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Aquaman 2: Emilia Clarke Reportedly to Replace Amber Heard for an On-Screen Reunion with Jason Mamoa

Published on November 12th, 2020 | Updated on November 12th, 2020 | By FanFest

Amid these controversial developments between Johnny Depp and Amber Heard, fans are petitioning to have Amber Heard fired from Aquaman 2.  The wish of the internet is to have Emlia Clarke reunite on screen with Jason Mamoa, replacing Heard for the second film.  According to our sources, fans may just see this wish come true.

This all stems from a lawsuit involving Heard, Johnny Depp, and a tabloid. Despite all of the evidence against Heard in her case with Depp, the UK court ruled in her favor. This was a terrible look for Depp, which puts a label on him as an allegedly abusive spouse (again, despite most of the evidence).

Warner Bros announced that they will be recasting Grindelwald in the Fantastic Beasts film series without any announcement about Heard’s participation in Aquaman 2. At the moment, it appears that Heard will reprise her role as Mera in Aquaman 2.  However, from our sources, we are hearing that she may be fired. We are also hearing that Emilia Clark may be either cast as Mera OR be given another female lead part as a new character but carry on the same story that was intended for Mera.

The phenomenal Boss Logic is ahead of everyone with this rumor, putting together an image of Clarke as Mera.

It’s unclear if and when Warner Bros is going to pull the trigger on this move to fire Heard and hire Clarke, but we’re hearing that it’s close and it’s going to come down to what it always does: money.  However, another consideration for Warner Bros is whether or not Warner Bros can look good from a PR perspective in making the move, as they’ve taken a significant hit with firing Johnny Depp.

The internet is extremely vocal and demanding that she also resign. In fact, a petition has now reached nearly one million signatures. Will this all create the perfect storm and result in Warner Bros making a change that sees Heard depart and Clarke take over? We’ll just have to wait and see!

What are your thoughts on all of the news with Heard, Depp, and Clarke? Let us know in the comments below!

Meanwhile, take a look at the petition to fire Heard and read why they’re doing it.

Here’s what the person who posted the petition is saying:

Amber Heard has been exposed as a domestic abuser by Johnny Depp. In his $50 million lawsuit, Johnny Depp describes many incidents of domestic abuse that he suffered at the hands of his (then) wife Amber Heard, including one incident where she punched him twice in the face and another where she shattered his finger with a vodka bottle, and his finger had to be surgically reattached. He will bear the scar from that for the rest of his life.

Also, Amber Heard was arrested in 2009 for abusing a former domestic partner, Tasya Van Ree, demonstrating a repeated pattern of abuse by Amber Heard.

Since Heard’s divorce from Johnny Depp, she has systematically crusaded to ruin Depp in Hollywood, repeating multiple accounts of fake incidents in which she had actually abused Johnny Depp, but lied and created false accounts of him being the abuser. About the incident during which she shattered the bones in Johnny Depp’s finger and nearly severed it, causing Depp to require surgery to reattach and repair it, Heard presented a false story claiming that he cut off his finger himself, dipped it in paint and scrawled obscenities all over the walls.

Likewise, Heard recounts fabricated incidents of Johnny Depp hitting her in the face when she had, in fact, punched him. Though staff and neighbors in the building where she lived reported seeing no marks on her face in the hours and days after she says Johnny Depp hit her, yet she appeared in court six (6) days later with bruises on her face, asking for a temporary restraining order, which was granted. Photos of Heard from the very next day show her full face, without makeup, and not a single bruise.

As Amber Heard is a known and proven domestic abuser, Warner Brothers and DC Entertainment should and must remove Heard from their Aquaman 2 film project. They must not ignore the suffering of Heard’s victims, and must not glamorize a domestic abuser.

Men are victims of domestic abuse, just like women. This must be recognized, and action must be taken to prevent a known abuser from being celebrated within the entertainment industry.

Do the right thing. Remove Amber Heard from Aquaman 2.

There’s a lot of upheaval on the internet too. Here’s a few select tweets from fans of Depp!

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13 thoughts on “Aquaman 2: Emilia Clarke Reportedly to Replace Amber Heard for an On-Screen Reunion with Jason Mamoa

  1. Fired Amber Heard she’s an abuser & full of sh*t. She doesn’t deserve to continue her career in Hollywood. She’s a conniving liar. Johnny Depp needs justice. This isn’t fair!

  2. Save Johnny Depp this is ridiculous , they both drank got rowdy and she toys to blame it on him ?? No way two to tango . Fire her

  3. Omg, all this fake news. She’s not being casted out of the movie at all. Filming starts in 2021 and she’s super excited stating to the press that is fans don’t dictate what happens in Hollywood when it comes to big name actors. No matter how hard we petition, they are not breaking her contract and paying her out. She’s casted to play her role and that’s the way it’s staying sadly. Nothing will be done until Johnny appeals the court’s decision, if he can do that and prove his innocence to that court again then maybe we have a chance of her being casted out but until then, Hollywood has no intention on switching who plays her role. It will be Amber playing the role when filming starts in 2021

  4. Domestic abuser, liar and her unprofessionalism is degrading to the industry. She had proven to cheat and manipulate her way into the entertainment business. Why destroy one career with no real justification other than her word when all the hard evidence is of her brutality. Do the right thing and remove her from this role or else you’ll loose your viewers more than ever.

  5. If you let Johnny drop go you must do the same with Amber heard as well both abused each other evidence proves this she to is an abuser and must go as well

  6. I really hope Warner Bros fires Amber Heard, we can’t support and protect an abusive perverse narcissist like her. It isn’t the first time that she has abused someone (she was arrested in 2009 for assaulting her girlfriend) and -if she is not arrested now- it certainly won’t be the last time she does it and gets away with it.
    Did Warner, L’Oréal, “metoo” and the ACLU wait for her to kill someone, to apologize for endorsing an abusive woman?

  7. she should be replaced get her out she’s an abusive woman #justiceforjohnnydepp i will not watch aquaman 2 if shes still in it. it will be a shame for all the other actors in the film because people will be boycotting the film and they will lose money all because they let an abuser be in the film. johnny depp is an amazing actor and should get his job back

  8. Love love love famtastic beasts and aquaman … will i watch fantastic beasts without Depp … the simple answer is no … all the evidence shows they had a volatile relationship and she instigated the arguments … his ex’s winona ryder and vanessa paradis both testified that the behaviour amber heard alleged was totally out of character and he had never ever ever been abusive to either of them. So for over 50 years not a bad word against him but because his proven to be abusive ex wife has vendetta against him he gets fired!!! Where is the justice?? Amber heard is so full of herself she is even petitioning for a bigger role in aquaman 2 and is declaring she wont get fired …. says it all that she thinks she is beyond reproach and too amazing to face consequences for her actions. Warner bros should be ashamed of themselves for taking sides!! So 2 films off my watch list as i will not see either if Depp goes and Heard stays!!! Warner Bros either treat them equally and fire them both or keep them both … simple !!

  9. Yes!! Kick the crazy to the curb. She is not telling the truth. If he was that bad there would be a past trail of it. There isn’t one. Emily C will be better and we all want to see her with Jason on the screen again!!

  10. Depp fans are like Trump voters at this point and frankly it’s scary. All the evidence and TWO court rulings say Depp was the abuser and all his alleged evidence is bullshit. Depp claims he’s had all this evidence since before the divorce proceedings but never introduced any of it. He admitted on record in divorce court that ALL of Amber’s allegations were true. Meanwhile the libel case judge reviewed all of Depp’s alleged evidence, (including that fishy recording where he talks like he’s in a 40s swashbuckler movie and the woman who’s supposed to be Amber doesn’t sound that much like Amber), wasn’t credible. So TWO courts have concluded Depp was guilty, and the libel.court exonerated Heard.

    Now, if the evidence against Heard had held up, I’d happily hold her accountable. But even if it had it would NIT IN ANY WAY ABSOLVE DEPP. Because he admitted his guilt on public record before changing his story 2 years later when he suddenly remembered he had all that evidence he pulled out of his ass. If his evidence had held up, all it would have meant is that they’d BOTH be shitbags.

    But it didn’t. And just like Trump voters still desperately spouting bullshit conspiracy theories about widespread voter fraud and insisting he won, Depp fans refuse to accept the actual facts because they cannot accept that their hero is a wife beating piece of shit. It reminds me of how many women defended Chris Brown after he beat Rhianna. And it’s both sad and frankly terrifying.

    The facts condemn Depp and absolve Heard. End of story. It’s far past time people accept it.

  11. i stand with johnny deepshe saied she was going to bring him down one way are the other so there..she a lier in everyway,i love jhonnt depp and belave him.look at what happen to Danny Master its time the gold digger go hard like thay did .


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