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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Lost Souls’

Published on November 11th, 2015 | Updated on May 19th, 2016 | By FanFest

In the past few episodes of
Season 4 of Arrow we have seen
families reunited, brother hoods
restored and a team finally coming
together. In
the Season 4 episode ‘Lost Souls’, we saw a lot of red
flags that
indicate that there
may be a lot of trouble in paradise for Team Arrow. We
already knew that
Thea was blood-thirsty after being
restored from the Lazarus
Pit, so we knew that we could expect the same (or
worse) from Sara. While Sara’s

soul seems to have been restored, her focus and possibly sanity on the

battlefield has not. It was very
touching to see Sara reunited with Laurel and
her father, and speaking to
her mother on the phone. This was
the sweeter side
of Sara that we had missed so dearly. The Canary team-up
was a thrill that all
looked forward to that unfortunately, ended unexpectedly with Sara

announcing to Laurel and Thea that she was
going to be leaving Star City for a
while to take some time for herself.
Many Arrow fans expressed
disappointment on social media about Sara departing so soon,
especially after we
just got her back;
but don’t worry… this isn’t the last we will see of Sara,
especially since
she is slated to take up the
role as The White

The return of Ray Palmer was quite
exciting, and
After learning he was alive, and being held captive by Damian
Darhk, we once
again saw a troubling curve for
our dear Team Arrow. Last season
on Arrow, Ray and Felicity had a
very close relationship, even after
chose to be with Oliver. During the duration of “Lost Souls,
Oliver and
relationship seemed to be on the fritz. Felicity found herself so
wrapped up
in the ideal of rescuing Ray,
that she began to push herself away
from Oliver.

“I lost myself in
you, and I was never that girl.
girl who just loses herself in a guy, that is not who I

, Arrow

Felicity and Oliver were
able to put
their differences aside,
temporarily and successfully rescue Ray
Palmer with the help of Team Arrow.
The big question is, now that Ray
Palmer is
back in Felicity’s life, will she and Oliver continue down the
path of their
‘happily ever
after’ excursion? At the conclusion of the episode, the happy
couple seemed
to have put their differences
aside, and once again, got lost in
each other. If Arrow has shown us
anything throughout the years,

especially of recent, it is that not everything is as it seems, and not all

things last forever. Sara’s
existence is certainly proof of that fact. Having
Ray back on the show is
definitely going to add some flavor
to the show, in more
than one way. Ray could be key to saving Felicity’s
falling company, and
Team Arrow in defeating Damian Darhk. He is one of the smartest men in
world, after-all.

flashbacks revealed to us that Reiter, like
Damian Darhk, is interested in
the mystical realm and all of its
beings. He
orders Oliver to find his ‘gift’ in the cove. While we have no
idea as to what
this ‘gift’ is,
we do know that Conklin wants to see Oliver gone… permanently.
He even
went to the extent of having one of
their prisoners attempt to kill
Oliver; and now that Oliver was forced to
kill the prisoner in self
it seems as though Conklin may have the upper hand. Well, at
least at the

The return of Donna Smoak brought some delightful humor
the episode, certainly lightning
the tone. She even stumbled upon Detective
Lance, and we saw a spark of
chemistry there. Lance has been on
his own since
the beginning, sharing a few brief moments with his ex-wife.
Donna would be the
match for Lance, especially with her witty humor. Some fans claim that
is already enough romance on the
show, but this particular romance could
really blossom into something quite
interesting for the show. Damian
seems to have the upper hand on Lance, threatening his daughters
multiple times;
add a love
interest in there, and Damian could have Lance running for his


This episode we really got to
see more of Damian Darhk, and got a
brief glance at who he really is. He
mentioned multiple times that he had
use’ and wanted to ‘breathe life’ into the city. This goes to show
that the
relentless super-
villain has major plans for Star City, and the writers of
Arrow do a
spectacular job at making us
yearn to know what plans Damian
has for the city… and with every episode
we see and every threat Damian
it brings us back to wondering who is in the grave that we saw at the
end of the
pilot episode for
this season. Oliver and Damian faced off again once more, and
it wound up
with Oliver escaping, by the skin
of his teeth. Oliver has struggled
against villains before, but we have yet
to see Oliver come anywhere NEAR

defeating Damian Darhk. He is certainly the darkest, most diabolical villain
have seen on the show.
Neal McDonough sells the role very well, and fans have
raved about his
performance as the lead villain on the

The episode
concluded with Damian Darhk looking at an unknown
piece of equipment, telling

his associate to use the energy extracted from holding Ray and his
hostage to power up
whatever it was that Damian had. What does Damian
have planned for
Star City? Does he really have some
form of a weakness? He
nearly killed Oliver, once again, this week and he
seems almost impossible to

stop. All we can do, is await to see what Darhkness is descending upon Star


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