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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Kapiushon’

Published on March 23rd, 2017 | Updated on March 23rd, 2017 | By FanFest

Well, for the past 5 years fans of the hit CW show Arrow have seen many episodes that consisted of a heavy present day plotline with a few flashbacks in between. This week was very different as it mostly contained flashback sequences with a few present day scenarios in between. Which of course, I did not mind at all. I’ve always been interested in how Oliver fully became ‘The Hood’ that we remember from Season One. The tone of this episode was particularly dark, as Prometheus tried to break Oliver down psychologically.

The episode opened with a series of clips showing montage Oliver’s kills over the years. In present day, Chase held Oliver’s head underwater, as a means of some twisted revenge. He tells Oliver that his father wasn’t killed by an arrow; instead he drowned in the pool that Oliver shot him into.

Chase then told Oliver that he chose the name Prometheus because Prometheus the Titan challenged several of the Greek gods. He then told Oliver that he has a ‘grand plan’, that Oliver can only stop his plan by confessing the one thing that Oliver is ‘afraid to admit’. Oliver argues, saying he doesn’t know what Chase is talking about. Chase sighs, before pushing Oliver’s head into the water once more.

Image: The CW

Sometime later, Oliver wakes up and sees that Chase has covered the wall of the cell with pictures of Oliver’s killings. He points out the Count, and tells Oliver to confess for his sins. If he doesn’t, Chase will fire three arrows into him, just like Oliver did to the Count. Oliver refuses, so Chase fires the arrows.

Later on, Chase tells Oliver to ‘confess’ to his sins once more, or he’s going to go after someone Oliver loves…. and he then makes mention that he knows Oliver has a son. Oliver still states that he doesn’t know what Chase wants, which results in Chase saying that he’s going to kill someone Oliver loves.

Chase brings a Evelyn into his cell, who appears to be completely broken and depressed. Oliver tells Chase that he is a sick man, just as Chase drops a small knife in the middle of the room. He tells Oliver that if he doesn’t kill Aretemis, he is going to kill her himself.  Chase states that hopes that by Oliver killing her, he will be reminded as to what his secret is. Chase walks away, and Oliver attempts to reason with Evelyn. She apologizes, saying she ‘can’t be here anymore’, and then she picked up the knife.

Oliver immediately attempted to plead with her, begging her  to help him fight Chase. She begins to cry, before charging at Oliver. Olive quickly responds, disarming her immediately. As if on cue, Chase walks in and grabs Evelyn. He again tells Oliver to confess. Oliver began screaming at Chase saying he doesn’t know what Chase wants from him. Chase smirks, and then breaks Evelyn’s neck. Oliver, enraged, promises that he is going to kill Chase. Chase laughed, and said that they were finally getting somewhere.

Image: The CW

Chase approaches Oliver sometime later, asking Oliver why he kills… and he knows it is not because he ‘has to’. Oliver, breaks and begins screaming at Chase. He confesses that he killed people because he wanted to and because he liked it. As if on cue, Evelyn stirs and stands up from her spot on the floor. Chase only pretended to kill her, as a means to get Oliver to confess the truth…. she’d still been on Chase’s side all along. Chase tells Oliver that his whole crusade was based on a lie, and that because of that lie, his friends will pay the price. Chase states that he is going to let Oliver go, but before he does, he pulls out a torch gun and burns Oliver’s Bratva Captain Tattoo.

While we see Team Arrow hard at work back at the Arrow Cave, Oliver stumbles in. His team overlooks him, and Diggle swears that they are going to make whoever did this to Oliver pay. Oliver shakes his head and says that it is over, and that he is ‘shutting everything down’.

Flashback Oliver

Oliver tortures Gregor while he was tied down to a table in order to find out what his plans were with Kovar. Gregor merely laughs, and promises that everyone that Oliver loves will die at his touch. Shortly after this statement, Gregor dies. Anatoly, who is now the knew Bratva leader, walks in and tells Oliver that wearing a hood does not separate him from who he really is. He asks Oliver to join him and his Bratva brothers for a ceremony, in which they take a blood oath to pledge their allegiance to Anatoly.

Following the ceremony , Anatoly tells Oliver that he is going to talk to Kovar directly. Oliver disagrees with this and suggests that they go to to Taiana’s mother instead.

Meanwhile, we see Kovar meet with Malcolm Merlyn (oh snap!) about a shipment delivery. Anatoly walks in once Malcolm leaves. Anatoly tells Kovar that Gregor was killed by a man known as ‘the hood’ or in Russian ‘Kapiushon’. Kovar states that he is not worried, and that he has a grand plan to make Russia a strong nation once more.

Anatoly met with Oliver in the Bratva bar and told Oliver that Kovar is planning to overthrow the Russian government with some shipment he made with an ‘American Businessman’.  Oliver wants to stay and fight, but Anatoly tells Oliver to go home. Russia has brought out a monster in Oliver. Oliver says that he refuses to stand aside while Kovar murders hundreds of people.

Image: The CW

Anatoly and Oliver discover that Kovar has arranged for a large amount of deadly gas to be shipped into Russia, enough to kill thousands of Russians. While Kovar and his men arrive for the sarin gas,  they are met in a gun fight with the Bratva. Somehow, Kovar gets away with the sarin gas… while Oliver and his brothers fight Kovar’s men.

Oliver meets with several of his Bratva brothers and tells them that the Bratva will be wiped out by Kovar once he takes over Russia. Following this, Oliver confronts one of Kovar’s men that they captured and tortures him to find out what the plan is.

Anatoly walks in and says that putting on the hood won’t separate the man from the monster, it will just give the monster strength to overtake Oliver. Oliver sneers, stating that he tortured Kovar’s men to death as a means of ‘practice’. Oliver finds and approaches Taianna’s mother and tells her that truth about Taianna. Taianna’s mother is shocked, under Kovar’s influence that Tainna had merely been ‘missing’. She then gives Oliver her key to Kovar’s building.

A little later, Kovar arrives at a casino for some sort of function. Oliver manages to break into the security room and he tells Anatoly about the location of the gas. Oliver looks on the security monitors and sees Kovar torturing Tainna’s mother. Oliver heads out, while Anatoly and his men run down the hallway to find Kovar. As luck would have it, one of Anatoly’s men ‘sells them out’ and they wind up in Kovar’s capture. Anatoly called to Oliver over the radio, and Oliver heads towards his friends after discovering that he was too late… and Kovar killed Tainna’s mother. Oliver finds Kovar and Anatoly facing off on the casino floor, and he immediately jumps in. He and Kovar fought for a good few minutes, before Oliver gained the upper hand. Anatoly told Oliver that it ‘didn’t  have to end this way’, but Oliver stated that it did… before stabbing Kovar in the chest.

Following this ‘victory’, we see Oliver getting his Bratva captain tattoo. Anatoly then returns Oliver’s hood, while warning Oliver that the hood is just justifying Oliver’s love of murder and that one day Oliver won’t love the man who lays underneath the hood.

Meanwhile, Malcolm Merlyn met with one of Kovar’s doctors, looking over Kovar’s body. Malcolm states that he would hate to be whoever the person was that crossed Kovar. We then see Kovar open his eyes, revealing that he is somehow alive.


Arrow will return Wednesday, March 31st at 8PM on the CW.

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