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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Missing’

Published on May 18th, 2017 | Updated on May 18th, 2017 | By FanFest

Last week, ‘Missing’ was aiming to be the most anticipated episode of Arrow this season. Last night, Arrow delivered on that promise. After last night’s viewing, the deal has been solidified that Adrian Chase is Oliver Queen’s most wicked foe yet.

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The episode opened with Oliver, Thea, and Quentin watching the news announcing the capture of Adrian Chase. Now that Chase has been put behind bars, Star City views The Green Arrow as a hero once more. Quentin announces that he is going to find Rene, to give him a ‘beating’ for missing his daughter’s hearing. Before he leaves, he wishes Oliver a Happy Birthday. Thea suggests Oliver take a little time off to celebrate, but Oliver tells her that he already has birthday plans with Felicity.

That evening, Oliver (dressed in a suit( heads to Felicity’s apartment, where finds the door open. As he steps through the doorway he throws a suspected intruder over his shoulder only to realize that it is Curtis; and they are throwing him a surprise party.

Diggle and Oliver have a private conversation together in which Diggle tells Oliver that he and Lyla are going to work things out. Lance arrives late to the party, stating that he cannot find Rene anywhere and that Dinah is apparently stuck at work. Oliver offers up a toast, thanking everyone for throwing him a birthday celebration. The team gets up and walks away, talking about their ‘summer plans’…. leaving Oliver and Felicity alone to have a moment. Felicity suggests that they take a one night getaway, to which Oliver can’t help but smirk.

Curtis heads over to Dinah’s apartment, while on the phone with Felicity, and notices that someone has broken into her apartment. Before Curtis can tell Felicity exactly what is going on, he gets knocked out and dragged way.

Diggle and Oliver gather at the apartment, and Oliver states that it has to have been chase. He locates a small arrow shaft wedged into the table and he tells Diggle that while Chase is behind bars, Talia is out and about doing his dirty work. Diggle tells Oliver that he will make sure that Lance and Thea get to an ARGUS safehouse, while Oliver heads to go talk to Chase.

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Chase merely laughs in Oliver’s face, telling him that he is always 50 steps ahead of Oliver because he knows how Oliver thinks. Oliver states that he’s going to find his friends on his own, without giving into Chase’s impulses. Chase smirks, stating that he knows Oliver will be back.

Oliver meets Felicity at the Arrowcave and asks her to stay with him while Lance and Thea head to the safe house. Oliver expresses his worry for William, as he is the most pure part of Oliver. While they talk, Felicity gets a notification that Black Siren has escaped from her ARGUS cell… and is more than likely headed towards Lance at the safe house. Lance has no idea Black Siren she even exist, let alone the fact that she is an Earth-2 Laurel.

Oliver and Felicity attempt to call the safe house, only to have their comms cut off. Lance and Thea stumble upon Black Siren, who is posing as Laurel. Lance hesitates to pull the trigger, despite Thea telling him that is not his Laurel. During this time, Artemis comes in and knocks both Thea and Lance out with a traq dart.

Oliver confesses to Diggle and Felicity that when Chase tortured him, he confessed to Chase that his biggest strength was his team. He asks Diggle and Felicity to leave, and not tell him where they are going.

Oliver confronts Chase one more, beating him around and then knocking him to the ground. He puts a gun to Chase’s head and states that he will never kill him, and he will never give him the satisfaction. Chase smirks and says that the only way to save his friends, is to let Chase go…. and the deadline is tonight, before he gets transferred.

Photo: Katie Yu/The CW

Lance and Thea are seen chained to the back of a truck, and Lance insists that it WAS Laurel who was back and she came back just like Sara. Thea explains to Lance that there are different Earth’s, and Black Siren is a different version of Laurel. Artemis and Black Siren enter the back of the truck, and Black Siren grabs Lance and takes him out. Lance comments to her about how evil it was for her to feel the need to dress up like Laurel. Surprisingly, Black Siren comments, ‘Do you think this is easy for me?’, before dropping them both off at Chase’s lair.

Oliver heads to the Arrowcave, only to discover that there is an intruder there…. Malcolm Merlyn. At first, Oliver is enraged until he realizes that Malcolm came back to protect Thea. He also takes into the fact that he is outnumbered, and he does need Malcolm’s help.

As Felicity and Diggle drive away from the city, Felicity states that she has a bad feeling. Diggle tries to talk Felicity down, but they are suddenly confronted by Talia Al Gul Diggle attempts to run her over, but Talia steps to the side and causes the car to crash. As Felicity and Diggle climb out, they find themselves surrounded by the League.

Oliver and Malcolm head to the scene of the crash, and Oliver expresses his fury. Malcolm states that they should consider bargaining with Chase. Oliver says he will find another way, and asks Malcolm to find out where their friends are while he heads to supervise Chase’s prison transfer.

While Chase gets escorted out of his cell, he whispers to Oliver that the second he gets on the helicopter… his friends will be dead. Chase gets smug, telling Oliver he is about to get a phone call. As if on cue, Oliver gets a video call… showing that Chase has William hostage.

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Oliver takes out a few ARGUS agents, before being joined by Malcolm. Together, they take out all the guards and Oliver grabs Chase by his collar. He demands to know why Chase had to go and involved William, as he is just an innocent boy. Chase states because Oliver brought his wife into it, and she was innocent too. Before boarding the helicopter, Chase tells Oliver he’ll see him on “the boat.”

Oliver and Malcom head back to the Arrowcave, and Oliver attempts to use Felicity’s computer system to track down Chase. As the computer does its work, Oliver informs Malcolm that he has called for back up and tells Malcolm to keep his ‘ego in check’. Nyssa appears, equally as displeased to be working with Malcolm Merlyn. She also learns that one of their adversaries is her sister, Talia.  The computer goes off and Oliver realizes that Chase is taken them to… Lian Yu.

Chase dumps Team Arrow (except for Wild Dog and Dinah) on the ground and he has them chained up. He informs the team that he is well aware Oliver is going to be coming for them, in fact, he’s counting on it. Diggle states that Oliver can’t do this alone.

In the closing minutes of Arrow, Oliver heads to the ARGUS cell on Lian Yu. He sighs and then says ‘I need your help’. We then see Slade Wilson look up from his cell, stating ‘Hey Kid, I’m glad you came back.’


Flashback Oliver

In a flashback, Kovar chains Oliver to the roof of an abandoned building on Lian Yu. He injects Oliver with a drug called ‘Red Death’, a powerful hallicanation drug that forces Oliver to relieve every bit of pain he has ever experienced. Kovar than locks Oliver in a cell, and hands Oliver a pistol with a single round. He bets Oliver that he won’t last more than 14 minutes.

Oliver begins to see hallucinations of Yao Fei, who talks to Oliver about his failures over the last five years. He tells Oliver that he should kill himself, so that he won’t hurt anyone else. As Oliver raises the gun to his head to do so, he sees Laurel. She tells him that his family and friends need him. Using this as motivation, Oliver shoots the lock of his cell and heads out to find Kovar.


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