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‘Arrow’ Preview ‘Lost Souls’

Published on November 7th, 2015 | Updated on February 3rd, 2016 | By FanFest

Ray is ALIVE!

certainly have that amazing fact to look
forward to this upcoming week on
Arrow. Although many fans
say that they
saw it coming, mostly because Ray is set to appear on
DC’s Legends
of Tomorrow,
we have no idea as to how this amazing rescue is going to
happen. Sure,
we know what the end result is
going to be, but as all things
happen on Arrow– nothing ever comes

It will prove
difficult, considering Damian Darhk appears to be holding Ray
hostage and as we
have seen so
far, no one has any idea on how to defeat the evil tyrant. This
certainly has a lot in store for

Sneak peek photos of this
week’s episode “Lost Souls” have been
posted all over the web, and we see
many shots of Canary
and Black Canary side by side.
Canary rescue mission team-
up anyone?! While many fans are extremely excited
to see Sara back in action,

many wonder how it is going to play out with Sara joining up on Team Arrow

again, especially now that
Thea is also on the team.

We saw that Sara had
her soul restored last
week, but does that truly mean
that there will be no more
conflicts between our two heroines? We can only
hope! A house (or in this case

team) divided can be quite disastrous.

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