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Arrow ‘Broken Hearts’ Recap

Published on March 24th, 2016 | Updated on March 26th, 2016 | By FanFest

Our opening sequence re-
introduced one of our favorite, reoccurring
villains, Cupid. She was holding
a young couple hostage, pacing
around them and
singing a ballad. The young man begs Cupid to let them go.
Cupid makes a snarky
asking the bride how much she loves her groom. When she gives Cupid her

response of how much she loves her
husband, Cupid merely chuckles and says
‘Love is a bullet to the brain’
and she shoots them

Damien Darhk
is now on trial, and is up against Laurel and her
D.A team. The defense motions

to dismiss the case, presenting files that Damien Darhk’s real name is
‘Kenneth Bender’ and
not Damien Darhk. (Sneaky, Cunning Darhk!)
Laurel expresses her
anger at the judge’s ruling to move
the case to
preliminary hearing.

Felicity now has all of her boxes
packed, and she is
moving out
of Oliver’s penthouse. Oliver expresses how proud of Felicity she
coming along as far as she has with
her recovery. Even through this awkward
situation, I love how Stephen Amell
and Emily Bett Rickards still
have that
amazing on screen chemistry. They make the relationship between
characters, whether good
or bad, so believable. Felicity awkwardly comments how
she will ‘see Oliver
tonight’, implying that she
still wishes to be a part of
Team Arrow even though her and Oliver are no
longer together. Afterall, she was

a member of ‘Original Team Arrow’ even before she and Oliver were remotely

interested in each

Later on that night, Team Arrow returns from a
disappointing mission. H.I.V.E has been
quiet since Damien Darhk has been
imprisoned, and that’s no surprise.
They’re currently broken, now that
leader is in prison. Felicity breaks the news about how she and Oliver
are no
longer together. The
team seems genuinely concerned, but Felicity dismisses any
conversations, saying she doesn’t want
to talk about it. Diggle goes
to the other side of the team lair, and finds
Oliver. He has a brief heart to

heart with Oliver, asking him how he is dealing with it. I absolutely LOVE
Diggle/Oliver moments.
Even though they had their falling out last season, I’m
extremely happy and
touched that they never really
lost that brotherhood. Their
friendship has been to hell and back, and it is


Lance contacts Team Arrow, telling them that an old friend
back in town. Oliver
shows up to the scene, as The Green Arrow. Lance shows him
the signature
cupid’s arrow, along with the dead
celebrity couple. There is a
note that says ‘Love is Dead’ at the crime

Image: The

Diggle testifies against Darhk, saying that
kidnapped him, Felicity and Thea at
Oliver’s mayoral campaign party. The
defense retaliates, saying that he has
proof that Diggle committed a
activity himself, by assisting Oliver’s sister Thea in buying
$74,000 worth of


Felicity calls the team at the courthouse, saying she has a
on cupid’s location.
She has another celebrity couple hostage, and is on the
move. Thea, Diggle
and Oliver track her down. Oliver
chases Cupid into the
garage that she drives the couple into and briefly
faces off to her in a small

battle of hand to hand combat. Oliver rescues the couple, but Cupid


Lance visits Laurel
while she is still at work, desperate to
figure out a solution to the Damien
Darhk case. Lance tells Laurel
to put him on
the stand, to testify against Darhk. Laurel is extremely
hesitant at first, but
eventually convinces her to allow him testify.

After Team Arrow

tracks down the location of cupid’s
lair, Oliver sees that he and Felicity were
on Cupid’s hit list. Oliver
goes back to the Arrow cave and
tells Felicity that
they ‘have to get married’ in order to catch Cupid.
The team agrees, saying
that it
is the best change they have at catching Cupid since she keeps slipping

through the fingers at every other
opportunity where they tried to catch

Lance takes the stand
against Damien Darhk, and confesses
what he
did for Darhk. Everything. He concludes that he did everything he
did for Darhk,
because Darhk
told Lance that he would kill Laurel if Lance did not cooperate.
The entire
time Lance gave his testimony,
Damien had a wicked smirk on his face.
The defense attempted to turn
Lance’s testimony back on him, but
terribly. (whoo!)

Oliver and Felicity staged their wedding,
and I have to
say that Felicity
looked absolutely beautiful. Emily looked stunning in the
wedding dress.
Oliver’s reaction when he saw her
walk into the hall nearly
brought tears to my eyes, and the tears finally
made their way down my face when

Oliver wrote his own personalized vows to Felicity. He talked about how when
first met her, he had a
plan. He was in darkness and because of Felicity’s
kindness, generosity,
trust and wit; she brought him into
the light. She was the
light in his life. Before Felicity could respond,
Cupid appeared and she made a

sassy comment about how ‘Love is Death’. She even shot Oliver in the
and turned her attention to

Image: The

Felicity exchanges a few words with Cupid,
about how she
found love even when she thought
it was impossible. Cupid tells
Felicity that she ‘really knows how to make
a girl believe in love again’.

Oliver stands up, telling Cupid that he was wearing Kevlar body armour under
tux. Thea and Diggle
appear, and the team successfully captures Cupid. After the
police arrest
Cupid and bring her out, Cupid
thanks Felicity for giving her

Back in the court-room, the
judge says that there is little

forensic evidence to convict Damien Darhk. However, because of Detective

Lance’s testimony, she has
decided to move to trial for conviction. Damien will
have no bail, and no
change of release. The IEB suspends
Lance, pending an
investigation. Although his testimony has Darhk on the
brink of conviction, the
still insists on doing a full investigation. I really hope that they allow

him to come back to the force, and
realize how important his family is to him,
and that he meant no harm to

Felicity meets Oliver
in the Arrow
cave, and tells him that there is no fixing them and that they
have to let each
other go. It
looks as though she is, temporarily, leaving Team Arrow. That’s
how it
appears, at least. This absolutely
breaks my heart. I love Felicity and I
love what she does for the team. I’m
really hoping that sometime
within the
next week (well… for us at least, when the next episode is on)
changes her

Oliver: I don’t want to
let you

Felicity: I don’t want
to let you go. But I’m already

Arrow, Broken Hearts

guards escort Damien
Darhk to
his prison cell. After the guards leave, Damien opens his lips and
spits out
his wedding ring. He slides the
ring back on his finger, inhales the
prison air deeply, and then stares into
the camera and smirks. The scene
out. (Super chills).


Oliver, Tianna and Reiter’s
men explore the cavern
that Oliver helped discover.
Reiter tells Tianna and
Oliver a brief story about how his entire village
was destroyed when he was

younger, and he had never felt so helpless in his life. He refuses to be
helpless again. They
discover an artifact, sitting at the opening in the cavern.
Reiter kills one
of his own men, and the artifact
absorbs the dead man’s spirit
and then begins to glow.

Oliver and Tianna

knock out some of Reiter’s men, and run off with the artifact. Reiter
radios to
Oliver, telling him that
the only way out of the cavern, is to pass back the way
they came and face
off Reiter. Tianna attempts to
smash the artifact on the
ground to destroy it, but she is unsuccessful. The
flashback piece ends with

Tianna and Oliver taking out two more of Reiter’s men, and they steal their


A Few

I highly enjoyed seeing

Cupid once more, I feel as though she is quite the quirky and entertaining

villain. Not to mention her
costume and her hair, I love it.

I really
enjoyed the plot of this
episode. It was nice
to get away from the whole, HIVE plan for an episode.
Don’t get me wrong, I am
interested in finding out what HIVE is really up to, but I highly enjoy

these side stories. Tonight’s
episode was very, very touching. I love the
exchanges between Laurel and
Captain Lance. Their relationship
reminds me of the
relationship that I have with my father. I also loved the
brief brotherly
moments that
we saw with Oliver and Diggle in this episode, and I hope that
there are
more of those to come. Diggle and
Oliver have been in it together
since the beginning, and I absolutely admire
how their friendship (or

brotherhood I should say) has survived so many ups and downs.

What to expect

Well, I really want to know what
Darhk has up his sleeve. He
seems way too confident for a
near convicted man. Perhaps next

episode we will get to see what is going on inside Darhk’s brain. That, and

what is Malcolm Merlyn up to
right now? Since Thea called him out on kidnapping
William, he seems to have
disappeared. Hmm… certainly
something to look
forward to!

‘Broken Hearts’ was an

amazing episode! Kudos to the cast, crew and writers of the episode! 🙂

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