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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Genesis’

Published on May 5th, 2016 | Updated on May 17th, 2016 | By FanFest

You can never go wrong in any film, television show, or novel when you kick off with a grand villain entrance; which is exactly how ‘Genesis’
started off. Damien Darhk entered the H.I.V.E headquarters once more, proving to his organization how resourceful he really is. However, Darhk wasn’t alone. He was with Malcolm Merlyn and a few loyal ‘G.H.O.S.T.S’

The two H.I.V.E board members voiced their opinions, and tried to come up with excuses as to why they weren’t there for Damien when he was in prison. After making a few snarky remarks, Damien then asked the two board members a suspenseful question. If he didn’t need them to break out of prison, what made them think he needed them to complete Genesis? Granted, he may be a bit short- handed (sorry, Malcolm) but by breaking out of prison, Darhk has not only proved himself extremely dangerous; he’s also extremely resourceful. Using his magic, Darhk
kills both of the board members.

Back in the Arrow cave, we see that Felicity is officially back. She listens intently as Oliver and Diggle discuss differences in opinion on how to concur Darhk’s magic. Oliver then voices that he has gotten in contact with Constantine, his sorcerer friend, and that Constantine has given Oliver the name of someone who can help him in the fight against Darhk. Before Oliver walks off to prepare for his journey to locate Constantine’s ‘friend’, Thea asks Oliver if she could take a weekend away with Alex to clear her head. Oliver agrees that it is a good idea, and instructs the rest of his team to do the same.

Diggle heads out and meets up with Lyla, who is still in a secret location under A.R.G.U.S protection. By A.R.G.U.S protection, I mean in a gigantic metal box that is being driven around by a 18-wheeler. I would say Lyla being in a bulletproof, constant roving safe house is pretty dang secret. After kissing Lyla and Sara goodbye, Diggle promises to meet up with them again in about an hour.

Image: The CW

Felicity meets up with Oliver, and asks him what he is not telling her about this ‘trip’ he plans on taking. Oliver says that where he is about to go is extremely dangerous, and the type of magic that he is attempting has been known to ‘make good people turn dark, soulless and inhuman’. He also states that there is no extent he will not go to in order to avenge Laurel. Felicity states that she is going with Oliver on this journey, and she’s not giving him a choice.

After picking up diapers for Lyla and Sara, Diggle’s phone begins beeping. He gets a notification on his facial recognition software stating that Andy in the area. Diggle tracks down the signal, which leads him to an abandoned building. Shots are fired at Diggle, and we see that it is
indeed Andy. Diggle chases Andy down, and the two exchange brief words. Andy leads Diggle into a trap, where multiple G.H.O.S.T.S are waiting. Andy then knocks Diggle out with his rifle, rendering Diggle unconscious.

Thea and Alex begin to enjoy their ‘vacation’ getaway from reality, although it is not revealed where they are. However, Alex did make Thea
a very nice eggs benedict breakfast. Someone on the writing staff of Arrow clearly enjoys a good egg breakfast. In the season premiere,
Felicity made Oliver an omelette. Now, Alex made Thea poached eggs. Is it too late for breakfast food? Cause that’s what I’m craving now! Someone on the writing staff loves breakfast food just as much as I do! 🙂

Image: The CW

Andy chains Diggle up to pipes on the ceiling, and we get a look at exactly how delusional Andy really is. He goes on a rant about how
Darhk is the savior, and that Genesis is going to save them all. Andy then tells Diggle that he is to ‘prepare’ Diggle for Darhk, who is on his way. He begins to torture Diggle with his knife.

Oliver and Felicity arrive at a fancy casino resort, and they begin to play Blackjack. Oliver begins to have doubts that Constantine’s ‘man’ is actually going to show up. In a surprise twist, the woman playing Blackjack with Felicity reveals that she is the person that Oliver and Felicity
are looking for. She instructs Oliver and Felicity to follow her, and she leads them to a whole new place. Hidden behind the casino, is a beautiful templar. We learn that the woman’s name is Esrin Fortuna, and that she is an immortal shaman. Oliver immediately recognizes the idol that is placed on a stand in the center of the temple.

Fortuna reveals that she knows of Darhk. Also, his idol is not the source of his magic. It is merely a channel for it. The more people Darhk kills, the more powerful he gets.

Darhk draws his power from fear and death, the opposite of life and light. Fortuna reveals that there is a way for Oliver to defeat Darhk with magic. To do so, Oliver must channel the power of light and hope that is inside of him in order to repel Darhk’s magic, which is fueled by darkness, fear and death. Fortuna also states that if the darkness inside Oliver overpowers the light, he will fuel Darhk’s magic, and only make Darhk stronger.

Thea can’t get a signal on her vacation and she says something doesn’t feel right, but Alex keeps dismissing it. Thea tells him that she feels like everything is on a ‘loop’. Alex talks her down, trying to get her to just be happy and enjoy the vacation.

Andy releases Diggle from his bindings, stating that ‘it is time’. Diggle, however, refuses to be taken. He seizes his moment of freedom to grab a blade from the torture table and he takes the G.H.O.S.T.S out one by one, leaving only his brother. He chases Andy down, and winds up catching him. He holds a gun up to Andy, but doesn’t pull the trigger. He states that ‘one of them is still human’. He cuffs Andy to a pipe, and leaves him.

Image: The CW

Back in the templar, Fortuna begins to hit Oliver with a low dose of Darhk’s power. Oliver wonders if he needs idol or something, but she tells
him that the tattoo Constantine gave him will work just fine. She hits him with a low dose of power and he’s able to repel it by focusing on the light within himself. She then hits Oliver with a higher dose, which he is unable to stop. He begins hallucinating, a reel of memories rolling through his head. We see Oliver’s inner self facing off with a League of Assassins member, Deathstroke, finally, Damien Darhk.

He also hallucinates flashbacks of all the terrible things that have happened to him since the island, including the death of his mother and
Tommy. Fortuna says he’s got too much darkness within him, and there is nothing she can do for him. He will not get it because his darkness overpowers his light.

Thea realizes that it’s not getting dark outside (and it’s 8PM) and begins questioning Alex. Thea realizes that Alex never told her where they were going. Alex tries to take vitamins but, Thea knocks them out of his hands. At least 50 pills spill out, and Thea’s jaw drops in shock. Alex says he got them from Ruvé for his ‘health’. Thea grows horrified, fearful that Alex has drugged her.

At the A.R.G.U.S safehouse Lyla begins screaming at Diggle. She expresses how infuriated she is with Diggle going out after Andy and that he’s not acting like the man she married. He’s acting like the man she divorced. She tells him to bring Andy to justice the right way, and Diggle states that he will.

Felicity and Oliver discuss what happened and Oliver says he has too much darkness and Felicity is the one that brings the light. He says
she was right in saying that he always reverts to that person who he became on the island. Felicity tells him that she was wrong when she said that, and that everyone can change.

Image: The CW

Darhk meets with Andy and after unchaining him, asks if Andy was able to get the tracker in place. Andy says yes and Darhk says it is time for another family reunion.

As Lyla attempts to clean Diggle’s wounds up, an alarm begins blaring. They realized that it is their proximity alarm, and they are then hit by a missile. Lyla calls for backup, but gets no response. Diggle is also unable to get in touch with Team Arrow. It would appear as though they are on their own. Lyla says their vehicle could withstand anything, and that they will be okay. Not quite, Lyla.

Damien Darhk appears on camera, and uses his magic to cause the truck to halt. Lyla turns to Diggle and tells them that she is not Amanda
Waller, and that Diggle needs to get out of there and take Sarah with him. Damien circles around the truck, after one of his G.H.O.S.T.S kills Lyla’s driver. When they open the doors Diggle races out on a motorcycle.

Damien orders his men to follow Diggle. Lyla tries to take on the ghosts but Darhk’s uses his magic and boards the truck. After realizing
that Diggle has taken Sarah with him, Darhk uses his magic and holds Lyla in place. He begins to use his magic on her wrist, which causes Lyla to scream in agony.

Diggle gets cornered by Andy and a few other G.H.O.S.T.S, but before they can make their move, Felicity appears and she rams them with her van; killing them. She apologizes for being late and tells Diggle Oliver is tracking down Darhk.

Back on the truck, Darhk is just about to take out Lyla when Oliver finally shows up. He fires an arrow into him and then they have a brief hand to hand combat match. Darhk resorts to using his magic to get the upper-hand. Darhk almost has Oliver beat when Oliver manages to repel his magic. This causes both Darhk and Oliver to collapse on the floor. Oliver stands up and realizes that Darhk is gone.

Back on Diggle’s end, Andy tells Diggle that ‘Genesis’ is coming and asks him how it feels knowing that he doesn’t have it in him to protect his own wife and child. Diggle finally has enough and is able to pull the trigger and kill Andy.

Diggle closes his brother’s eyes as Oliver walks up on them. Oliver asks Diggle what happened and Diggle says that his family was never going to be safe, and that Andy was never going to let them go.

Oliver and Felicity meet up back at the lair and Oliver tells Felicity that he found a way to repel Darhk’s magic. He tells her that he heard her voice in his head along with Thea, Diggle and Laurel. They said to keep fighting, never give up and have hope. Because of them, he was able to
reach inside and find that light.

Lyla wakes up, and immediately begins questioning where Sara is. Diggle tells her that Sara is fine. Lyla immediately knows that something is wrong. Diggle tells Lyla that he had to put Andy down.

“He wasn’t a brother to you, Johnny. Not in the ways that really matter,”

-Lyla Michaels, Arrow ‘Genesis’

Lyla looks down at her wrist and states that ‘Darhk took it’.

Back at the lair, Lyla tells Team Arrow that Darhk took Rubicon from her. Oliver tells Lyla he needs to know what ‘Rubicon’ is. Lyla reveals that it is a launch control weapon that could stop a nuclear launch from any country. Diggle discusses how Andy kept saying that ‘Genesis’ was coming.
The team comes to the conclusion that by ‘Genesis’ Darhk must be referring to the bible, in which God destroyed the world by a flood in order to rebuild it again. Oliver states that the ‘Rubicon’ is Darhk’s ‘flood’.

In the concluding minutes, we see Thea running around the ‘vacation’ town that she and Alex are in. She has finally realized that she is in some sort of virtual reality, and that she’s trapped when she sees some of Darhk’s G.H.O.S.T.S surrounding her. She tries to run from them, but she
bounces off an invisible wall. The camera pans out, and we see that she is trapped in Darhk’s underground city, his ‘ark’ for when Genesis finally occurs.

A Few Thoughts

I highly enjoyed this episode, it was definitely extremely interesting to see Oliver exhaust all options in order to defeat Darhk. The brief Deathstroke cameo totally made my night! This episode has me a bit concerned about Diggle though. All this time he has been feeling extremely guilty about Laurel’s death, and he has Andy’s blood on his hands. Even though he knows that he did the right thing at the time, I feel as though somewhere down the line this is going to heavily weigh on Diggle’s conscious.

I’m glad to see Felicity back on Team Arrow. Whether you love or hate Felicity, you cannot deny that she is an amazing and awesome asset
to the team. Welcome back, Felicity!

Overall, this episode was very fast paced and action packed, just like I expected. It has set up a great buildup for next week’s episode ‘Monument Point’ and I cannot wait to see how Team Arrow is going to bring down Damien Darhk.

Overall, FANTASTIC episode!

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