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‘Arrow’ Character Spotlight – Dinah Drake

Published on January 4th, 2018 | Updated on January 4th, 2018 | By FanFest

If there is one character that I have grown to absolutely love on Arrow, it is absolutely Dinah Drake.

Well, I guess you could say that I loved her right from the get go. She’s snarky, she’s fun and she’s all that I ever imagined the classic Comic Book Canary to be. If you’re a fan of the comics, then you know exactly what I am talking about.

I have absolutely loved what both Caity Lotz and Katie Cassidy brought to the screen in their respective ‘Canary’ titles, and I am so happy that Marc Guggenheim and the rest of the Arrowverse staff found someone to carry on the Black Canary’s legacy.

Juliana Harkavy is truly a gem. Not only is she an extremely strong, motivating and beautiful person… she is extremely dedicated to embodying all that is Dinah Drake. She goes through routines and various other types of training before stepping onto the stage, fully devoting her 100% and dedicating her entire self to immersing in the character. There is not a doubt in my mind – she is perfect for the role. She makes all the Black Canary fans out there extremely proud, as this Bird of Prey is one that DC fans have grown to love and adore over all these years. She’s fierce, she’s badass… she’s our Dinah!

Dinah was born and raised in Central City, where she would eventually join the ranks of the CCPD and earned her Detective Badge. One of her very first undercover assignments was with the Pilgrims, where she learned to fight and train with her infamous bo-staff.  

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While on another uncover mission, Dinah was ordered to go after a man named Sean Sonus, who discovered that she was an undercover cop and began torturing both her and her partner – Vincent Sobel. While Sonus pointed a gun at Dinah’s partner, the STAR Labs particle accelerator exploded, causing Dinah to get her powers and Vincent to get shot in the back ‘killing’ him.

In her grief over Vincent’s death, Dinah turned in her badge and turned to the life of becoming a vigilante, tracking down Sonus as frequently as she could.  

In late 2016 she caught the attention of Team Arrow, after being caught on tape using her sonic scream. Oliver set out to bring her in, as stating that she would be the perfect for taking up Laurel’s mantle as the next Black Canary.

She then went on to join the SCPD, becoming a Lieutenant and working during the day as Oliver’s ‘protective’ detail as he served Star City in the office of mayor.

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Recently, Dinah discovered that the identity of Vigilante is that of her old partner, Vincent Sobel. After his secret was revealed, he continued to send her gifts and contact her. Dinah attempted to keep this all under wraps from the rest of Team Arrow, but her secret was eventually discovered. Oliver confronted Dinah, stating that she was a traitor and he could no longer trust her.

After Oliver kicked Rene off the team, Dinah stated that it was funny Oliver brought up the word ‘trust’… because she no longer trusted him. She then followed Rene, leaving Team Arrow. She then went on to meet Vincent, telling him she was in need of a friend she could trust.

So what is going to happen next with Dinah? She’s certainly given Black Siren a run for her money. I’m looking forward to seeing more face-off’s between the two of them.

Be sure to tune in on January 18th at 9PM EST – when Arrow returns from its winter hiatus!



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