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Arrow: Happy Birthday Stephen Amell! Thank You For Not Failing The City

Published on May 8th, 2021 | Updated on May 8th, 2021 | By FanFest

Today is a very special day since it’s Stephen Amell‘s birthday! The Canadian actor survived another trip around the sun and we thought we’d take a moment to wish him a very happy birthday! We’re looking forward to seeing you in Heels, and hope you’ve been having a great time filming! Happy birthday Stephen Amell!

Image: The CW

Even though we’re looking to the future, we thought we should also take a moment to look towards the past. Like many others, my first time seeing Stephen Amell on the screen was when he became Oliver Queen for The CW‘s Arrow.

For eight seasons we witnessed Oliver’s journey from billionaire playboy to hero. His journey is one that touched many fans and a big reason for that is because we had such an amazing Oliver Queen. Stephen Amell was a hero both on and off the screen for many people.

For me, personally, Arrow helped me discover DC comics, to begin with. I knew almost nothing about the DC Universe. I didn’t read many comic books, the medium held no interest for me. Despite my years being a nerd, comics sort of flew under my radar. Until that first episode of Arrow.

I’d watched Smallville, binging all ten seasons when it went off the air. I found out about Arrow while it was still early into its second season. I decided I wanted to check it out and bought the first episode off of the PSN store. I was hooked right away. I bought the rest of the season immediately and binged the whole damn thing.

From there I decided to visit my local comic shop, and in the following years, I’ve become kind of DC obsessed.

And I owe almost all of it to Arrow and Mr. Amell. So I know odds are slim that you’re reading this, Mr. Amell but if you are thank you! You’ve inspired me and helped me discover something that I’ve truly come to love. You’re an incredible human being and an inspiration so, once again, thank you.

Thank you for not failing the city, Mr. Amell. I can’t wait to see your new show!

Happy birthday Stephen Amell!



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