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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Due Process’

Published on November 21st, 2018 | Updated on November 21st, 2018 | By FanFest

If ‘Due Process’ showed anything, it was that this season is pulling out all the stops. The episode started with Ricardo Diaz interrogating Anatoly. Diaz warned Anatoly that unless he helped Diaz ‘destroy Oliver Queen’, he would continue to make Anatoly’s life a living hell.

At Slabside, Oliver and Stanley are grab dinner in the mess hall. Stanley informed Oliver that ever since the ‘fight club’ got busted, the prison brought in professionally trained government guards. As they spoke, Oliver was informed he has a visitor – who winds up being Laurel.  Laurel took pictures of Oliver’s injuries, and let him know that they were going to be used as evidence for his ‘case’. Oliver didn’t believe her story about wanting to help him out, and told Laurel to stay away from Felicity.

In a flash forward, Dinah tells William and Roy that Felicity’s been murdered. Dinah informed William and Roy that Felicity had gone rogue, calling herself ‘the Calculator’.

In present time, Felicity uncovered information that revealed that Anatoly’s entire brotherhood had been killed by The Silencer. While she and Laurel met to try and figure out Oliver’s current legal situation, Felicity got a notification on her tablet that showed Diaz and the Longbow Hunters entering a warehouse. The two of them headed out, and linked up with Rene. After going inside and locating a crate they thought contained Silencer’s location, they wound up finding Anatoly inside instead. As ARGUS and the SCPD arrived, Rene noticed a bomb hidden in the bottom of the crate. Fortunately, everyone cleared the building and made it to safety.

At ARGUS headquarters, Diggle got into an argument about Felicity almost ruining another ARGUS operation. He then stated that they could all work together, but only without the new Green Arrow and without Laurel.

At Slabside, armed guards take Stanley to solitary, stating that he killed Officer Dubnar. After witnesseing this, Oliver confronted Brick in the cafeteria – stating he knew about the falling out Brick and Dunbar had, and that he knew Brick set up Stanley to take the fall.

At ARGUS, Anatoly gives Diggle and his team a on a possible lead to track down Diaz. A man named Piotr, a former KGB member. They converge on a known location, and Anatoly started to acquire information from Piotr’s laptop. As he nearly finished, one of the henchmen came after Anatoly and attempted to kill him. Luckily enough for Anatoly, Diggle was able to rush in and take out all the guards and rescue Anatoly.

After visiting Stanley in solitary and learning that Officer Dunbar was murdered in the shower, Oliver heads there and finds the murder weapon hidden behind a lose brick. Oliver turned the weapon into the prison guards, where they discover a finger print on it belonging to Bronze Tiger. Following this, they dragged Turner away to the hole. In court, Laurel showed the photos of a beaten Oliver to the judge. She appealed for Oliver’s release, in addition to the conditions of Slabside being evaluated. The judge agreed with the investigation, but denied Laurel’s appeal.

Felicity and Curtis uncover Diaz’s plan to blow up a gas refinery, causing a fire underneath the city. Diggle ordered the team to suit up, and headed out to deactivate the bombs. Diggle tracked down Diaz, while his teammates fought the Longbow Hunters. Diaz managed to get the upper hand on Diggle, before pulling out his cell phone. Just as he was about to detonate the bombs, his phone was shot out of his hand by the new Green Arrow. The Longbow Hunters managed to get away, but Diaz was taken into custody.

Felicity informed Laurel of the news, which lead her to making a deal with the feds. Star City PD would trade Diaz to the federal government in exchange for Oliver’s release.

The episode ended with Stanley meeting up with Oliver, where he stated that he may have planted the dagger with Bronze Tiger’s DNA.

Arrow will return on Monday, November 27th at 8PM/EST on The CW.


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