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Armageddon Is The Next Big Flash Event! The Next Big Arrowverse Event! And It’s Bringing Back Some Favorites!

Published on August 25th, 2021 | Updated on August 28th, 2021 | By FanFest

The Arrowverse is known for doing huge crossovers pretty much every year that this point. Fans look forward to these events every year and were looking forward to last year. Few details were known, other than it would highlight Superman And Lois as well as the new Batwoman. Unfortunately, the pandemic forced the crossover to be canceled. The CW is making up for it this year though, with a new event called Armageddon.

Armageddon is going to be a five-episode event for The Flash and the best part is that it’s bringing back a bunch of Arrowverse characters! We’re talking characters we haven’t seen in forever, like Arrow alums! And others whose shows have already ended, such as Black Lightning!

Armageddon will start on November 16 and the heroes will be going head to head with the Reverse Flash and Damien Dark. Even though these two villains are confirmed to appear there is also something about aliens and time travel.

Time travel is practically a given once you consider the fact that some of these characters can only appear with the help of time travel. I’m speaking of course about Mia Queen, Oliver’s daughter from the future.

Brandon Routh, Cress Williams, Kat McNamara, and Osric Chau will be appearing as The Atom, Black Lightning, Green Arrow and Ryan Choi respectively. Routh left Legends Of Tomorrow previously, Williams’ show, Black Lightning, ended. We haven’t seen McNamara since Arrow ended and likewise for Chau since Crisis On Infinite Earths.

Eric Wallace had this to say in a statement about the upcoming event “Simply put, these are going to be some of the most emotional Flash episodes ever. Plus, there are some truly epic moments and huge surprises that await our fans. And we’re doing them on a scale that’s bigger and bolder than our traditional Flash episodes. So yes, ‘Armageddon’ is a lot more than just another graphic novel storyline. It’s going to be a true event for Flash and Arrowverse fans, old and new. Honestly, I can’t wait for audiences to see what we’ve got planned.”

Finally, here is the official synopsis for Armageddon:

A powerful alien threat arrives on Earth under mysterious circumstances and Barry (Grant Gustin), Iris (Candice Patton) and the rest of Team Flash are pushed to their limits in a desperate battle to save the world. But with time running out, and the fate of humanity at stake, Flash and his companions will also need to enlist the help of some old friends if the forces of good are to prevail.

Guess we have something to look forward to!

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