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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘My Name is Emiko Queen’

Published on January 22nd, 2019 | Updated on January 22nd, 2019 | By FanFest

Talk about a twisted episode! ‘My Name is Emiko Queen’ was the perfect way to return from a winter hiatus. Not only did we get a surprising ‘big bad’ reveal in these new ‘flash forward’ sequences, but we got the answers to all of our questions in regards to this new Green Arrow.

‘My Name Is Emiko Queen’ began with Emiko taking down multiple criminals, and crossing their names off of a list. After she knocked out quite a few, she met with a mercenary in a bar and was looking for intel in regards to the location of William Glenmorgan. She headed out to an office building to investigate some files, when she was shot by a security guard. We then saw her stumble upon Rene, whom she asked for help with her wound.

At the crime scene, Dinah talks to Oliver about suiting up once more – rather than working as a deputy for the department. Oliver refused, stating that his focus was his marriage with Felicity, but he did take a DNA sample of the new Green Arrow for Felicity to test. After Felicity completed her analyzation, she revealed to Oliver that the new Green Arrow was in fact, Oliver’s sister – on his fathers side.

In a flash forward sequence — it was revealed that Rene had been elected mayor of Star City – the Glades.

Elsewhere, Lyla started talking to Ricardo Diaz – asking him for the location of a ‘Dante’, who helped Diaz pay off his debt to the Longbow hunters. When Diaz refused, Lyla reminded him that he was in ARGUS custody and therefore – off the books, so no one would be looking for him.  Diggle came in and proceeded with the interrogation, and told Diaz that if Diaz were to hand over Dante – they would let Diaz himself walk. After Diggle left the room, he met with Lyla and the Deputy Director. As a cover, Lyla told the Deputy Director that the only reason Diaz would walk would be to reinstate a newer version of the Suicide Squad.

In the future, Zoe approached Rene and told him that she was working with Dinah and then asked him for his help in stopping the bombs that were about to go off in Star City. When he refused, Zoe left.

Oliver and Felicity gathered some items from a storage unit that belonged to Oliver’s father. There, he found a letter from Robert to Walter – informing his friend of his long lost daughter, Emiko, and asked Walter to make sure they were taken care of. Elsewhere, Rene and Emiko met up in an alleyway and Emiko revealed her true identity and mission to him. Rene agreed to help her get vengeance for her mother’s murder.

In the future, Dinah confronts Rene. She informed him that Felicity was murdered and that there is somoene out there who plans to level the city. After a debate, Rene handed over access codes to a program called ‘Archer’ to Dinah.

In the present, Rene introduced Emiko and Curtis saying that if they were to complete their mission – they would need a man in a chair to help them out. After being reluctant at first, Emiko eventually agreed. They then headed to the residence where Glenmorgan was holding up and began taking out his henchmen. After taking out a few guards, Emiko confronted Glenmorgan and asked him why he killed her mother. Glenmorgan stated he was out of the country on another mission for the past two years and he had just gotten back, so there was no way he could have been behind it – and that he was set up.

Learning this, Emiko told Rene that he should go back home and spend time with Zoe. Rene refused, saying helping Emiko out gave him a new sense of purpose and he was going to continue to help her on her mission.

At ARGUS, Diaz agreed to Diggle’s deal and received an ARGUS explosive in the base of his neck.


The episode ended with Emiko standing at her mother’s grave, when she was suddenly approached by Oliver.


Arrow will return on Monday, January 28th at 8PM/EST on The CW.


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