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‘Arrow’: More to the Mask-The Great Prometheus ‘Theory’

Published on February 1st, 2017 | Updated on February 1st, 2017 | By FanFest

While The Cw-verse shows are known for their suspense, occasional drama and action; there is one thing that the CW-verse love to do when it comes to our favorite superhero shows… and that is throwing curveballs at us. More specifically, they love throwing curveballs at us when it comes to our favorite characters leaving us. Whether it be in a coffin, riding a motorcycle out of the city, or even flying off into the sunset… it is a reoccurring theme (and a tease, quite frankly) that we are kept on the edge of our seats wondering if some of our favorite characters will be returning or not.

This past week, we got the delight of seeing Katie Cassidy’s Laurel Lance brought back to the show. Granted, she was not the same Laurel… but Katie Cassidy DID come back. Sure, she was an evil twin version from Earth-2 that actually wanted to kill everyone after being set free by Prometheus, but bottom line is… it was a version of Laurel that came back.

Speaking of Prometheus, I want to talk about this character for a second. The reveal of Prometheus has been such a tease, very similar to the reveal of Zoom in last season of The Flash. This is very different than us Arrow fans are used to. Seasons 1-4 were pretty straightforward with who their ‘big bads’ were going to be during their seasons; heck Damien Darhk even introduced himself in the very first episode of Season 4.

Currently, the show is presenting Prometheus as the illegitimate son of Justin Claybourne, a despicable pharmaceutical CEO on Oliver’s list from  Season 1. As I have mentioned in a previous article, I am not 100% conviniced… and after this past weeks episode ‘Who Are You?’, I am even less convinced. Clearly he knew exactly how Team Arrow would react to seeing a Laurel Lance again. I’m not alone in my theory either. Several fanbased threads for the show have been spewing speculations as to who is behind the mask; in the mindset of ‘that’s way to random and easy’.

Would it be too easy?

Image: The CW


I would have to say that the evidence is stacking up to the fact that Prometheus is not just someone else, but someone closely tied to the team.

N0w, normally I’m not a huge fan of spewing out my own random theories… but I’m convinced at this point that Prometheus is in fact, Oliver’s dear friend, Tommy Merlyn.

Tommy, as you all remember, was Oliver’s best friend, and the son of Malcolm Merlyn. Tommy was not shy to express how disgusted he was with Oliver when he found out that Oliver was ‘The Hood’; calling him a killer on multiple occasions. Sure, they made some amends before Tommy’s death but bottom line, there is no denying that there was a definitive animosity between the two of them once Tommy realized who Oliver was; and all the bodies he had dropped.

We’ve known since we first saw Prometheus was that his mission is to make The Green Arrow suffer. He even forbade Evelyn from killing him because his plan was to make Oliver suffer, and make him wish he were dead. Prometheus has been set on making Oliver replay through all the terrible things he has done, and all the people he has failed. Just to name a few:

1.) Prometheus recreating Oliver’s execution of Justin Claybourne reflects the true darkness that is inside Oliver from when he first started his mission.

2.) Prometheus setting up Oliver to kill Detective Billy Malone reflects Oliver feeling the extreme guilt at failing those close to him.

3.) Prometheus recruiting Black Siren to take on  Oliver and his team reflects Oliver failing to save Laurel once more.

So how would Tommy come back, may you ask?

Image: The CW

There are a few answers to this theory. For starters, Tommy is Malcolm Merlyn’s son. Malcolm took up the mantle of Ra’s Al Ghul for a time. He could have very easily dug up Tommy, just like Laurel and Thea did with Sara and subjected him to the Lazarus Pit. When Thea came back from the Pit, she was initially just a tad bit crazy. When Sara came back, after being dead for a short time, she was not only lost in the sauce but she was also missing her soul. Let’s say Malcolm were to use the pit to bring Tommy back. Tommy had been dead for years at this point, and I don’t see Malcolm as someone being incredibly close with someone with the likes of John Constantine. Tommy could have come back a complete monster, only remembering the wicked things that he had dealt with. He could have been well beyond redemption. It would definitely explain why he was extremely against bringing Sara back.

If not subjected to the Pit, there were other methods as to how Tommy could have been brought back. Last Season, Malcolm salvaged the ashes of Vandal Savage after Team Arrow and Team Flash defeated him. Did we ever figure out why? I mean I know Nyssa destroyed the Pit after Sara was brought back from the dead but Malcolm, being Ra’s Al Ghul, is definitely intelligent enough to have found some way to bring Tommy back with the ashes.

A third theory… Flashpoint anyone? This would be a bit of a stretch, but I leave all lanes of traffic open at this point. Seriously, ANYTHING is possible now because of Flashpoint.

Also, remember how Prometheus talked about how he was immune to Oliver’s crippling knockout gas? Malcolm inoculated Team Arrow from the Alpha/Omega virus. He could have easily inoculated Tommy to keep him from being harmed by anything ever again. Also, Prometheus uses the same fighting techniques as Oliver…. which Oliver said he learned from a woman in Russia.

Now that we have been introduced to Talia in Russia, Talia could have very well been the woman who taught him. Talia is also the daughter of Ra’s Al Ghul, former demons head to the League of Assassins. We know from Legends of Tomorrow that Talia did some intense league training with her father. On top of that, Malcolm could have very well trained Tommy as well.

After the league was disbanded, it is very possible that Malcolm set Tommy free as some sort of hell-bent revenge on Oliver; and now that the girl Tommy loved so deeply, Laurel, is dead; there is nothing stopping Tommy from murdering his former best friend. Oliver failed his promise to Tommy to always keep her safe.

Currently, Colin Donnell is filming the show Chicago Med. HOWEVER, Prometheus wears a mask and has his voice altered… which means until it is time for an official reveal, ANYONE could be currently playing the part of Prometheus.

A few other theories I have discovered online are that it is Lyla, Diggle or even Malcolm under the mask. Oliver and Diggle have put their issues to bed, so I don’t see it being Diggle. Lyla was kidnapped by Oliver in Season 3 as part of his plot to fool Ra’s, but Lyla is not the type to hold a grudge; at least not for that long. Malcolm, is currently busy trying to take over the world with the Legion of Doom, so it wouldn’t make any sense for him to try and kill Oliver; especially since he is Thea’s brother.

What do you think?? Do you think there is more to the Prometheus reveal than we know??

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