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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Human Target’

Published on November 3rd, 2016 | Updated on November 3rd, 2016 | By FanFest

I always love the introduction of new characters on a television series; especially when it it a comic book based TV series. The introduction of ‘Human Target’ in this episode was nothing short of amazing. Why do I say that? Well, it wasn’t the fact that he was on the show that made it amazing… it was HOW he made his entrance on the show that blew me away.

‘Human Target’ opened with a montage of Tobias Church beating up and speaking to Wild Dog. Wild Dog resists Church’s every punch (literally) and he tells Church that no matter what Church does to him, he will never give Church what he wants. Church merely laughs at this and tells Wild Dog a story about how a man told him that once, and that same man put up a hell of a fight; but he too eventually cracked. Church then stated that it’s not the pain that breaks a person; it’s the fear of what comes next.

While Wild Dog suffered at the hands at Church, Oliver and his team hit the streets hard to make every attempt to find him. After one of the criminals gave Oliver a very vague lead, Oliver and his team headed back to the Arrow Cave. There the rest of the team met Diggle. (I never get tired of that whole ‘can anybody just walk into your secret lair’ joke).

Image: The CW
Image: The CW
 Back at City Hall; Lance, Oliver and Thea start discussing the zoning proposal plan for Star City. Lance also tells Oliver that since Tobias Church’s men went after the ACU, there have been more police officers that are willing to join the team. Oliver asked Lance to look into it, seeing if there is anyone they can trust.

While Oliver handles City Hall, Artemis and Ragman hit the streets and eventually find where Church was holding Wild Dog; but realize that to their horror, that they have moved on. Felicity gets a tracker on a van headed to the woods, but tells Artemis and Ragman that she promised Oliver that she would only share Wild Dog’s location with Oliver. (To which Rory responds with: why am I not surprised).

In the woods, Church forces Rory to dig his own grave. Thinking that Rory is about to die anyway, Church discloses his grand plan to Rory on how he wants to use the waterworks to bring major drug traffic to Star City. Finally, Oliver shows up and takes out a bunch of Church’s men; before rescuing Wild Dog. (Unfortunately while his men were being shot at, Church escaped). Wild Dog confesses to Oliver that he cracked and told Church that Green Arrow was really Oliver Queen; and that the only way he can carry out his ‘big plan’ is if the Green Arrow gets out of the way.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Oliver asks Diggle to debrief Wild Dog to see if he can help him remember more details on Church’s plans. Diggle also tells Oliver that he has an ally to help to aid in the fight against Church; especially now that Church knows who the Green Arrow really is.

At his office, Oliver meets with a councilman and a reporter about his new zoning plans for Star City. The councilman attempts to sort of black mail Oliver; stating that he won’t agree to the zoning plans because the Queen Family previously used a ‘zoning plan’ to build skyscraper; one of which was Queen Consolidated.

Diggle attempts to talk to Wild Dog to see if he remembers anything that could help the team fight Church. Wild Dog confesses that he can’t remember anything, and he walks away.

Image: The CW

Church meets with Prometheus in a junk yard, who gives him a final warning to back off the Green Arrow. After Prometheus leaves, Church then turns to one of his men (who appears to be some sort of assassin) and tells him that they’re going to kill the mayor.

Oliver schedules an appointment with Susan Williams (That wicked reporter) and asks her give him one month to win her and the rest of Star City over before she takes any more ‘attacking shots’ at his administration. She agrees to the deal.

Diggle tells Wild Dog a story about his torture from last season, and how it was his own brother, Andy, who did it on behalf of Damien Darhk. After a few minutes of meditation, Wild Dog remembers a brief conversation between Church and one of his men.

Oliver and Thea meet up with the councilman from earlier, and blackmails him into agreeing to the zoning laws. (That guy was a total jerk and definitely deserved it). Apparently he had holdings in the area that Oliver wanted to redevelop. As they leave city hall, Church’s assassin takes out both of Oliver’s bodyguard and then shoots him multiple times in the chest, shoulder and back. Oliver collapses on the stairs and begins bleeding out.

On TV, Lance announces that Oliver has passed away in a press conference. Team Arrow watch the news release from the Arrow cave, and the camera pans to show Oliver and his entire team watching. (Ummm… what??)

Moments later, ‘Oliver’ walks into the Arrow Cave, takes off a rubber mask, and introduces himself as Christopher Chance, the Human Target. The plan was to trick Church into thinking Oliver was actually dead… and it worked. As predicted, Church attempts to proceed with his plan. Team Arrow ‘suits up’. This time, Diggle suits up with them (Cheers internally).

Image: The CW
Image: The CW

As Church meets up with his fellow drug lords, Team Arrow shows up. While Mr Terrific and Artemis fight the assassin, Wild Dog goes after Church for a second time. Church gets away from Wild Dog, and heads inside the building; where Oliver is waiting for him. After an epic fighting sequence, Oliver finally knocks Church out. The Human Target also got involved, posing as one of Church’s bodyguards in the fight. Victory for Team Arrow!

The next morning, in a press conference, Oliver reveals that he was still alive and says that faking his death led to the police taking down major drug operations in multiple cities, and it also led to the arrest of Tobias Church. Felicity comes to Oliver’s office following the press conference; and Oliver tells Felicity that it is okay if she wants to move on, as he has just learned that she now has a new boyfriend. (Who is also now a member of the ACU).

Elsewhere, Susan Williams meets up with an agent, who gives her a photo of Oliver in Russia… around the time that he was supposed to be stranded on Lian Yu. (God, I can’t stand this woman!).

The episode ends with the police transporting Tobias Church to Iron Heights. The convoy gets sabotaged, as Prometheus arrives. (Okay, I have to admit… his entrance was pretty epic). Prometheus rips open the van door and confronts Church. You could tell how panicked Church was in those few seconds. (Speaking of the fear of what comes next, huh Church?). Church attempts to save his own skin by telling Prometheus that Oliver Queen is the Green Arrow.  Despite this confession, Prometheus kills Tobias anyways.


Flashback Oliver

Oliver gets officially inducted into the Bratva by Anatoly and his fellow Bratva leadership. After his induction, one of the Bratva leaders warns Oliver that he’ll never be a true member of the Bratva; and that Oliver ‘has seen’ how they treat outsiders. Oliver sees a woman being harassed by some fellow Bratva members and leaves after them to get some “air”.Oliver walks outside and confronts the two Bratva members, but it turns out it was an assassination attempt. Thankfully for Oliver, one of the Bratva leaders shows up and kills the two men and then walks away….while simultaneously ripping off his mask; revealing himself to be the Human Target. Anatoly comes out of the club and says that he knows the otehr Bratva leader wants him dead, and that was his way of handling it.


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