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Arrow: David Ramsey Explains Why He Loves John Diggle

Published on July 13th, 2021 | Updated on August 8th, 2021 | By FanFest

John Diggle has become a fan favorite character since his introduction into the Arrowverse. The veteran has been around since the beginning, all the way back when Arrow was all on its lonesome. He showed up in the first season and has been around ever since. Now, David Ramsey discusses John Diggle ahead of his appearance on Superman And Lois.

This Tuesday will be the third time that Diggle has shown up in the Arrowverse this year. He showed up in Batwoman to give Luke Fox a pep talk. Then he showed up in Central City when he visited The Flash! He’ll show up on Supergirl later on this year, too.

He spoke with lately, about why he, and fans love Diggle so much. He puts a lot into Diggle, and that’s because he loves the character so damn much, probably more than even the fans do.

“I’m in love with John Diggle, like a lot of, dare I say, the audience is. I think -people kind of tuned into him because of his loyalty to his friends and to his family, to his dedication to his country. He will always jump on the grenade. And everyone wants a friend like John Diggle. So I think that’s part of his allure and attraction. He’s better than us, better than me. So I think that’s part of it. I’ve always been curious about characters who end up becoming part of what they abhorred or misunderstood or didn’t like for whatever reason. And John Diggle has always been…

This man did three tours in Afghanistan. He’s a military guy. When we first meet him on Arrow, he’s a security guard. And he ultimately becomes the best friend of the hero. Then a vigilante working alongside the hero. Then a larger vigilante in the Crisis and crossovers and working with Superman and Supergirl. But he’s always been leery of this kind of other world. People who can run and move fast. And to now be invited to be part of that fraternity is very interesting to me as an actor.”

Definitely check the link above to see more of what Diggle had to say about his journey from Arrow to potential Green Lantern. We hope Green Lantern, anyway!

Catch Diggle on Superman And Lois on July 13!

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