot by Darhk, who has been using his magic to slowly move the bullet towards his heart unless he continues to activate Rubicon. Felicity asks Thea, Curtis and Malcolm to leave so that she can have a moment alone with Cooper. She tells him that he can still be the man she loved. She reminds him that seven years ago they always wanted to save the world, and now is his chance. Cooper sighs, and then hands the keyboard over to her. From a distance away, Darhk senses that Cooper has stopped working and he uses his magic to smite him. Felicity apologizes to Cooper, and then sits down and begins to dismantle Rubicon.

As Darhk and Oliver continue their battle, Lyla and Diggle show up. Darhk states that he brought ‘friends’ too, and a group of G.H.O.S.T.S appear. It’s now the people of Star City and Team Arrow versus Damien Darhk and his G.H.O.S.T.S.

Felicity is at a loss on how to stop the missiles, but Curtis suggests they direct the missiles to space to detonate them, since they cannot stop them.

Somehow in the middle of the battle, Darhk get this hands on Oliver’s bow and shoots Oliver in the chest. Oliver falls to the ground, but Captain Lance and Diggle appear by his side. Lance says that Oliver’s speech inspired everyone, and that was one of the reasons why he came back to help fight. Oliver instructs them to fend off the G.H.O.S.T.S, while he takes care of Darhk.

Image: The CW
Image: The CW

Darhk and Oliver find each other once more, and Oliver finally gains the upper hand, seizing Darhk by the lapels of his coat. Darhk states that Oliver ‘doesn’t have it in him’ and that he let the man who killed his own mother walk away. Oliver states that Darhk killed a friend, and tens of thousands of people. With Slade, Oliver had a choice. With Darhk, Oliver has no choice. He plunges an arrow into Darhk’s heart, killing him. After Darhk’s death, the battle is over.

Back at the Arrow cave, Captain Lance states that he and Donna are moving out of town for a while. He’s been fired from the police department. He thanks Oliver for getting justice and closure for Laurel, and that he will never forget that.

Thea also states that she also plans on leaving, to find herself and if being ‘Speedy’ is what she really wants to do. She realizes that by threatening to kill a little girl, Laurel would be very disappointed with her if she were alive. Oliver and her share an embrace, and Oliver tells her that she never has to be sorry.

Felicity looks at Oliver and Diggle and makes an ‘original team arrow’ joke, before leaving the room. Diggle tells Oliver that he also needs to go away for a little while, to clear his head. Oliver says that he has never done ‘this’ without Diggle, and he doesn’t know what he’s going to do. They shake hands, and go their separate ways.

Oliver visits Laurel’s grave, and tells ‘her’ that he knows she wouldn’t have approved him killing Darhk, and she was better than him, and that’s what he loved most about her. Felicity walks up to him, and tells him that he isn’t feeling darkness inside of himself but a ‘Schism’; the war between darkness and light, the battle between two opposite sides. Oliver gets a phone call from the head of the city council. He states that Oliver’s motivational speech turned a lot of heads, and inspired many people. Moments later, Oliver takes his place at City Hall and is sworn in as interim Mayor of Star City. Queen for Mayor!

In the concluding minutes of Arrow, Lance drives with Donna away from Star City, Thea sits at home; pondering her life decisions, and Diggle is in his Army Service Uniform (ASUs), packing a bag with a bunch of clothing and a photo of his family. Lyla comes up to him and he kisses both her and Sara goodbye.

At the Arrow cave, Oliver walks through the debris and stares at the costumes. Felicity walks in and tells him there’s no chance she’s leaving also.

Flashback Oliver

Oliver and Taiana face off with Reiter, after he destroys the plane which is carrying some of Reiters prisoners off of the island with his magic. He seemingly grows stronger from their deaths. He shoots Oliver in the leg, and then turns his attention to Taiana. He attempts to kill her with his magic, but something makes him stop. His own life force appears to be draining from him. Oliver seizes the opportunity, and stabs Reiter in the back, ultimately killing him. Oliver attempts to speak to Taiana, but she leaps on him and attempts to strangle him, cursing him for killing her brother. She finally fights it off right before she’s about to completely kill him, and she begs him to kill her.

Oliver hesitates at first, but then he hugs her. She asks him not to forget his promise, and he says that he won’t. He apologizes, and then snaps her neck. Some of the remaining prisoners see Oliver do it, and they appear and point their guns at him. Oliver tells them all about Reiter and the idol, and how Taiana asked him to kill her. He also tells them that there is another way off the island.

After burying Taiana, Amanda Waller arrives to tell him he completed the mission. She says the darkness will always be part of him, and that she wanted to show him that sometimes killing is the only path to justice. She asks him if he wants to go back to his vigilante style, as if she were offering him a job. He declines, stating that he has a promise to keep. We’re going to Russia, people!!!!!

A Few Thoughts

I am totally and completely mind-blown by this Season finale. It was absolutely amazing. Although I am sad to see Neal McDonough go, I look forward to seeing what Season 5 will bring. These next few months are going to be excruciatingly painful, but it will definitely give me something to look forward to. Phenomenal job to everyone who had a part in this season of Arrow. Overall, this season was absolutely amazing. This finale, especially, had all the makings of a fantastic finale. 10/10 in my books!!

What lies in store for Team Arrow now? Will the team reunite? And what about ‘Olicity’? Is that still an endgame? We will surely find out (or be on the path to finding out) when Arrow returns in the fall!
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