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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Honor Thy Fathers’

Published on May 11th, 2017 | Updated on May 11th, 2017 | By FanFest

Season Five of Arrow has certainly been a heck of a rollercoaster ride. After last night’s episode, I can hands down say that Season Five is the season that we have been waiting for. Prometheus has become the ultimate villain, and Oliver’s greatest rival, hands down. The character developments have never been so strong as they have been this season. Personally, I feel as though this Season has been Stephen’s strongest performance yet as Oliver Queen.

Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW

‘Honor Thy Fathers’ opened with Oliver walking into City Hall and meeting Lance. Lance informed Oliver that all of Chase’s convictions were being overturned. As Oliver informed Lance to have the ‘most dangerous’ placed under surveillance, A SWAT officer walked up to Oliver and informed him that he had to leave the building; a suspicious package had been delivered to his office. Oliver, being as stubborn as he is, ignored orders and ventured to his office. He opened the case to find a skeleton buried in some concrete inside.

Dinah told Oliver that the body belongs to a local councilman who worked in the Glades and disappeared 15 years ago. Oliver asked Dinah to figure out the man’s connection to Chase, and then asked the rest of his team to keep an eye on the most violent criminals that were being released from prison. While the team dispersed, Felicity told Oliver that she wasn’t able to locate Samantha or William, so it is highly unlikely that Chase would be able to find them.

Back at Oliver’s office, Thea returns. Just as they started to catch up, Lance and Dinah walked in. Dinah told Oliver that they found DNA underneath the councilman’s fingernails… and it belonged to Oliver’s father. Oliver asked Dinah and Lance to find some way to exonerate Robert, as this was more than likely a setup by Chase.

Rene enters Lance’s office and told him that he had an official trial date for custody of Zoe. Lance agreed to come in and support Rene. While this happened, Felicity analyzed some of the concrete samples to figure out where exactly the councilman was killed. While Dinah and Curtis staked out Derek Sampson, Oliver and Diggle headed out to the location given to them by Felicity.

Almost immediately after walking into the building, Diggle and Oliver fell into a trap. As they made their way through a hallway, the floor blew out from under them and they wound up trapped in a basement with concrete pouring in. Luckily, Felicity was able to call Curtis and Dinah away from their stakeout, and directed them to Diggle and Oliver’s location. Once again, Curtis and Dinah saved the day!

Photo: Jack Rowand/The CW

The team come to the realization that this was all part of Chase’s plan (the release of the violent criminals, that is) and that Derek Sampson is working with Adrian Chase. Sampson now had in his possession some chemical supplies that could weaponize tuberculosis. Lance walked in and informed Oliver that there was a connection between the councilman, Oliver’s father, and Justin Claybourne. They were all represented by the same D.A.

After receiving this information, Oliver and Thea contacted the attorney. Naturally, Chase figured Oliver would do this and apparently contacted the attorney first. The attorney presented Oliver with a USB drive, given to him by Chase. Thea gets frustrated and demands the attorney as to give them some information on Chase.

After the attorney leaves, Oliver told Thea it would be best if they destroyed the flashdrive. Before Thea can comment, Oliver gets called away by Felicity. While Oliver leaves to go take care of the Derek Sampson issue, Thea watched the video on the USB drive.

After failing to stop Sampson from escaping with more chemicals, Oliver returned to City Hall and Thea told him that he needed to watch the tape. Oliver watched as well, and saw that it was security footage of their father and the councilman shoving each other and arguing, which led to the councilman falling into a gigantic vat of concrete. Oliver stated that it was clearly an accident, but Thea stated that it didn’t matter. The fact that their father tried to cover it up was what really mattered.

Rene and Lance met in City Hall, and it appeared as though Rene was getting cold feet about getting his daughter back. Apparently it wasn’t a trial, it was a hearing and he thinks he is going to traumatize Zoe by having to rehash everything that happened with his wife and her drug addiction. Lance disagrees, saying that he will create new memories and a better life by being there for her.

Photo: Robert Falconer/The CW

Down in the Arrow Cave, Oliver watched his final message to him once more. Felicity walks in, and Oliver told her he never realized how much of a horrible person that he was before. Felicity tells Oliver that he isn’t his father, and to start living his own legacy. Just as they have a brief moment, Felicity got an alert on her computer. They finally had a lock on Sampson; a applied science building that was named after Robert Queen.

As Team Arrow gathered outside the building, Oliver showed up in his Green Arrow suit; showing that he isn’t giving up. The team headed towards the roof, only to be stopped by Prometheus. Oliver engages in hand to hand combat with him, and ordered his team to hurry to the roof. Team Arrow successfully stops Sampson and the rest of his men from dispersing the chemicals.

While this occurs, Chase unmasks and tells Oliver that there is no way Oliver can beat him; they were taught by the same teacher. He also tried to get into Oliver’s head, telling him that they were similar; they both wanted to honor their fathers. Oliver said that the difference between them was that Oliver’s father loved him, but Chase’s father did not. In fact, he had hired an attorney to attempt to disown Adrian at a young age, after learning he was insane. Chase was only upholding a legacy of a man who had deserted him. Chase looks distraught and lays down his sword. He kneels in front of Oliver and asks him to kill him. Oliver shakes his head, and merely knocks him out instead.

After being put behind walls in an ARGUS prison, Team Arrow decides to celebrate. During this time, Oliver gives Thea a flash-drive saying their father left a message for her.

The next day, Rene doesn’t show up to the custody hearing for Zoe and loses his chance and getting her back. Thea watches the video left to her by their father, and agrees with Oliver’s statement that they need to live their own legacies.

At a press conference, Oliver admits that his father did kill the councilman. However, tells them that Robert sacrificed his own life to save Oliver 10 years ago, so that he could save Star City.

In prison, Chase watches the press conference. However instead of appearing defeated, he starts to smile …as if this is part of some grand plan.

Flashback Oliver:

Oliver and Anatoly return to Lian Yu and Oliver brings Anatoly to his fathers grave. He tells Anatoly that he needs to do right by his father, but as he does so, he finds Deathstroke’s mask washed up on shore. Anatoly thinks that it is a bad sign, but Oliver dismisses the idea. Instead he posts the mask on a rock, and puts an arrow through the eye socket. Anatoly then agrees to Oliver’s escape plan. In two days, he will direct a boat of fisherman towards Lian Yu and Oliver will get their attention by lighting a bonfire. He also gives Oliver a wig and a beard, otherwise how the heck would he cut his own hair stranded on a deserted island??

In the final flashback scene, as Oliver is setting up the wood for the fire, Oliver is shot with a tranq dart…. by Kovar and his men.


Arrow will return Wednesday, May 17th at 8PM on The CW.


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