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ARE YOU READY?? April 8th…Open Registration for San Diego Comic Con

Published on March 28th, 2017 | Updated on March 28th, 2017 | By FanFest

I hope you all have your Member IDs made, because Open Registration for San Diego Comic Con 2017 is coming…and soon! April 8th at 9 am PDT is the big date  and time for all of you to sit in front of your computer or computers, if you have multiple IDs, and pray that you are one of the 6% that will actually get through and be able to purchase an badge.

Open registration is just that…Open to the public. So if you have always wanted to attend SDCC and never have, here’s your chance. The main topics about purchasing a SDCC badge are as follows:


As stated before, SDCC Open Registration is open to general public, as well as those who participated in the pre-registration sale but did not purchase a preview night option. To find out if you are eligible, log-in to your Member ID account and select the “registration info” tab. It should let you know in the top right hand corner of the page with a green checkmark in front of it. If you created your Member ID prior to March 24th, you should be okay. Not all eligible members will be able to purchase badges due to there only being a limited number of available badges.

Badge Prices:

All your kiddos 12 and under get in free with each paying adult badge. For more information regarding child badges, click here. Juniors 13-17 years old pay the junior prices. Active duty military, with ID and Seniors also pay the same price.

Badge Purchases:

**Preview night is not available unless you purchase a 4-day badge (Thursday-Sunday). It is not a stand-alone option. You may purchase a badge/badges for up to 3 people (with Member IDs) MAX, including yourself. All members must also be eligible to attend SDCC 2017. You will need each member’s Member ID and last name.

Comic Con International accepts only Visa, MasterCard and American Express. They do accept debit cards with the appropriate Visa/MasterCard logo. If you are able to purchase badges, you may only used ONE card to make full purchase. PayPal is not accepted.

Registration Codes:

A registration code that is unique to you will be sent out, via email, 48 hours prior to the sale date. It will also be available in your Member ID account under the registration info tab. Have it on-hand on the day of the sale…TRUST ME. The last thing you need is to be trying to log in and then can’t find the code or have to go searching for it. Personally? As soon as I receive it, I print it out and put it with my laptop. Text it to your phone. Just be ready!

Your code will be what gets you in to the Expo Logic waiting room. It is good for only ONE device (computer or laptop) and ONE browser. If you try to use multiple browsers for different codes, it will confuse the system and you run the risk of not getting badges. Be safe…If you have different codes (more than one member in your household), USE A SEPARATE COMPUTER OR LAPTOP FOR EACH!

Computer settings and browsers:

For best results, you should use the following web browsers:

Firefox: Any version
Google Chrome: Any version
Internet Explorer: Version 8 or later
Safari: Any version
Microsoft EDGE: Any version
Make sure you enable cookies and have JavaScript. The Expo Logic waiting room is not formatted to work with smartphones, tablets and/or IPads. People have, in the past, used phones to purchase badges but it is not recommended or reliable. BE SAFE…USE A COMPUTER OR LAPTOP!!!

Expo Logic Waiting Room:

On sale date…have your registration code ready and laptop or computer securely plugged in. The ‘landing page’ will open at 8 am PDT. At this time you will be able to log in using your registration code. Once in, all you have to do is wait…and wait…wait some more…did I mention that you will be waiting? Remember, you have between 8 am  and 9 am PDT to log in. Being early does not give you any greater advantage.

Make sure you are logged in BEFORE 9 am PDT. No one will be allowed in after that time. If you are logged in before 9 am and happen to get kicked out or lose connection for whatever reason, you can log back in using the same registration code used before. DO NOT REFRESH YOUR BROWSER!!!!!!!!! The page will refresh automatically every minute and a half. Just let that blue circle turn to it’s heart’s desire!

After 9 am, everyone is sorted into groups and the system will begin moving those groups into random waiting rooms. Here is the time when you will do SOME MORE WAITING. If by some miracle, you are chosen and put into a registration session, you will need to imput your Member ID, your last name and the days you wish to attend (depending on what is still available). It will also ask you to choose how many people you are purchasing badges for, either 1, 2, or 3. If purchasing for others, you will also need each person’s Member ID and their last names. After you make your selections, you will be prompted to complete your purchase. **You will have only 15 minutes to complete the entire transaction.

So, there you have it. The basic information you will need to know in order for your experience to go smoothly. To summarize the MOST important points and what has worked for me for the past 3 years:

  • Print out registration code and have it handy.
  • Use separate laptops and computers for EACH code.
  • Have your Member ID and LAST NAME as well as the Member IDs and LAST NAMES of people you are buying for, written down. I usually write it down on the email with the code that I printed out.
  • Have your credit/Debit card out and ready.
  • Make sure you have money to cover purchase for yourself and others, if buying for others.
  • Be patient
  • Join buying groups on social media to better your odds. the people in them all have a common goal. To go to SDCC. Sometimes people have an extra spot to buy badges. The more people that you have helping you and vice versa, the better your odds. And it’s good Karma!
  • Pray to the Comic Con Gods!! Rub your rabbit’s foot!! Wear your lucky socks and underwear!! Sacrifice a virgin!! There is only a 6% chance but it is still doable.
  • BREATHE!!!!

Good Luck guys! May the force be with you and May the odds be ever in your favor!!!

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