‘Arrow’ Preview ‘Brotherhood’

Andy Diggle… is

We spent the past three years under
the impression that Andy
Diggle was dead; murdered by
Deadshot. Promotional
photos and previews reveal that we couldn’t have been
more wrong. Andy is in
alive, and something says that Andy’s death was not the only thing that

Damian Darhk has lied about. Diggle
has put his heart and life on the line for
Team Arrow, jeopardizing
everything to make sure that all of the
team members
come home safely; showing the true Soldier in him.

can certainly count
on the fact
that the team will do everything in their power to bring Andy back
home, and
take back what Darhk took from
Diggle. However, rescuing Andy will not
be easy, especially since he is
under the influence of Damian Darhk,
which means
that Darhk could probably have Andy executed at any point and
time… for real

reveal another peek
at Oliver’s campaign in his run
for mayor. We see
photos that include Thea, Felicity and Lance showing their
support for Laurel.
pictures also indicate that Damian Darhk is there, keeping an eye on

Oliver’s campaign. Damian mentioned that
he had ‘suspicions’ of who the Green
Arrow was. Does he know or have an idea
that Oliver is in fact, the

Every episode of Season 4 has been nothing short of
and they only get
better every time. Episode 7 titled “Brotherhood” looks as
though it will

“Brotherhood” airs Wednesday, November
18th at 8 PM on
The CW.

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