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‘Arrow’: EP teases Character Return in Season Finale

Published on March 27th, 2017 | Updated on March 27th, 2017 | By FanFest

One thing that is guaranteed at the conclusion of every season of Arrow is that the finale is typically pretty amazing. It’s no secret; we all know that the season finale this year is going to lead to a major confrontation between Oliver and Prometheus.

However, this time the finale is going to be pretty different. While fans can still expect a pretty epic finale, it may not be in the way we are used to seeing.

In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Executive Producer Marc Guggenheim stated this year’s last episode will be a change of pace from previous seasons.

“We’re not going to destroy the city. We’re not even going to threaten the city,” Guggenheim said. “In fact, I can also tell you the finale doesn’t even take place in the city. Finally, the citizens of Star City can breathe easily in May. You can expect a good number of returning characters, characters you haven’t seen in a while, back in the episode.”

After the torture we witness Oliver deal with last week, let’s hope that whoever these returning characters are; that they are on Oliver’s side… and they will help him get his drive to be the ‘hope’ that Star City so desperately needs.

Arrow will air on Wednesday, March 29th in the episode ‘Disbanded‘ at 8PM/EST on the CW

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