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Arrow: Did Diggle Refuse The Green Lantern Ring? David Ramsay Helps Explain And Tease What’s Coming! Everything We Know About Diggle’s Return!

Published on May 21st, 2021 | Updated on May 21st, 2021 | By FanFest

David Ramsay will be back in the Arrowverse soon! The Arrow alum will be doing five episodes spread out across multiple Arrowverse shows. Most fans think he’s about to return as The Green Lantern, but… is it possible for Diggle to refuse the Green Lantern ring? David Ramsay helps explain and tease what’s coming.

Ramsay will be in Supergirl, Superman And Lois, Legends Of Tomorrow, and Batwoman. He’ll also be in The Flash. We know what the deal is with his return to Batwoman, but he seems to be teasing some consequences. The actor himself revealed that his character will be dealing with consequences from turning something down. Could this be the ring?

He spoke to TVLine about Diggle heading to Gotham, and why.

“Headaches. Debilitating headaches. And he’s hearing voices,” Ramsey explained. “He goes to Gotham to get help with this, to see a physician there, and in the meantime, his A.R.G.U.S. story continues. His wife is still head of A.R.G.U.S. and he’s co-head, and that’s part of what he brings when he goes to these cities. He’s there to assist and help in whatever way he can with his access to A.R.G.U.S. That’s a very big part of who he is.”

That’s not what we’re interested in though, is it? No, what we really want to know is if Diggle is going to become a superhero, specifically one with a green ring. Let’s take a second and back up, though.

See, Arrowverse fans will remember what happened in the final episode of Arrow. Diggle found a mysterious green box and when he opened it, it contained a strange green light. We also know Diggle was heading to Metropolis but we haven’t seen him there yet. The problem, is something might have changed behind the scenes, based on what Ramsay had to say.

“Whatever was in the box, he refused the invitation of. Let’s put it like that. But there are consequences to that,” Ramsey said.

Based on that it seems like even if the box did contain a ring, Diggle might have refused it. Now fans have to ask themselves whether or not that could be the reason for his headaches. Ramsay addressed why Diggle might have turned all of this down, too.

“We’ve gone to great lengths over the years to make Diggle one of the more grounded characters. Any time he would go fast with Flash, he would throw up, and he was always amazed when he saw someone flying. All these things were kind of otherworldly to him, because he was a very earthbound hero. And after Crisis, he got back his wife, who was abducted by the Monitor, and he got back his daughter Sara, who was taken out of existence by Flashpoint. So part of Diggle’s story is that the last thing he would want to do right now is receive an invitation from something otherworldly, because he finally has his family back, and he lost his best friend to some otherworldliness. So he refused the invitation of whatever was in the box, but there are consequences to that, and that story, what he will do next, is part of what we tell throughout these four episodes.”

There’s no denying fans will be disappointed if Diggle goes out without putting on a Lantern ring. We can’t blame them for being disappointed, either. Especially since we know that somewhere in the Arrowverse, Diggle IS a Green Lantern. An alternate version of The Flash commented on it during Crisis.

For now, all we can do is wait to see what Diggle does. Here’s hoping we get to hear him chant the famous Green Lantern oath. What do you guys think? Did Diggle refuse the Green Lantern ring? Let us know in the comments below!

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