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Apple Hires Meta’s AR Communications Lead Andrea Schubert

Apple recently announced that they have hired Andrea Schubert, a 3D animator, and virtual reality expert. This move by Apple is causing much speculation due to the fact that Apple has not been known for its interest in this type of technology before. The Apple brand has been very well-known for its apple computers and Apple devices such as Apple watches and Apple iPhones, but Apple has never been known to be interested in virtual reality. Apple was originally rumored to have an interest in the Metaverse because of their Apple watch, which is a device that can track biometric data on its wearer. However, Apple does not currently have any products that are similar to the Metaverse.

The Apple Metaverse is not expected to be used in the same way as Facebook’s Metaverse, which is known for its virtual reality gameplay and socializing with your friends in a virtual environment. Apple’s Metaverse will likely be used with Apple devices such as Apple TVs and Apple computers and will also offer 3D animation and virtual reality apple products. In Apple’s statement, Apple said that Apple has “the strongest project in virtual and augmented reality.”

In apple’s 2016 second-quarter earnings call, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that Apple is looking to create “great mobile tools” for users that would allow them to express themselves, share experiences with other Apple users, and interact with Apple devices. Tim cook continued by saying, “I do believe the Apple Watch is a transformative device. I think it changes everything.” The Apple Metaverse will likely be Apple’s way of going about bringing that statement to life.

Apple has already been exploring other ways to connect Apple devices together as Apple TV was developed to allow apple users to stream Apple content from their apple devices directly to Apple TVs. However, Apple Metaverse will likely be even more closely connected than Apple TV because Apple Metaverse will be used by apple itself rather than just being a product that Apple sells for other companies.

“We are very interested in AR and VR.” – apple CEO Tim Cook.

The apple Metaverse will likely be Apple’s response to Facebook‘s Metaverse, which is expected to include a virtual reality social networking platform that could potentially compete with Apple devices such as Apple TVs and Apple computers that apple would use for their Apple Metaverse. However, Apple has been very secretive about what exactly they have.

Although Apple has no product to show, they have revealed enough information that there are some very good assumptions possible to make about the plans Apple has for augmented reality and virtual reality devices. It can be expected apple meta will offer apple VR and apple AR headsets in 2020.

In the Apple keynote from October 2017 apple meta announced plans to “give Apple users access to a beautiful, immersive VR experience” in 2018. This is very vague information that gives no further insight into what Apple has planned for their Apple VR headsets. Apple is also rumored to be working with Valve Corp., a company that creates video games for computers.

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