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‘Anthem’ Gameplay Video Walkthrough Shows Giant Boss Battle

Published on July 6th, 2018 | Updated on July 6th, 2018 | By FanFest

Anthem, by BioWare, was the talk of the town at Electronic Arts’ EA Play 2018 in June.

They gave us a chance to be in a colorful and dangerous world which we are eager to fully explore in February 2019. The clip at EA Play 2018 was that of an enormous insect boss, but we get a chance to see the incredible yet horrifying creature in action, through a new gameplay video.

Caution: if you hate spiders, this is not the video for you!

The video follows four freelancers on the mission “Scars and Villainy” and it begins in a mobile base of operations called the “Strider”. In the Strider, player can customize their appearance and skills, which means there will be less downtime during objectives.

Once a player jumps into the “Colossus” Javelin suit, they are able to invite teammates, guildmates, or other players to join their exploits. After this, they select a mission from an overworld map, and thus exit the Strider. On their way into a nearby cave system, shots are fired and the enemies, “Scars”, are left to die. It is here where we can see the loot system which rewards players with weapons left behind by their opponent, just like in The Division or Destiny 2.


The four Freelancers move on, deeper into the stronghold. They proceed to attack insect eggs with grenade launcher rounds and a flamethrower, after which they are dropped off in a huge underground arena called the hive. This is where they fight against the Swarm Tyrant boss on the ground giving players a chance to finish her, but she gets away and sends in reinforcement. After that, we are left in suspense.


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as seen on promo graphic