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Armageddon: Movie Trends on Social Media as NASA Launches a Rocket at an Asteroid

Published on November 24th, 2021 | Updated on November 24th, 2021 | By FanFest

One of the greatest things about Michael Bay’s Armageddon is the audio commentary on the home video release, thanks largely to Ben Affleck.

The actor positively tears the movie to shreds, and reveals that when he asked his director why they didn’t just train astronauts to drill instead of the other way around, which would have taken much less time and effort, he was promptly told to “shut the f*ck up”.

The sci-fi disaster blockbuster has hardly been renowned for its scientific accuracy, but that didn’t stop Armageddon from trending after NASA launched its first test mission to redirect a non-threatening asteroid. Inevitably, Elon Musk’s SpaceX are at the forefront of what’s been dubbed a ‘planetary defense mission’.

NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test has been described as ‘the world’s first full-scale planetary defense test, demonstrating one method of asteroid deflection technology’. Naturally, the internet has been having a field day offering up comparison’s to the 1998 smash hit.

While we haven’t been able to confirm if there was any mention of Aerosmith power ballads, space dementia or Animal Crackers, it might encourage fans to check out Armageddon again. Sure, it’s absolute nonsense that rarely makes a lick of sense, but it’s got a hell of an ensemble cast and provides a ton of pyrotechnic entertainment.

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