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Appreciating the Hershel Scene in Rick’s Last Episode of ‘The Walking Dead’

Published on November 5th, 2018 | Updated on November 5th, 2018 | By FanFest

Rick Grimes said his final goodbyes to many of the characters we know well on The Walking Dead series this weekend.

During the episode, he moved in and out of consciousness as he tries to fled a giant herd of walkers while gravely injured. He flashed back to various scenes from past seasons, including Shane Walsh (Jon Bernthal) and Sasha (Sonequa Martin-Green). One scene was particularly moving, though.

At one point in the episode, Rick slips out of consciousness and finds himself back at Hershel’s farm. Hershel Green was played by Scott Wilson, who passed away in October.

During the scene, we find Rick and Hershel at the top of Hershel’s barn, looking out across the beautiful Georgia plains at a a peaceful orange and purple sunset similar to the ones the group probably saw back at the farm but were too fresh into the apocalypse to appreciate.

Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

We first see Hershel smiling a bright smile, “Hey Rick.”

Rick says, “This place, it’s beautiful,”

Hershel, dressed in his classic eggshell colored shirt and dark suspenders responds, “It is something, isn’t it?”

Rick hugs Hershel tightly, “I’m so sorry for what happened to you, to Beth, and Glenn. For everything Maggie’s lost. Maybe if I tried harder, done things different, listened more…”

Hershel comforts him,

“My girl, she’s strong, and my grandson, he’ll only make her stronger, you ain’t gotta worry about her.”

Rick tells Hershel, as he told Shane earlier, “I need to find my family, I need to keep them together.”

Hershel challenges him, “No you don’t, you only think you do. I know it’s been hard.”

Rick tiredly responds, “It has. What you wanted from me for Carl, it hasn’t been easy. We’ve been trying…”

Hershel tries to comfort Rick again, “But we’ll get there, all of us.”

Finally, Rick admits something totally justified, “I’m tired, Hershel, my family, maybe I can find them here?”

“No, Rick, you have to wake up.” Hershel finally says.

The scene may have been the one that made fans cry the most, as Wilson’s death was so recent. It was tragically beautiful that the last scene the experienced actor of 51 years ever filmed was one of him comforting Rick Grimes.

Jackson Lee Davis/AMC

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