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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Fighting Fire With Fire’

Published on March 1st, 2017 | Updated on March 2nd, 2017 | By FanFest

I know I say this alot, but I really mean it this time…. this was probably one of the best episodes of Arrow to date. Not just because of the suspenseful storyline or the fighting sequences; but because we finally got the final piece to the puzzle in regards to who this season’s big bad was.

The episode opened with Oliver, Thea, Lance and Dinah in Oliver’s office. Thea told Oliver that she was set on finding out exactly how the discovery of Oliver’s office covering up Billy’s murder got leaked to the press. Oliver states that he knows who it is; it’s Prometheus and if Oliver loses his mayoral position, then they are allowing Prometheus to win. Thea and Lance began discussing the best course of action. Oliver states that he’s going to take the fall for the cover-up, and tell the media the truth; well, a version of the truth. Chase comes in and tells Oliver that since he is taking the fall for the cover-up, he should sign a letter of resignation. Oliver refuses, and asked Chase to represent him at the impeachment hearing as his attorney.

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Back in the Arrow Cave, Curtis explained to the team about how his new inventions, T-Spheres, work. He also talks to Renee about how he feel his marriage is falling apart. After telling Thea to make things right with Susan, Oliver also approaches Felicity about helping her get her job back. He also tells Felicity that he is optimistic about the impeachment hearing, since he has Chase defending him.

While Team Arrow strategizes their next move, Vigilante suits up in his apartment, while watching the news, and we see that his target is Oliver.

Oliver entered the courtroom to begin his impeachment hearing, which turned out being televised. To make matters worse, Susan was present at the hearing.

Team Arrow watched from the Arrow Cave, feeling helpless. While Curtis took a call from his Paul, Felicity called over Diggle and showed him Pandora and told him about Helix. Rather than seem impressed, Diggle seemed alarmed and he warned Felicity that if it were to be used improperly, it could be used as a weapon. Diggle was not afraid to call Felicity out on how she was he was concerned for her sanity and ‘darkness’.

Back at Oliver’s impeachment hearing, the Star City coroner was called to the stand, where she testified that D.A Chase asked her to cover up the death of Detective Billy Malone. She admitted that she falsified her original autopsy. Captain Pike was also called to the stand, where he talked about how he didn’t understand why Oliver was so set on protecting the Green Arrow. He stated that Oliver had a conversation with him last week, where Oliver defended the Green Arrow and blamed the ‘throwing star killer’ aka Prometheus for the murder of Detective Malone.

As they leave the hearing, Chase approaches Oliver and he tells him that he will try to convince the council to call on Oliver to testify. Thea suggest to Lance and Oliver that they claim that Detective Malone was corrupt; to which Lance and Oliver immediately disagree. Vigilante shows up and opens gunfire on Oliver’s limo, causing it to crash. As Vigilante makes his way towards Oliver, Thea and Dinah attempt to stop him. Vigilante fights them off, before turning his attention to Oliver. As Oliver prepares to face off with Vigilante, the police show up and Vigilante disappears.

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Following the accident, Oliver has a concussion. Chase convinces Oliver to head to the hospital, just like Oliver had convinced Chase to stay in the hospital to recover not so long ago.  Thea head back to the Arrow Cave to update them on Oliver’s situation. She then asked Felicity for her help to dig up some dirt on one of the councilmen so that they could possibly swing the vote to help Oliver win his case.

Oliver gets examined by Dr. Schwartz, (who was the doctor that helped tried to save Laurel’s life last season). She says she can’t let him leave the hospital for a few more hours and recommends he talks to someone, whether it be a girlfriend or just a friend, about all the evil he faces on a daily basis… as both the mayor and as The Green Arrow.

Dinah examines the crime scene with another officer, and she finds a part of Vigilante’s visor at the crime scene. She immediately calls it in to Felicity. Curtis gets excited and he says that he can use his T-Spheres to track where the visor came from. When Renee asks why Curtis is suddenly so upbeat and excited, Curtis tells Rene that Paul asked him to dinner, and that Paul wouldn’t be asking him to dinner if it weren’t to reconcile.

While Dinah gets ready to head to the Arrow Cave, Chase shows up at the crime scene. He asks Dinah for the piece of the visor she found, saying that he would log it for her. He then tells her that he hopes her family will be okay, before walking away. As Vigilante takes up his position on a roof across from the hospital, Prometheus shows up. He states that Oliver Queen is his, and no one else’s. They engage in a fist fight, which ends with Prometheus throwing Vigilante off of the roof. Prometheus removes his mask and calls the police to report the incident, he then turns around….revealing that Prometheus’ identity is actually Adrian Chase himself. (WHAT!?!?!)

Image: The CW

Back at the Arrow Cave, Felicity tells Diggle about the dirt she dug up on the councilman. Diggle says that Felicity is losing her empathy, probably because of Billy death. He tells her that they need her to maintain her empathy, as she is the heart and soul on Team Arrow. Diggle warns Felicity that fighting fire with fire will get her burned.

While Chase talks to Captain Pike about Star City’s  newest criminal ‘Vigilante’,  Dinah swipes the piece of the visor from the evidence table.

Oliver confronts Thea about her plan to blackmail the councilman. Thea states that it’s just politics. Oliver warns her that if you fight fire with fire, you’re going to get burned.

Curtis uses his T-Spheres to track successfully track Vigilante, thanks to the magnetic frequencies in Vigilante’s visor. Diggle tells the team to suit up, to take down Vigilante once and for all.

Chase comes into Oliver’s office and says he can’t get the city council to agree to call Oliver to testify. Chase says they need a sacrificial lamb; to which Chase suggests himself or Detective Malone. Oliver disagrees, saying that he wants to call a press conference… so that they can offer up The Green Arrow as the sacrificial lamb.

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Curtis successfully tracks Vigilante down to a building right across the street from City Hall; where Oliver was preparing to give his press conference. They realize that Vigilante is planning to assassinate Oliver. They call Dinah to give her a heads up, to try and convince Oliver to halt his press conference. Oliver insists on going ahead with teh press conference regardless. Diggle, Wild Dog, and Curtis attempt to stop Vigilante, but to no avail. Vigilante realizes that Team Arrow is hot on his tail, and abandons his post. One of Curtis’ T-Sphere’s blows up, just as Vigilante moves in from his hiding spot to shoot Curtis.

Oliver explains to the press at his conference that he covered up Detective Malone’s murder to prevent the city from finding out that Green Arrow was a cop-killer. The city had lost so many heroes already, and he didn’t want to ruin the ‘light’ that the Green Arrow promised to bring just a year ago. Meanwhile, Vigilante takes aim to shoot Wild Dog, fatally, but Curtis detonates his second T-Sphere to take out Vigilante out.

Meanwhile, Oliver calls for the police to find and arrest Green Arrow.

Susan visits Oliver and says she got her job back. Susan promises that she’ll keep Oliver’s secret, because she admires all that he is doing for the city; as the mayor and as The Green Arrow. Chase comes in to say that the council voted against impeaching Oliver, and that he will remain the mayor of Star City.

Oliver walks into Thea’s office to tell her the good news, but Thea tells Oliver that she will be turning in her resignation. She’s gotten too deep in the political game, and she’s becoming someone that she doesn’t even recognize.

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Oliver thanks his team for all that they have done, and that he is still the mayor. Curtis leaves early to meet up with Paul for dinner, hopeful… But when Curtis gets to dinner, he finds out that Paul is actually divorcing him.

Felicity meets with her hacking partner in crime and tells her that she has decided to join Helix.

The episode ends with Chase confronting Susan outside her car and saying he has an exclusive for her, which she can call ‘life or death’.



Flashback Oliver

Oliver and Anatoly are cornered, where Anatoly invokes a Bratva rule to keep them alive. Anatoly explains to Oliver that he just saved their lives, but only for a couple of hours.

Anatoly explains that he called for a Bratva tribunal, to which if Anatoly loses… they both will die. Oliver says they need to find evidence that Kovar’s deal with Gregor only benefits Gregor, so they can turn the tables… and then he heads out to find evidence.

Oliver breaks into Gregor’s home and finds files he was searching for directly on Gregor’s computer. Oliver arrived at the Bratva tribunal to explain that Gregor accepted a private bribe from Kovar. There were millions and millions of dollars that Gregor kept for himself, and disclosed from the other Bratva Captains.The Bratva decides to turn against Gregor, but Gregor and his men open fire on Anatoly and the rest of the Bratva.


Arrow will return on Wednesday, March 15th at 8PM/EST on The CW.

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