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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Legacy’

Published on October 6th, 2016 | Updated on October 6th, 2016 | By FanFest

After several months of anticipation, the epic Season 5 premiere of Arrow finally arrived. For months, we have seen teaser photos and video clips, all of which promised a pretty epic season. I will say this, the writers, cast and crew certainly did one thing… They DELIVERED!

What better way to bring back Arrow then for Oliver to be late to the city council meeting.  As mayor, Oliver is expected to be there.  However, he is taking care of business.  By business, we mean fighting criminals.  Oliver is working on disarming a bomb when we hear Overwatch’s voice.  Happy to see that Felicity and Oliver are still working together.  Oliver shoots an arrow at the bomb so that Felicity is able to hack into it and disarm it.  That is exactly what she does.  It seems like Oliver has encountered these criminals before, as he tells the one in a hockey mask to stay off the streets.  Heading back to the council meeting, Oliver makes an announcement that he believes the police are corrupt.  Thea pulls him away from the crowd of people he is talking to.  He tries to get her to understand that it is not easy flying solo, but this does not change her mind in coming back to the team.


As we flash back to Oliver’s past, we see him in a fight club type area. First rule of Fight Club is: you do not talk about fight club.  Well that sure is the case here.  Oliver was not supposed to win this fight against this man, but he ends up killing the man.   He is offered his winnings but does not want them.  Oliver is then shocked by a group called Bratva.


Curtis and Felicity are talking about getting a team together.  A team that Oliver does not want.  She knows he can’t do this alone.  So she does what any one would do, she does just the opposite of what he wants.  They have named the kid in the hockey mask, Wild Dog.

The crime scene where two people were killed, a calling coin was found in the pocket of a dead officer.  One of the corrupt officers.  Tobias Church is the man that they are looking for.  The detective makes a comment about how Lance always had his men together.  Well he is back.  Lance has returned back to Star City, alone.  Oliver shows up as his place knocking on his door.  Lance had been drinking all night and was surprised to see Oliver.

He handed Oliver the newspaper which reads “Mayor Handsome Misses City Council Meeting.”  Though this really doesn’t bother him.  We can see the look of disappointment in his eyes as he tells Lance about the memorial they will be having for Laurel.  He then mentions to Lance, that he hopes the team will get back together.

Image: CW
Image: CW

(5 years ago)

Oliver finds himself tied up in this warehouse.  He man who kidnapped him found his fathers book of names in his bag.  Oliver demands he puts in back.  The man tells him that he wont need it because he will be dead.

(Present Star City)

While doing research on Church, Felicity kept telling Oliver that he needs to move on.  What happened has happened, and he needs to get over that.  Oliver refused to believe that the team will not get back together.  He heads on his way to Laurels memorial.  While he attended the memorial, Felicity sent Curtis out to check out people for the team.

At the memorial for Laurel, Oliver reveals a statue of her to watch over the city.  This caused Captain Lance to break down.  A very touching moment ruined by people on motorcycles.  The motorcyclists kill those around and take Oliver away.

Thea and Lance work with Felicity to scan the city and look for Oliver.  Felicity tells Thea to get out there and look but she declines.  Oliver is being held hostage, because Church wants the Green Arrow.  Little does he know.  Oliver promises to deliver if he is let go, but this is not a deal Church is willing to make.  Church is called stupid for coming to this without a plan.

Image: CW
Image: CW

(5 Years Ago)

Anatoly stops the man who was going to shoot Oliver.  He dislocates Oliver’s thumbs to teach him how to get out of the zip ties.


(Current Star City)

Lance finally finds Oliver’s location.  Thea told him that he should do something about it because she doesn’t want to put the suit on.  For once she is beginning to feel normal, and does not want to give that up.

Lance sits down with her and understands what she is saying but realized he couldn’t hit pause in his life.

Back to Oliver… He begins to get hit by the officer that is watching him.  He made sure to tell him that he did not vote for him.  Oliver lets him know that if he hits him again, he will kill him.  The officer finds this funny being that Oliver is zip tied to a chair.  Oliver breaks out of the chair and kills him.  Speedy comes in and helps rescue Oliver.  Brother and sister working as a team again! Or so we can only hope.

Image: CW
Image: CW

After escaping the warehouse that Oliver was in, him and Thea have a talk.  After Oliver kills the men at the warehouse, and Thea makes sure he knows that Laurel wouldn’t want it that way.

He replies to her that he felt like he made a mistake.  Killing is taking a step backwards to Thea.  On this note, she heads out.  Felicity hears their conversation and Oliver apologizes to to her.  Nothing she hasn’t heard before.  Seeing Thea in the suit, Oliver thought thought things would return to normal.  That the team would be back together.  Felicity keeps telling him that he needs to think of the future.  He’s not replacing the old team, but starting a new.  Oliver doesn’t want to hear this.

While Curtis is on a scavenger hunt for Wild Dog, he gets attacked by two guys.

Oliver calls John just to talk to him.  He leaves a message hoping to hear back from him.  Oliver looks over at Lance who is standing with him at Laurel’s statue.  Oliver tells him of an old Russian saying that is helping him move forward.  “A Shark does not swim, dies.”  Lance gets this right away.  If you don’t try, you die.  He offers to help Oliver in anyway he can.

(Flashback—but not too long ago flashback)

In the hospital, Laurel told something to Oliver before she died.  I had always wondered what this was, and now we finally know.  She wants him to promise that she will not be the last canary.  Talk about water works.  He promises this.


Now with Lance working with Oliver, still not a team,  Oliver heads out to find Church.  He gets inside with a bunch of men that Lance recommended.  He finds Church and they begin fighting.

Felicity realizes the building is going to explode and there is no way she can stop it.  They all escape from the building.  Church escapes from a helicopter which Oliver has shot an arrow at, so that he can bring him down.  Oliver fights Church on the helicopter.  He ends up jumping from the helicopter pulls a parachute for landing.

At a press conference, Oliver tells everyone that not all police are corrupt.  He tells them that the four men will report to him.  Church is holding a press conference too.  He is thanking the men he is talking to for coming to take out the Arrow.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Felicity and Oliver are having a conversation about a new team.  Felicity is shocked that Oliver has admitted to her being right.  He agrees to recruit Mr. Dog.  The only way that Curtis is okay with doing this, is if he is recruited as well.  Oliver agrees to this.

(5 Years Ago)

We see Oliver with Anatoly heading towards a group of men.  These men, Oliver has to fight.  If he fights them and survives, they can begin the process to Oliver becoming a member of Bratva.


In a bittersweet moment… we see Oliver and John talking over video chat.  John is at what looks to be a military camp site.  Oliver asks John on this thoughts about a new team.  To our surprise, John thinks this is a good idea.  Even though it’s not the response Oliver wanted, he’s not surprised.

Felicity heads home and kicks off her shoes.  Sitting on her couch, she is greeted by a man rubbing her shoulders.  The man is then revealed to be the new officer we saw earlier.  Disappointed face.  One of the Lutenists who was helping out Oliver earlier is on the phone with his wife.  He is told to pick up diapers on his way home.  He is attacked by a man with an arrow.   He questions if the man is the Green Arrow.  The man’s reply:

“Not the Green Arrow”

Image: CW
Image: CW

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