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Anime To Watch In 2019

Published on January 29th, 2019 | Updated on January 29th, 2019 | By FanFest

I’m a huge anime fan and I have been for around 4 years now. My friends introduced me to Attack on Titan one evening and then it took over. Binge after binge. Since I’m writing for Fanfest, I thought I would try and write some pieces on anime since there don’t seem to be many, and as a growing fandom it would be nice to see what other anime fans have to say, particularly when it comes to recommendations- the list never seems to end.

Today, I just wanted to go through some pf the latest anime series that I believe people should watch in 2019. Originally I wanted to make a list for beginners who weren’t sure where to go but then I realised that there is so much anime out there, condensing it into a small list would have been incredibly difficult. If you’ve ever been curious about the wide and crazy world of anime, perhaps this list could serve as an introduction into some of the various shows out there

So, here we are. This list will contain shows that started in 2018, shows that have only just started and anime that is coming soon in 2019. Feel free to give some of these a go, I’ve absolutely loved them all and I cannot wait to see where they go!

That Time I Got Reincarnated As A Slime– Not your typical fantasy story, especially since the main protagonist is in fact a slime called Rimuru… but there is so much to love! We get to meet some really cool characters ranging from Dragons, Goblins, awesome Dire wolves, Ogres, Dwarves, and Lizardmen. What’s great is that some of these characters aren’t quite what you’d expect, especially the Ogres. In addition to great characters, the series is also very funny and brilliantly animated with some amazing action scenes that involve conjuring fire, lightning bolts, and lots of explosions. Just as a little synopsis- Satoru Mikami is killed and reincarnated as a slime called Rimuru with some super cool abilities. As an almighty slime whose power levels would surprise even the most powerful Demon Lord, Rimuru embarks on a journey to understand the world he has been sent to and encounters many different races and obstacles along the way. Currently, 17 episodes have been released but there are still many more to go, and I would hope a second season is announced shortly considering its popularity.

The Promised Neverland– This one has just started and what a start it was! The first episode was amazing! I can’t really say much since I don’t want to spoil it but I will say that it’s about an orphanage. The first episode was beautifully animated and provided some shocking moments that I never saw coming. Other episodes have done a fantastic job building up hope, which these characters desperately need, before stripping it away with incredibly tense and unsettling scenes. The show is also supported by a great group of characters, which only makes this show more nerve-racking to watch, as well as a brilliant soundtrack that somehow heightens the feelings of both fear and hope. Go in blind if you can, don’t read up on it. Watch the first episode and see what you think. You won’t regret it… well, you might. So far, 3 episodes have been released.

Image via Crunchyroll

Sword Art Online: AlicizationSword Art Online has always had a rocky history. But I can see it slowly redeeming itself, not only with Alicization but with it’s predecessor, Alternative Gun Gale OnlineAlicization takes SAO in a whole new direction. Visually it is stunning. Previous arcs have always struggled with slightly clunky animation and confusing fight scenes but Alicization… wow. You get clarity and fluidity. While the animation has taken a massive leap forward, it appears the story has as well. We’re just over halfway through and it’s still hard to predict where it will go and where it can go in the future. This new arc follows Kirito as he experiences life in a new virtual world that is intended to boost the development of Artificial Intelligence. If the later arcs of SAO left a sour taste in your mouth, perhaps Alicization may change your mind. With the introduction of some really interesting characters, as well as considerably darker tones, beautiful animation, and a story that is constantly adding new surprises and a very deep lore, Alicization takes SAO to a whole new level.

Mob Psycho 100 Season 2– The first season of Mob Psycho was just fantastic. By the same studio that animated One Punch ManMob is a visually stunning and hilarious show about an esper who is trying to find his way. With the help of his master, who is a self-acclaimed psychic, Mob learns to control his powers and his emotions. The second season kicked off to an amazing start with an awesome episode that had a lot of heart in it that is sure to grab the attention of many viewers. It’s fun, it’s wacky, and even sometimes scary but you can guarantee the season will continue to amaze with each new episode. If you love crazy animation, lovable characters, and super powers then Mob Psycho is for you. Season 1 has 12 episodes that are all available to watch on Crunchyroll, and episode 4 of season 2 is out now.

Attack on Titan Season 3.2– Where to start with Attack on Titan. Season 2, in my opinion offered some of the greatest material I have seen in quite a while, it was truly gripping. Despite the manga taking some very weird turns, season 3 kicked off with a bang for sure. While it dealt with more political themes, the first half was still dramatic and epic, particularly when Levi and Kenny crossed blades. The second half… what can I say? The battle of Shinganshina District will hopefully take Attack on Titan to a whole new level. If you’ve read the manga, you know what’s coming. If you saw the little tease, then you’ve got a snippet of what is to come. It should be glorious. However, we do have to wait until April. But I’m hoping it will be worth the wait.

My Hero Academia: Season 4– Unfortunately we have to wait until October for Season 4. As someone who is reading the manga, I can only say that we are due some amazing things in Season 4. Season 3 was probably my favourite, it had everything in it. Spectacular fights, character development, inspirational scenes and some hilarious moments. It’s hard to tell whether Season 4 will top it in terms of spectacle but after reading the manga, I think Season 4 will do things that Season 3 didn’t… and that’s very exciting. In the new season, we will probably see Midoriya take One For All to the next level, as he gains a better understanding of his overwhelming power and learns more about All Might’s past. I will say that we should also see Kirishima take the spotlight for a while, as his arc is absolutely brilliant.

Image via Kohei Horikoshi/Twitter

There is a lot of anime out there, and I would love to hear some of your recommendations… it’s not like I have a long list of things to watch already… Let me know in the comments what you’ve been watching this year and what you are looking forward to the most!


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