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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Crossing Lines’

Published on October 30th, 2018 | Updated on October 30th, 2018 | By FanFest

I have to say, this weeks episode of Arrow certainly contained some unexpected twists and turns to say the very least.

‘Crossing Lines’ started off with Oliver holding a bloody shank, followed by a sequence of guards falling to the ground. It was unknown what had happened, but the next scene showed ’12 hours earlier’.  At the FBI headquarters, Felicity met with Agent Watson and tried to convince her to hold up her end of the bargain and try to track down Diaz. In prison, Oliver and his friend Stanley were confronted by Danny Brickwell – Brick states that since Oliver held up his end of the bargain, he would arrange a meeting for Oliver with the known associate of Ricardo Diaz.

At the FBI headquarters, Agent Watson met with her boss to inform him that she wanted to continue to focus on the Diaz case. Her boss denied her request, telling her that Diaz dropped down to Number 11 on the most wanted list and that she should set her priorities elsewhere. Elsewhere, Felicity and Rene watched bugged footage of Agent Watson in her office. Together they concluded they needed Agent Watson’s help to sneak into the CDC. Elsewhere, in Zurich, Lyla and Diggle bring Curtis in on an A.R.G.U.S mission, where they pretended to be a couple with an extremely expensive piece of artwork that was a family heirloom. Curtis bugged the piece of art, in order to hack the banks computer systems and take the encrypted data.

Felicity spoke with both Agent Watson and Dinah and informed them of her plan to sneak in the CDC. She discovered Diaz would probably be after a vial containing strains of diseases like ebola and other deadly diseases. Watson agreed to help, but only if they did it her way. At the Supermax prison, Oliver wok up to find the prison gates unlocked. Oliver and Stanley headed to the prison basement, where they met with Turner. Turner stated that Brick never wanted to help Oliver, but rather set him up and have Turner kill him instead. Oliver overpowered Turner, and ordered him to take him to Brick.

In Zurich, Curtis informed Diggle that while Curtis was copying the encrypted data – someone else was copying the information from the Swiss bank. Realizing it was not Curtis or himself, Diggle realized it was Lyla. When Diggle went to confront her about it, she informed him that she was working on something much bigger and disobeying direct orders from her superior to see it through. At the CDC, Ricardo Diaz enters with two of the Longbow hunters. Felicity tries to hack the doors to lock them in, but informs the team that she’s being interrupted by sonic-based frequencies. Dinah went downstairs, where she met with Silencer and the two of them started fighting. Rene confronts the two other Longbow hunters, but they manage to escape before Felicity had time to lock the doors. Rene then attempted to head down and help Dinah with Silencer, but she also managed to escape.

At the Supermax, Oliver and Stanley are escorted by Turner to Brick’s safe room. There it was revealed that Brick and some corrupted guards were running a prison fight club. Brick announces that in a fight to the death, Oliver will fight Samson. The two engage in an epic fighting sequence, most of which was owned by Oliver. After breaking both of Samson’s arms, Oliver scaled up the wall and confronted Brick. Brick laughed, stating that the person who worked for Diaz was in Level 2 – a section saved for the worst of criminals.

After hearing that, Oliver stabbed four of the guards with his shiv – earning him a fast track to Level 2. After the failed operation at CDC, Felicity walked into Agent Watson’s office to find her packing her desk up. She stated that she had been demoted to a desk job, but she doesn’t regret her decision – and that Felicity did the right thing by going after Diaz. After she leaves Agent Watson’s office, Felicity meets with Rene. Rene told her that he in fact did capture Silencer, and he has her stowed away at their hideout.

The episode concluded with a group of SWAT officers transferring Oliver to Level 2.


Arrow will return on Monday, November 5th at 8PM/EST on The CW.



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