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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Inmate 4587’

Published on October 16th, 2018 | Updated on October 16th, 2018 | By FanFest

I have been a fan of Arrow since the very beginning, and after last night I can say with utmost certainty that the Season 7 premiere was without a doubt, the best season opener in the entire series. I have longed to know what happened to my beloved characters for so long, and last night’s episode was extremely fulfilling. I was so sad to see it end, and I can’t wait to see what happens next week!

Season 7 opened up with Oliver waking up from a nightmare, which consisted of Diaz tracking down William and Felicity and Diaz shooting Felicity in the abdomen. We got a glimpse of Oliver’s prison life, where it seemed Oliver was making it his duty to avoid contact with other prisoners and maintain a low profile. Unfortunately for him, the prison he was in contained a few of his former enemies – including Danny Brickwell, Derek Sampson and Bronze Tiger. The three attempted to gang up on Oliver and a prison ‘friend’ of his, but thankfully, guards stepped in and broke up the fight.

Elsewhere back in Star City, a rich businessman was attacked by a vigilante donning the same outfit as the Green Arrow. When the Star City Police bring him in to Dinah, who is now Police Captain, for questioning – he insisted that it was indeed the ‘Green Arrow’ who shot at him.

Back at prison, Diggle visited Oliver. We learned that both Felicity and William are currently in the witness protection program. Oliver headed back to his cell to find Danny Brickwell and Derek Sampson there. Brickwell held the photo of Felicity and William in his hand, seemingly using it as leverage to convince Oliver to join their gang. Oliver refused, and dismissed the duo from his cell.

In Star City Rene, now a self-defense kickboxing instructor, visited Dinah. They discussed the possibility of who the new Green Arrow could be. Rene told Dinah that she should let the vigilante run the streets, as people in the Glades were starting to have hope again. Dinah disagreed, stating that she was not willing to risk their indictment or the safety of Star City.

After speaking with Curtis, they get a line on an arms deal they believe the ‘Green Arrow’ will attack next. Dinah rallies up her police force, and head out to the location. They walk in on the ‘Green Arrow’, who is about to shoot the arms dealer. The police were about to close in on him, but something happens with some of the generators in the building, which begin to spark, creating a diversion and allowing the vigilante to escape police custody.

The next day, Felicity comes home from working her job as a barista and saw an open door in her apartment. She was immediately confronted by Ricardo Diaz, who told her that while he was there visiting her, he had people hired in prison who were simultaneously giving Oliver a beat down. Diaz pulled out a gun, saying he wants Oliver to live the rest of his life knowing that Felicity was dead while he was away in prison. Felicity manages to fight Diaz long enough to allow William to run off. While all this was happening with Felicity, Oliver was getting a heavy beatdown by several prisoners – which ended with one prisoner telling him that he had a message for Oliver; that Felicity was dead.

The next day, Felicity visits Oliver and told him that she was okay – and she had a plan in place to send William to boarding school.

Elsewhere, on the island of Lian Yu, a young man visited the gravestones of Robert Queen and Shado. He was confronted by a man, who looked like an aged Roy Harper. When Roy confronted the young man, the young man held up the hosen and stated he was looking for his father.

Roy, confused, realized that the young man is William.

In Star City, Dinah visits Rene at his gym. She told him she knew he was the one that helped the new ‘Green Arrow’ escape and if he were to go out as Wild Dog again, she would be forced to arrest him.

In prison, Oliver walks into the courtyard and throws away the ‘good behavior’ rule book. He beats down both Derek Sampson and Danny Brickwell, along with one other prisoner. He told them all they should have killed him, before getting down on his knees and allowing the prison guards to take him back to his cell.

The episode concluded with the ‘Green Arrow’, crossing the name ‘Jason Stent’ off of a list…




I have to say, I’m certainly still confused about the Lian Yu sequence. I’m interested to see how exactly this timeline is going to pan out, but I absolutely loved the episode overall. This season opener contained all the necessary elements for success, and delivered to the fullest extent!


Arrow will return next week on Monday, October 22nd at 8PM/EST on The CW.


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