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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Lost in the Flood’

Published on May 18th, 2016 | Updated on May 18th, 2016 | By FanFest

If you haven’t watched the most recent episode of Arrow titled ‘Lost in the Flood’, you’re totally missing out. This episode was incredibly suspenseful and thrilling. If I haven’t talked all that much on how much I love Neal McDonough as Damien Darhk, I’m about to.

The episode kicks off right where we left off last week, with Oliver and Diggle stumbling upon Darhk in his templar. They attempt to shoot at him, but their bullets and arrows evaporate the second they come within proximity of Darhk. Damien uses his power to pull both Diggle and Oliver in, where he begins to pull the oxygen out of their body molecule by molecule. He stops, stating that he doesn’t want to kill them just yet. He leaves the room to go seize control of Rubicon, and Diggle and Oliver barely manage to make it out alive before the building collapses.

In the ark, Thea cries over the dead body of Alex.  As she attempts to make a phone call, Malcolm shows up and asks her where Lonnie is. Thea says she doesn’t know, she wasn’t paying attention. Malcolm states that he doesn’t believe her, and two G.H.O.S.T.S grab her and lead her inside the house.

At Felicity’s apartment, Felicity continues to watch the news reports on the bombings. Noah walks in and turns off the news report, telling her it is no time to grief. She then reaches out and hugs Noah, briefly. Curtis walks in and begins going on a tangent, as if it was only yesterday that he was working with Team Arrow. Curtis looks at Noah and learns that he is the Noah Cutler, an infamous hacker wanted by the FBI.  Felicity then fills Curtis in on H.I.V.E.’s involvement with the nuclear explosion. Felicity gets a message on her phone and she leaves Curtis and her dad to work.

Image: The CW

“Don’t worry, me and your fugitive dad got this!”


At the H.I.V.E Headquarters, Ruve and Damien talk about how ‘GENESIS’ should have been underway at this point, but due to the set backs caused by both Lonnie Machin and Team Arrow, the plan has yet to kick off the ground. Damien introduces his wife to Felicity’s ex-boyfriend, Connor aka ‘Brother Eye’. He explains that Connor is going to help them regain control of Rubicon.

In the Arrow cave, Lance asks Oliver and Diggle questions about what happened in Haven Rock. Felicity embraces Oliver in hug, expressing that she is happy that they are safe. Oliver expresses his anger at the fact that he cannot get in touch with Thea. Felicity says that Thea managed to get in touch with her, and that H.I.V.E has her. Felicity gets a GPS tag from Thea’s phone, and tells Oliver that the signal is coming from the glades. Oliver and Diggle leave to go find her, while Felicity remains behind with Lance.

At the Ark, Merlyn has Thea ties to a chair, telling her that all she has to do is ensure her compliance, otherwise Malcolm will have to result to something that he really doesn’t want to have to do. She tells him that when there is something she really doesn’t want to do, she just gets it over with, testing Malcolm. Malcolm reaches into his pocket, and approaches Thea.

Oliver and Spartan arrive at the spot in the Glades, and tell Felicity that they don’t see anything. Lance tells them to look for anything ‘new’ as H.I.V.E would have recently placed something there, indicating that something was hidden. Oliver sees a sewer access system, and Felicity confirms that according to the blue prints, it should not be there. Oliver and Diggle blow off the lid, and then repel down in the hole.

Ruve and Malcolm walk down the street, discussing the future of Genesis. Ruve receives a radio transmission, saying there seems to be a breach in one of their eastern entrances. Malcolm tells Ruve that Oliver has come for Thea, to which Ruve replies that ‘Mr. Queen’ is Malcolm’s problem, and that he should deal with it accordingly.

Image: The CW

Felicity begins to panic when she loses Arrow and Spartans signal. Lance ensures her that it is nothing to worry about, and that these things happen all the time. She then gets a text on her phone from Curtis, stating that it is an emergency. She leaves the lair, leaving Lance in charge of communications.

Felicity arrives at her apartment, where she sees Curtis is drinking a beer. He hugs Felicity and says he now understands how she feels about being a child of divorce. Felicity is extremely confused about his behavior, until she sees Donna and Noah coming down the stairs arguing. Donna is happy to see her alive but she is quite upset that Felicity didn’t tell her about her working with Noah. Felicity asks her mother to sit down. Donna gets excited, and asks Felicity if she is going to be a grandma. Felicity admits to Donna that she has been working with the Green Arrow for three years. Donna expresses the fact that she is hurt, but says they can talk about it after Felicity, Curtis and Noah are done saving the world.

Oliver and Diggle are in awe at what the ark looks like. Diggle tells Oliver it looks a lot like a continuity facility, like the ones built for the Cold War. Oliver tells Diggle that they need to split up to find Thea. Oliver finds Alex’s body and after looking inside the house, gets eyes on Thea as well. He radios to Diggle, and then enters the house, taking out the G.H.O.S.T.S inside. He goes to free Thea but she kicks him down and holds a gun at him. She radios to Malcolm that she has ‘the intruder’ and tells Oliver if he moves, she will kill him. Oliver attempts to reason with her, telling her that she is not thinking clearly. Malcolm walks in, and Oliver’s face changes to that of pure rage. He tells Malcolm that he should have taken his head, and that he is the reason that Laurel is dead. Malcolm gloats, asking Oliver what he is going to do about it.

Diggle comes in and begins shooting at the G.H.O.S.T.S, freeing Oliver. However, Thea escapes, and they are back at square one. The G.H.O.S.T.S begin chasing Oliver and Diggle through the ark, in one of the best chase sequences we have seen this season.  They finally manage to sneak into a basement of one of the homes, and evade the G.H.O.S.T.S.

Image: The CW

The find a family of three in the building they have entered, who appear to be very afraid of them. Shortly after they tell the family that they mean no harm, Ruve gets on TV to announce that the citizens of the Ark must find and kill Oliver and Diggle, and she describes their costumes in detail.

Back at Felicity’s apartment, Curtis suggests they should overload Rubicon with access requests and cause it to collapse. As they attempt to get it started, Donna and Noah begin to bicker… again. While they bicker, the familiar ‘brother eye’ symbol (which to me, reminds me of Sauron from Lord of the Rings) appears on all of their computer screens. Cooper starts sending power surges to Felicity, mocking her. Curtis eventually figures out a way to reverse the attack, blowing up his computer and knocking him away from it. Felicity, Noah and Curtis express their joy at the fact that Rubicon is offline. Felicity is so excited, that she even calls Noah ‘Dad’. At these words, Donna walks away and disappears upstairs.

On the Ark, Oliver learns that everyone inside is there on their own accord, unlike the G.H.O.S.T.S. The father of the family says that they believe in Damien Darhk, and Genesis. They say that Damien has given them hope, and they ask Oliver if he can do the same.

At Felicity’s apartment, Felicity walks upstairs to see Donna folding the laundry. Felicity asks Donna what Noah meant when he said ‘he didn’t have a choice’ during their bickering session. Donna admits the she took Felicity and left Noah, and let her believe he abandoned them. Donna is worried that there lies will make her lose Felicity, and she apologizes, but Felicity says she will never loose her.

On the Ark, the G.H.O.S.T.S breach the house where Diggle and Oliver are hiding. Oliver heads out the back door, only to be faced by Thea. The battle in a brief battle of hand to hand combat, but Thea knocks him away. She draws an arrow at him and he tells her that has never been one to quit, and she needs to fight. Just as Malcolm comes in, about to kill Diggle, Thea enters with Oliver. She tells Malcolm if he drugs her again she will kill him.

The TV turns on, and Lonnie appears. He is in the bunker area of H.I.V.E’s ark, and he streams a life feed Darhk’s wife and daughter tied up and tells Darhk that he’s going to kill one of them in 20 minutes and then a minute after that, he’s going to blow up the ark itself. Oliver tells the family to abandon the Ark, and tells Merlyn to stay behind and help people evacuate.

Ruve tells Lonnie that what he is doing doesn’t make any sense, and that he is about take out the last save place on the planet. Lonnie tells Ruve that he is not the most rational person. Oliver, Diggle and Thea shows up and all have their weapons pointed at Lonnie. Lonnie says he’s tinkered with the power source of the bunker, so a stray shot could send the whole place up. Oliver says they’re not letting him go, and he fires an arrow at Lonnie. Lonnie retaliates by setting off an explosion, and then he stabs Ruve with the arrow that Oliver had fired at him. He then engages the three of them in an intense battle of hand to hand combat, as the building begins to collapse around them.

Image: The CW

Oliver runs over to Darhk’s daughter, and uses his body as a shield to protect her from the falling debree. Lonnie escapes, in Team Arrow’s moment of distraction. Diggle picks up Darhk’s daughter, and heads out with Thea. Oliver runs over to Ruve, who is buried under some heavy rubble. She tells him that there is no time, and she asks him to save her daughter. Oliver promises her that he will. He sprints out of the room, just as it collapses around them.

Meanwhile, Cooper wakes up and Damien Darhk is alerted that something happened in the ark.

Felicity radios to Oliver, frantically asking if they are okay. Oliver said they are all okay, and that people still need saving, they need hope. In place of where the Glades once stood, is a gigantic hole.  Felicity tells Oliver that Rubicon is secure.

At the H.I.V.E. command center, Malcolm reports to Darhk. Darhk asks if his wife and daughter are okay. Malcolm delivers the news of Ruve’s death, but does not have a straight answer in regards to his daughter. All he says is that there ‘are survivors’.  Darhk states his intention to destroy the world, in retaliation for what happened to Ruve.

“If there is no place on Earth that is safe, let it all burn…”

-Damien Darhk, Arrow ‘Lost in the Flood’

At Felicity’s apartment, Donna tells Noah to leave. She thinks that he has ulterior motives, just like he always does. He protests that it will hurt her, but Donna persists. Donna says that Felicity will survive, because she is her daughter. Donna comes downstairs, as Curtis and Felicity are having a heart to heart about the relationships in Felicity’s life. Donna says that Noah is ‘going away’ for awhile.

Before Felicity can reply, Darhk enters, telling her that he needs her to do something for him. She she tells him to go to hell, he says he’s why go there when he is going to bring it to them.

Flashback Oliver

Tainna has become incredibly intoxicated with the power that is produced from the idol. After absorbing power to recover from a gunshot wound, inflicted by one of Reiter’s men, she continues to claim that she ‘sees what Reiter sees’. She becomes so intoxicated with the power, that she pushes Oliver to the side, so that she can kill a wounded man to give herself more power. Oliver refuses to give up, continuously telling her that it’s not what she thinks. He asks her what Vlad would want her to do. Reiter than appears, pointing a gun at the two of them. Sounds like a mystical face-off is about to happen.

A Few Thoughts

For starters….wow. I have changed my mind, and this is officially now my new favorite episode this season. There was a constant stream of action, and if there was not some action, there was still a pretty good amount of fast-paced story-line. Did you guys catch that awesome spinning backflip that Oliver did when he was firing arrows at the G.H.O.S.T.S? I can’t wait for this episode to go on The CW website just so I can watch that part again.

So, I totally was NOT expecting Ruve to die. Sure, I didn’t like her all that much…. at all… but that doesn’t matter. Arrow continues to deliver that ‘shock’ factor. And I love it.

So we’ve apparently also gotten confirmation that Alex is dead. Poor Thea 🙁 It’s okay though, she’s an incredibly strong woman. I have no doubts that she will recover in no time.

I really wish that Barry could just run on over from Central City and help Oliver in this grand battle with Damien Darhk. But then again, that would make it way too easy. Plus, I guess he does have his own super-villain to worry about. A girl can dream, right? 😉

Now that Darhk is on this vicious vendetta to destroy the world, there is nothing other than an endgame. Neal McDonough was absolutely awesome in this episode. He may not of had the majority of lines in this episode, but the presence he brings in that role of Damien Darhk is just absolutely amazing. Phenomenal actor.

Arrow will return for the final episode this season, which will air on May 25th, 2016 in the episode titled ‘Schism’.


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