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Aquaman: Jason Momoa Is Making It Sexy! Lathers With Sanitizer!

Published on July 9th, 2021 | Updated on July 9th, 2021 | By FanFest

Jason Momoa is known for many things. He’s Aquaman, he used to be Khal Drogo. A lot of people also think the Aquaman star is incredibly attractive with an incredible body. Look, I’m not into men, but have you seen Jason Momoa? Now, Jason Momoa is making it sexy! He lathers himself up with Sanitizer on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

While speaking with Anthony Anderson, Momoa took his shirt off and covered himself with sanitizer, and rubbed it all over his body! Then, the king of Atlantis cracked open a can using nothing but his bicep. Jesus Christ.

The crowd loves him, as he indulges in all the shenanigans asked of him. When asked to remove his shirt, Momoa didn’t even flinch. Then again, if I looked like that, I probably wouldn’t flinch either, so I don’t blame him.

Production on Aquaman 2 just recently started, and the star is incredibly excited to get back to it. At the very least, that’s the impression he put out when he discussed it recently on The Drew Barrymore Show.

After we ended the first one I went in with my writing partner and we dreamed up the second one and we went in and pitched the idea. The best thing I can give you is that I love it so much that I participated in the writing of it. And so, we did the first treatment and then James and our original writer David [Leslie Johnson-McGoldrick] finished it off. And all of our hearts are in it. Instead of just like getting a script and doing that, you are 100% being encouraged by your director and co-writers. So that’s exciting for me and I’m excited to go over there. I leave in July and we start filming.”

That’s right! Momoa actually helped write the film himself! He came up with some of the ideas we’ll see on screen when Aquaman 2 hits theatres! What did you think of Jason Momoa making it sexy? Let us know in the comments!


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