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‘Arrow’ Recap ‘Haunted’

Published on November 4th, 2015 | Updated on December 31st, 2015 | By FanFest

Ancient Magic. A blood
thirsty, resurrected assassin. A family

Season 4: Episode 5, brought
everything to the
screen this week. As the season continues to progress, the
story line continues
unfold with more surprises, and a few plot twists. The talk of the week was

the appearance of Matt Smith’s
Constantine on the show, which sent ratings for
Arrow sky-rocketing.
Fans of the former NBC
show were not
disappointed, getting a taste of the character they adore once


Let’s start off
with our crazed, out of control assassin, shall we?
We left off last week
with Sara escaping Laurel’s
basement. This week we opened
with a scene in which Sara’s true blood-lust
was revealed to us, and she was

even more far off than Thea was. Unlike Thea, there was nearly no way to
the rage that was
building up inside Sara as she continued to track down girls
that looked
like her intended target, Thea
Queen. We learned from Malcolm Merlyn
that the only way a person who has
been restored by the Lazarus Pit can
their blood-lust, is to kill the one who hurt them. (In Sara’s place;

We saw a
heart-stopping scene in which Thea battled against Sara
for her life, which
was the high peak of the episode,
pulling viewers to the
edge of their seats. The music, the action, the
suspense… PERFECT!! It was the

thrill that Arrow fans were searching for. The acting and chemistry between
the actors was
phenomenal, in particular, the acting between Stephen Amell and

There has been a
constant build of chemistry between the
two actors since Season 1 of
Arrow, and it is a great delight
to all
viewers to see that Laurel and Oliver still play an important role in
others lives; despite
everything that has happened in their past. There are
still many fans out
there who long for a Black
Canary/Green Arrow romance… and

“I’m sorry about what
happened to Thea. I really am. I
your family, I always have. I just wish that sometimes you would give a

Arrow Season 5 :

Now that Sara is
back and potentially will take up her
role as ‘The Canary’ once more, where
does that leave Laurel? Sara was,
all, Laurel’s motivation for taking up the role as the Black
Canaries, One show?
Sign us up!!

The flashbacks held the most story for
our guest star,
where we learned how Oliver and
Constantine first met on Lian
Yu. Although at first it seemed silly and out
of place, it ended with

Constantine giving Oliver a tattoo which he would ‘know how to use, when the

time comes’. Well, at least
we now know how Oliver got another one of his
mysterious tattoos! Also,
could Constantine have possibly given
Oliver the spell
to defeat Damian Darhk? Hmm.

The resurrection of
Sara was very thrilling;
as we
were shown a vision where an innocent version of Sara was being trapped in

the Lazarus Pit by evil souls-
representing why the real Sara was unable to
break free of the evil inside
her. Following the vision, we were
brought back to
an extremely touching moment where Detective Lance was able
to embrace both of
daughters, our canaries, once more.

Speaking of Detective Lance, he

certainly dropped quite a surprise
on Diggle. After completing a task for
Damian, Lance found out some slightly
disturbing information about
what Andy
Diggle was really about. A Soldier serving in Afghanistan, who
became a crime
lord. However,
some fans have speculation that the one G.H.O.S.T soldier who had
the chance
to take a shot at Diggle when he
and Oliver attempted to take down a
group of G.H.O.S.T soldiers, but didn’t,
could be Andy… still alive.
some may say its a crazy speculation, we DID just see a resurrection
essentially an exorcism.
Andy still being alive is not out of the realm of
possibilities. All we can
do is wait!

Our episode
ended with Felicity and
Curtis discovering that Ray is still alive, and he
is in a lot of trouble. Could

Felicity and Oliver’s relationship be at jeopardy now that Ray may be back
her life? We will
certainly find out this week on Arrow!

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