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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Divided’

Published on January 18th, 2018 | Updated on January 18th, 2018 | By FanFest

After weeks of waiting, the moment all Arrow fans had been waiting for arrived – the midseason premiere of the sixth season! I have to say, it went even better than I anticipated it to be; with countless sequences of suspense and action.

‘Divided’ kicked off with Cayden James, Black Siren and Richard Dragon meeting with a high member of the Bertinelli family – Jerry. Cayden James tried to appeal to his better nature, offering to buy his port and operations. When Jerry refused the offer, Cauden had Black Siren use her sonic scream on him, rendering him near unconscious. Cayden then gave him the ultimate ultimatum, which stated that he had a mere amount of hours otherwise Cayden was going to harm his daughter.

Meanwhile down in the Arrow Cave, Oliver, Felicity and Diggle continued their search for Cayden James. Since the departure of their three other team members, all of their operations have been running much slower. After leaving, Oliver ran into Curtis who informed him that he was only there because he agreed to help Diggle out with his tremor situation – he finally had a prototype.

While Diggle and Felicity made to test out the prototype that Curtis left them, they began hearing a foreign echo. They then came to the realization that they had been bugged. Following this, Felicity and Diggle ask if Oliver could meet with them away from the Arrow Cave. They inform Oliver that they believe their HQ has been bugged, more than likely by Black Siren when she entered the Arrow Cave 5 months ago.

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During their discussion, an alarm went off, which as a break-in at a security company. Oliver suited up and headed to the scene, only to discover that it was the Bertinelli family member. He tripped the alarm so that he could meet the Green Arrow, and ask Oliver for his help in defeating Cayden James. He gave Oliver a hard drive, asking him if he could analyze it.

While ‘Original Team Arrow’ had their battles, Rene and Curtis met up at Rene’s place. They had a brief heart to heart in which Rene stated how he really felt about ‘betraying’ Oliver, even if it was to protect his daughter. Dinah met up with Vince, and the two of them went out on a date. Dinah told Vince that it would probably not be a good idea for him to visit her at work, before kissing him. During their kiss, Vince’s phone went off and he told Dinah he had to go take care of an informant. One he promised he would not kill.

Back at City Hall Thea, newly appointed as Chief of Staff, had a discussion with Oliver in which she told him she was sorry for not being able to help him out in the field as Speedy. She has to do what’s best for her, and right now she can’t go back to that life. During their discussion, Oliver’s phone rang and Felicity stated that she had a location on Cayden James.

Oliver met up with Cayden, and they had a brief talk. While trying to call Felicity, Cayden stated that they disrupted their frequencies. He also calls her by her real name ‘Felicity’ and he addressed Oliver as Oliver, revealing that they were all compromised. Oliver turned to see Anatoly walking in, along with Richard Dragon and to his surprise, Vigilante. Oliver manages to make a getaway, narrowly escaping all of the big bads.

At City Hall, Thea walked in to see Lance looking at photos of himself and Laurel. He told Thea that he wasn’t going to give up on Black Siren and that maybe he could use the photos to help her find her redemption. He also told Thea about how Black Siren let him go, weeks ago when he was held hostage. Thea, though sympathetic, told him that he couldn’t think like that – it would lead to him getting killed.

Image: The CW

Felicity and Diggle called the whole team together, back at Felicity’s apartment. She informs them that Cayden has been watching them for months, and that all their identities have been compromised. When Rene asked who he was working with, Felicity informed him that it was the Bratva, Richard Dragon and Vigilante. Dinah, extremely upset, stormed out of the apartment.

She then met up with Vince, and confronted him about working with Cayden. She handcuffed him, but he managed to overpower her and knock her out before escaping.

Oliver met up with Jerry Bertinelli and stated that he would help him take down Cayden, but he would have to do as Oliver said. Oliver and Diggle placed explosive charges at the location where they were going to bait Cayden and the rest of his partners.

Oliver takes his spot on a perch, with Bertinelli down on the ground. The operation wound up getting compromised, as Richard Dragon stormed in with a bunch of armed assailants. Oliver wound up jumping in, in an attempt to help Bertinelli and take out some of Richard Dragon’s men. Eventually, Vigilante jumps in and grabs Oliver and the two engage in a fight.

Bertinelli spotted Oliver in trouble, and made to escape. Cayden arrives and stops him, and tells him he still has a choice to make. Jerry turned to look at Oliver, who was pinned by Vigilante, and pointed his gun at him. Just in the nick of time, Oliver’s explosive charges went off and he managed to make a clean escape.

Cayden expressed his disappointment, and then ordered Richard Dragon to shoot Bertinelli.

Oliver called the entire team together, both old and new and asked them to meet at Felicity’s place. Oliver apologized, stating that he understood why Rene was going to testify as witness. He also apologized for putting them all under surveillance, as it was a huge breach of trust. He asked for things to go back to the way they were. Curtis stated it wasn’t possible, and Dinah further stated that the three of them decided to start their on team.

Image: The CW

After Dinah and Rene left, Curtis handed Diggle a new implant stating that he believes he solved the glitch with the first prototype.

At City hall, Lance entered his office to find an envelope with pictures of Laurel. Thea came in and stated she wanted to help Lance reach Black Siren, and maybe the photos would help them find a way to break through to her and put her on the path to redemption.

Curtis brought Rene and Dinah to the former Helix Headquarters, revealing it to be their new ‘lair’. They toast to their new team, seemingly leaving all of their troubles behind them.

While they toasted, elsewhere Cayden approached Vince. He showed him footage of him and Dinah meeting, and Dinah’s attempt to arrest him. Vince tells him not to worry about Dinah, and that he will ‘take care of her’.

Back at the Arrow Cave, Felicity inserted the new implant in John’s arm. Miraculously, it worked. Oliver tossed John a pistol, and he was able to grab it and mock a trigger squeeze without any tremor; revealing that Spartan was back.

Arrow will return next week on Thursday, January 25th at 9PM/EST on The CW.


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