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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Collision Course’

Although this week’s episode was quite fantastic, it was truly heartbreaking to see our favorite team of heroes divided. Team Arrow isn’t just divided, it’s been broken… and it would seem there is little hope of it getting restored anytime soon. This episode was extremely intense, and at times I found myself asking my TV ‘why can’t you all just get along!?’

‘Collision Course’ kicks off with Oliver meeting with the city government officials, discussing the recent stabbing of Cayden James. Oliver continues to assure that he would get on-top of this mysterious death, and he would have an answer for everyone within 48 hours. While meeting with Thea and Lance, Oliver calls for his Star City accountant. Along with him is Dinah, who made it clear she planted herself on the case so that she could track the whereabouts of Cayden’s partners. The accountant informs Oliver that all the money was missing, all 70 million of it. Oliver heads home, and asks Felicity if she could do some work in tracking it down.

'Arrow' Recap 'Collision Course'
Image: The CW

The next day, Dinah returns with the accountant and they reveal they received the withdrawal logs from the bank and had security camera footage of a mysterious woman making the withdrawal.

Elsewhere, Lance treats Laurel and her gunshot wound in a secret hideout.

The next day Lance is speaking with Oliver and Thea at City Hall. Oliver brainstorms ways on how to track down Black Siren, all while Lance remains quiet about her whereabouts.

Curtis, Rene and Dinah arrive back at the scene where Black Siren and Dinah got into the fight. Curtis utilizes his new tech, which shows them that Black Siren was dragged away from the crime scene. They determine she was put in a car, but they can not figure out who dragged her. Curtis and Rene attempt to tell Dinah that the city’s money is more important than killing Black Siren, to which Dinah disagrees.

Lance continues to take care of Black Siren, and the two of them bond over a love for sweet and sour soup.Lance tells Black Siren that she can change, and then she asks Lance to tell her more stories about his Laurel. While they share stories, we see Thea watching from an outside window.

Oliver, Diggle, and Felicity head to the alleyway where Black Siren was last located. Using Felicity’s technology, they determine that Black Canary aka Dinah was also at the scene. After gathering this, they headed to New Team Arrow’s bunker. They fire questions at the trio, asking if they took Laurel or not. This leads to an intense disagreement, which causes Oliver and Rene to get into a push and shove match. While Diggle and Felicity search for Black Siren, Rene informs Oliver that there was a reason no one on the new team completely trusted Oliver. When they don’t find anything, they all leave. Once they do, Rene informs his teammates that he implanted a tracker on Oliver and they could hear everything they were planning.

'Arrow' Recap 'Collision Course'
Image: The CW

At Lance’s cabin, Thea came in and asks him about hiding Laurel. He states he thinks he can get through to her, and he is the only one. Thea calls Oliver and tells him about Black Siren and Lance’s involvement. Black Siren then states she will help get the money back for the city, if the team gets her out of the country and away from Dinah. Oliver agrees, and the team heads to Lance’s location.

While they head out to Lance’s cabin, Felicity realizes that they are being followed… by Dinah and her crew. Felicity discovers the tracking device on Oliver, and quickly disables it, therefore causing Diggle to make a successful getaway from their former friends.

At the cabin, Oliver promises Black Siren they will help her get out of the country and away from Dinah if she promises to send the money. Elsewhere, Curtis informs his teammates that he has a way to track Oliver and company but it will physically hurt Diggle. Dinah, surprisingly, orders him to just do it.

At the cabin, Diggle grabs his arm and collapses in pain. Felicity realizes that Curtis hacked Diggle’s implant to track their location. Oliver orders the group to move, as New Team Arrow could be closing in their location at any minute.

As Oliver, Thea Diggle, Felicity, and Quentin move to transport Laurel, they meet Dinah, Curtis, and Rene outside. After a brief verbal confrontation, the teams begin fighting. While they fight, Lance and Laurel escape into the woods. Dinah follows them, and confronts Lance. He tries to stand up to Dinah and defend Black Siren, but Dinah knocks him out. Just as Dinah was about to kill Black Siren, Curtis talked her down and convinced her to stop. Black Siren took the opportunity to use her powers to blast Curtis and Dinah and escape.

As Black Siren takes off, the two teams meet again. They’re about to continue fighting, but Rene collapses. Curtis rushes over and determines that they need to get Rene to a hospital immediately.

'Arrow' Recap 'Collision Course'
Image: The CW

At the Arrow Cave, Original team Arrow talks about the money situation in the city. Lance is convinced that Black Siren will return the money, but the team disagrees. He then blames himself for everything, especially for trusting Black Siren.

Oliver heads to city hall and informs the cabinet about the money situation; which is that they have been unable to recover the $70 million – and he is unsure as to whether or not they ever will.

At the hospital, Dinah and Curtis talk about Black Siren. Curtis tells Dinah she did the right thing by letting her go, and he promises that they will track her down and arrest her. A doctor comes out and informs the two of them about Rene’s condition, and that she recommends he go to another hospital outside of Star City as his injuries are severe. Felicity and Diggle arrive at the hospital, only to be shunned by both Curtis and Dinah. They told them they were not only done as a team, they were done forever.

The episode concludes with Black Siren finding a worker outside of a warehouse. She pretends she was kidnapped, and was lost. When the worker asked for her name, she stated Laurel Lance.

Arrow will return next Thursday, March 8th at 9PM/EST on The CW.


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