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Ariana Grande Releases ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’ Cover from One Love Manchester

Published on June 8th, 2017 | Updated on June 8th, 2017 | By FanFest

Kevin Mazur/One Love Manchester

When Ariana Grande’s Manchester concert became the location of a terrorist attack, she could have easily thrown in the towel. 22 innocent lives were taken and over 100 were injured and the world reacted with fear and sorrow, but also with love and support. Ariana’s next move was all on her own accord, and fans vowed to support her either way.

What she did first was retreated home to be with her family, what she did second was proof that she’s an angel on earth. She put together a benefit concert where all proceeds went to the victims, the survivors, and their families. Some of the biggest names in music were in attendance and the love could be felt around the world as they got on stage to speak to the audience, full of people at Ariana’s Manchester show, and other fans who came to show support, and spoke of their bravery and reminded us all that love wins.

Ariana closed out the show with a special song that brought us all to tears and left us speechless.

Her stunning rendition of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ was an ode to every beautiful soul who was taken during the attack in Manchester and she was extremely emotional while singing the song. At one point, she held back tears while the audience sang along for her and cheered her on with praise and support.

The performance can be found on YouTube and has also been released so you can listen to the tune. It’s on One Love Manchester Live’s playlist on Spotify with some of the other songs that were performed on stage that night.

The playlist is extremely emotional but it’s a beautiful sign that hate and fear won’t win, and right now, that’s a feeling that we could all use a little more of.

Did you hear Ariana’s version of ‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’ yet? Let us know what you think of the song.

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