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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths: Part 4’

Published on January 15th, 2020 | Updated on January 15th, 2020 | By FanFest

After a month long hiatus, fans of the DC ‘CW-verse’ were finally treated with the return of our favorite heroes in the ‘Crisis on Infinite Earths’ Crossover.

On the Planet Maltus, Mar Novu and his wife plan a jump to the dawn of time. As he attempts to arrive at the dawn of time, anti-matter breaks into the temporal zone. Novu is sent to  the anti-universe, where we are shown the Anti-Monitor.

At the Vanishing Point, Ryan Choi writes a letter to his wife documenting how the Paragons are struggling with their loved ones being lost as he continues to work with Lex Luthor on a teleportation device. To top it all off, Barry has been missing for two months. After a failed testing of their teleportation device goes wrong, Barry appears and informs his friends that he’s been in the speed force and there is no way for them to go back to any Earths – they’re all gone.

On Lian Yu, Oliver becomes the Spectre. He learns that he needs to be the one to fight the Anti-Monitor but in order to be successful, he will need the help of his friends. He travels to the Vanishing Point and informs them that Barry is correct and the secret to defeating the Anti-Monitor is in the Speed Force. He tells them that the multi-verse has vanished, and an anti-matter universe is coming to take its place. He tells the team that they must go to Maltus as well as the Dawn of Time in Order to stop it from happening. When Barry explains that he can’t get into the Speed Force, Oliver uses his new Spectre powers to unlock Barry’s full potential.

While Supergirl, Ryan and Lex (who now has super powers thanks to the book of destiny) head to Maltus to find Mar Novu, Barry jumps back into the Speed Force where he crashes into the Anti-Monitor, who separates him from Oliver. Oliver is able to use his memories to hold everyone in place, to keep them from being scattered. Barry retraces Oliver’s steps over the last eight years, and runs to find everyone – running into Ezra Miller’s ‘Flash’ on his journey!

On Maltus, Lex sneaks away from his group and tells Novu that he needs to open the Portal, which would trigger the current events that the universe was now facing. Before Novu can open it, Supergirl and Ryan appear and convince Novu to not listen to Lex – as Lex’s true intentions were for him to gain Universal Domination. Novu listens to the pair, defeating Lex’s wicked intentions.

Barry collects the trio and brings them back to the Vanishing Point. Oliver, as Spectre, informs them that despite their efforts in stopping Novu from opening the portal – the universe still winds up being destroyed, leading to only one option. They all need to head to the Dawn of Time together and fight the Anti-Monitor so that they can collectively recreate the universe.

Oliver faces off with the Anti-Monitor as the Paragons battle his wicked army. As Oliver and the Anti-Monitor fight, a spark is lit. The Paragons use the last page of the Book of destiny and focus their energies onto fanning the flame that surrounds Oliver and the Anti-Monitor. The plan works, and the anti-monitor is defeated.

Just as the universe is reborn, Barry and Sara rush over to Oliver’s side. Oliver asks them to watch over his family, before he dies once more – knowing the universe will finally be at peace.

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