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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Monument Point’

Published on May 11th, 2016 | Updated on May 17th, 2016 | By FanFest

‘Monument Point’ has got to be one of the more suspenseful Arrow episodes to date. The anticipation and struggle has been real ever since they released the preview for the episode after last week’s episode ‘Genesis’. Ever since the beginning of Arrow I have been so determined and curious to find out how Oliver learned to speak Russian. While this episode did not disclose those details to me, our opening sequence did take place in Russia, in a missile attack warning center. A Russian General entered a control room, asking his men why the nuclear weapons system alarm was blaring. The other Russian soldiers were just as dumbfounded, saying they had absolutely no idea what was going on. Suddenly, all of nuclear weapons systems slowly started to come online.

The scene then cuts to the Arrow cave, where Lyla tells Oliver that Darhk having Rubicon in his hands is much bigger than an ‘A.R.G.U.S’ issue, it’s a DoD issue. Felicity realizes that only do they have a mere 21 hours to save the world, but in order to tap into the system to override the nuclear systems, she requires the help of her father, Noah Kuttler; known to the public as ‘The Calculator’.

Diggle voices his disagreement, stating that Noah is a criminal. Oliver explains tohim that if even one of the nukes hits, the deaths resulting from it will give Darhk almost infinite power. While Felicity continues to try and contact Thea, Oliver pulls out a topographical map of Star City, explaining that Fortuna told him Darhk chose Star City for a reason. He points out the ‘ley lines’ to Diggle. There is a ‘Nexus Chamber’ in the area and if they find it, they will essentially discover Darhk’s Templar.

Thea remains trapped in Darhk’s ‘Ark’. She is visited by Malcolm, who tells her that she is there because all
Malcolm wants is for Thea to be safe. Also… Malcolm now has a prosthetic hand. I guess Darhk got tired of being so short-handed (sorry Malcolm!)

Malcolm tells Thea that Dark intends to burn the world in a nuclear fire, and discloses the fact that he agrees with Dark’s ‘cleanse’.

“The World is what’s insane. It’s beyond  saving,”

-Malcolm Merlyn, Arrow ‘Monument

Thea tells Malcolm that he is crazy, and that the only way she will cooperate with him is if he takes her to see Alex.

Image: The CW

Back at Felicity’s apartment, Lance visits Donna.

She confronts Lance about some paperwork she found at his place. It’s an affidavit, stating that Lance didn’t know that Laurel was The Black Canary. He tells Donna that he was given the opportunity to sign off on it and get reinstated in the police department. He explains it as a ‘small, complicated lie’. Donna tells him that there are no small lies. She tells him that she loves him and has faith he’ll do the right thing, before she heads out to go see Felicity.

At H.I.V.E headquarters, Damien meets with Murmur and Danny ‘Brick’ Brickwell, whom he has broken out of prison. At first, Brick expresses his anger about taking orders from someone else. Dark smoothly addresses Brick’s tone, before asking the two of them if they know who ‘The Calculator’ is. He turns around, and a picture of Noah appears on the screen.

Team Arrow heads to the building where Noah’s last GPS signal is, but they arrive there to see that he is gone. Oliver turns on one of the monitors, showing surveillance footage from 20 minutes prior. It shows Noah sitting at a computer, and then suddenly clearing out. Moments after Noah leaves, Brick appears on screen and states their intent to kill Noah upon sight.

In Darhk’s ‘Ark’, Lonnie ‘Anarky’ Machin arrives, and takes down a Ghost with his cattle prod. He demands to know where to find Damien Darhk.

Lance talks to Donna, and he shows her an affidavit that he has revised himself. It talks about how he did not agree with Laurel going out at night as The Black Canary at first, but eventually he came to the realization that The Black Canary was vital to the survival of the city. Donna expresses to Lance how proud of him she is.

Felicity meets with Mr. Dennis who says he has been busy running her company. Felicity tells him that what is ‘on her plate’ right now is much more important. Mr. Dennis tells Felicity that whatever she has going on, he hopes it is worth it. He leaves and Donna comes in and approaches Felicity. Felicity asks her mother if she knows what ‘Ravenspur’ is. Donna tells Felicity that it is where she used to go to have getaways with Felicity’s father.

While attempting to track down Darhk, Diggle and Oliver have a brief heart to heart moment about Diggle killing Andy. Oliver expresses his worry for Diggle. He asks Diggle not to lie to his wife about killing Andy in self-defense. He compares it to his situation with Felicity, and explains that he wishes he never lied to her. Felicity calls Oliver and tells him that Noah is at a cabin in Cyprus Cove.

At the cabin, Noah is confronted by Brick, Murmur and a group of G.H.O.S.T.S. Noah manages to get away from the majority of them, and he even kills one with his shotgun. Brick catches up with Noah and he tries to play the whole ‘if you take
me down first, I let you walk free’ game with Noah. Before they can engage with each other, Oliver and Diggle jump in and begin fighting with Brick and Murmur.

Noah escapes and flees to the public roadway. Felicity drives up in the large van, and tells Noah to get in the car.

Felicity brings Noah to her apartment and asks him to help her and Team Arrow to save the world. Felicity says Damien Darhk believes Noah can stop him and that they have just a few hours to stop Darhk’s execution of Rubicon. He tells her that he needs access the quantum subliminal processor in order to effectively stop Darhk. The only place that has that particular piece of technology, is Palmer Tech.

When Felicity arrives at Palmer Tech to acquire the device, Mr. Dennis approaches her and states that the board voted to terminate her effective immediately. He has two guards immediately escort her from the property, not even giving her the chance to so much as look into the lab to get what she needs.

In the ‘Ark’, Thea runs up to Alex who is extremely ecstatic about the idea of the world starting all over from scratch again. Thea tries to convince Alex to leave with her. Before Alex has a chance to reply, Malcolm tells Thea that Lonnie Machin is inside the ‘Ark’ and that he needs her help to stop him, before he kills everyone inside the box.

Felicity returns to the Arrow cave and furiously discloses to Oliver and Diggle that she has been fired. They then come up with a plan to help Noah steal the quantum processor from Palmer Tech. Felicity tells her father that this ‘trip’ is not a Father-
Daughter bonding experience, and she shuts down his every attempt to reconcile with her. They manage to get inside Curtis’s lab, but before Noah has a chance to clone the entire device, Mr. Dennis’s security guards storm the floor. Felicity and Noah manage to escape outside, where Captain Lance picks them up in his car. Noah tells Felicity he was only about to clone 90 percent of the processor, and Felicity agrees to try and help him configure the remaining percentage.

Image: The CW

Thea and Malcolm track down Lonnie’s location, and Thea finds him in the basement of the building. He
tries to turn the oxygen knob to kill everyone, but Thea comes in and stops him. Thea attempts to convince Lonnie that killing a bunch of innocent people just to get back at one man is not the way to achieve vengeance. She even promises to help him take down Darhk. Malcolm seizes his distraction as an opportunity. andshoots Lonnie with an arrow.

While he escapes, Thea angrily confronts Malcolm, asking him why he shot Lonnie. Malcolm points out one of Lonnie’s explosive charges, saying that no matter what Thea said, Lonnie was going to blow the place anyway.

Team Arrow plus Noah head to the Star City data center, so that Noah and Felicity can both properly execute their plan to stop Darhk. While Felicity walks off and talks to Diggle, Noah turns to see that ‘The Green Arrow’ is watching him. He attempts to start a conversation, saying that Felicity has some very powerful friends.

Oliver says the reason that Felicity is so cold towards Noah, despite how hard he tries to reconcile, is because Noah lied to her and that is why he has ‘lost her’. Noah raises an eyebrow in question at Oliver stating that it is almost as if he is speaking from experience.

The computer starts beeping rapidly and Noah discovers a tapeworm in the system that gives them significantly less time to try and stop ‘Rubicon’ from executing. Noah tells Oliver that Darhk is about to ‘rain hell’ on the world.

Lyla sends her A.R.G.U.S. men to establish a perimeter. Apparently, H.I.V.E has figured out a way to track where Team Arrow is broadcasting from and multiple vehicles with excessive firepower are on their way.

“They’re not thrilled about leaving the fate of the world in the hands of an I.T girl, a criminal and two guys in Halloween costumes.

“It’s not a Halloween Costume,”

-Oliver and Lyla, Arrow ‘Monument Point’

Back on the ‘Ark’, Thea walks outside to see that Alex is unconscious. She turns and sees Lonnie standing there. Lonnie tells Thea that she can make her own decisions because she is not a pawn, she is a queen. (Get it?) They then engage in a hand to hand fight. Alex wakes up and sees Thea fighting Lonnie. Thea yells over at him to run, but he doesn’t listen. Lonnie pulls out his cattle prod and electrocutes Alex. Thea angrily attacks Lonnie, and takes him out. She rushes over to Alex and checks his pulse. She then begins crying, and hugs him stating that she is ‘sorry’. (Uh… did he just die???)

Back at the Data Center, Team Arrow and A.R.G.U.S engage in a gunfight against Brick, Murmur and Damien’s
G.H.O.S.T.S. Diggle chases after Murmur, who manages to somehow get through the armed security and heads into the building. Oliver faces off with Brick. Oliver warns Felicity via communications that Murmur is headed their way. Murmur gets
inside the control room and shoots at Felicity and Noah. Noah uses his body as a shield, and tackles Felicity to the floor. Oliver and Diggle enter the room and take out Murmur.

The computer begins beeping and Felicity states that they stopped all the nukes except for one. A missile has been launched for Russia, heading straight for Monument Point. Noah and Felicity continue to work together, to attempt to stop the missile from heading to Monument Point. Lyla calls in an order to the President, telling him that it is an ‘end time event’, and to evacuate Monument Point. Felicity gets a notification on her phone stating that Ruve Darhk has evacuated City Hall due to a ‘gas leak’. Oliver and Diggle realize that Darhk could be hiding out in City Hall, which would explain why he was so desperate for his wife to become mayor.

Felicity states that she needs to ‘relocate’ Monument Point. She moves the GPS location for the city about 20 miles in the opposite direction. Her face slowly falls as she realizes that she just moved the target to another city called ‘Haven Rock’. The nuke strikes, and the entire city is wiped out. Lyla says that while tens of thousands were lost at Haven Rock, Monument Point would have been a couple million. Felicity saved more lives than what were lost.

In the concluding minutes of Arrow, Oliver and Diggle discover a secret door under City Hall, which leads to a chamber. They follow the chamber, and see Darhk standing there, absorbing an extreme amount of power from his idol.

Image: The CW

Flashback Oliver

Oliver and Taiana are trying to find a way to help the people escape Reiter. Oliver instructs Taiana to head for the plane to help people get off the island, while he takes on Reiter. He states that you have to be a monster to defeat a monster. He insists that she helps everyone else get home. She hesitates at first, but then eventually agrees. Oliver finally finds Reiter, who tells him that his power has grown beyond Oliver’s capabilities.

Reiter begins using his magic to beat Oliver to a pulp. Just as Reiter is about to stab Oliver, Taiana appears and shoots Reiter. She then grabs the idol, while Oliver continues to put rounds in Reiter. They begin to run through
the woods, when Taiana suddenly collapses. She looks up at Oliver, and her eyes are yellow from Reiter’s power.

A Few Thoughts

I thought that this episode was pretty good overall. I loved how towards the end of the episode, it was nothing but pure suspense and action. I LOVE, LOVE, LOOOOOVE when old cast members find their way back into the show. Seeing ‘Brick’ once more was incredibly unexpected, and a true treat. He and Murmur were just absolutely awesome together. I also loved seeing Felicity and her father working together.

I really, really want to like Noah and I want to believe that he
really does want to reconnect with Felicity on some level. I hope this is not the last that we see of him.

I’m a little confused about the Alex situation. Is he dead? Is he just unconscious? I guess we will just have to wait until next week to find out. Poor Thea! 🙁

And what the heck is going on with Taiana in the flashbacks? Something in my gut tells me that something horrible is about to happen to her. 🙁

Arrow will return next week, with the episode ‘Lost in the Flood’.


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