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‘Animal Kingdom’ Recap “Cry Havoc”

Published on July 12th, 2017 | Updated on July 12th, 2017 | By FanFest

The police haven’t arrested any of the Cody boys in connection with the megachurch robbery yet. But Baz is harassed for the disappearance of Catherine. Smurf decides to pay Javier the $300,000. She says “they owe it to him”. Pope wants to hold onto Amy. Nicky starts sniffing around Josh again. And Craig gets a job – no, a real job – but it’s only to pull another job.

Smurf meets with Jake, who we met in the desert. He was attacked by Javier and his gang. He wants Smurf to give them the money. Javier’s crazy enough to kill them all. Smurf takes Josh to the storage unit to grab her rainy day money. Will Josh eventually tell his uncles about the storage unit?

Nicky bails Craig out of jail. Will she continue to play the role of mom for him? Or will she wise up and go back to Josh? Craig isn’t thrilled at Nicky’s insistence that he grow up. He’s still more intent on the thrill of the game.

Smurf jokes about the church job, asking if the boys will hit a soup kitchen next. She declines the cut that Baz promised her, telling him to give it to charity.

Amy is questioned by the police during the robbery investigation. It turns out she has a shoplifting record in addition to the DUI. Pope assures her it will be fine.

Pope confides in Baz that Amy is his girlfriend and that he wants to join the church. Baz tells him he’s stupid for getting involved. Will Baz ruin this for Pope? Will Pope go on the straight and narrow after this?

Deran joins a community business group. They require monthly payments to augment city services and solve problems while “avoiding red tape.” It smells like a shake down when a fellow member tells Deran the group leader will “make your life hell.” I’d love to see him try to shake down the Cody family. Maybe they’ll all get into politics to launder money.

Pope and Baz assume they can use the bar to launder the church money. Deran insists it is not going to happen.

While setting up the drop for Javier, Jake learns the boys aren’t helping her. He takes advantage of the timing and robs Smurf, leaving her tied to the tv in the hotel room. Before leaving her alone, he drops a bomb on the audience, with the revelation that Jake is Craig’s dad. Will Craig learn about this before or after Smurf kills his daddy?

Baz is pulled over by the police about Catherine’s disappearance. Will this officer go after Josh again for a sting?

Meanwhile Craig wakes up and decides he needs to get his act together, puts on a clean white shirt and gets a job. Going legit is hard when you just did blow and you need a drug test. Craig holds a guy at gun point to get a urine sample for his test.

Turns out he got the job as a caterer to plan the robbery on an expensive yacht wedding. That’s our Craig. High Seas pirates, it is.

Josh and Nicky get closer when Nicky realizes they robbed the church. She’s excited about the game, and appreciates that Josh tried protecting her from the family. Then Javier and gang arrive at the house to collect the money that Smurf no longer has. Smurf and Pope don’t arrive until after Josh has been beaten up pretty badly and Nicky kidnapped.

Nicky is ultimately tossed out of Javier’s van. Javier dropped her off on the corner of Ash and Trailhead, which is where Smurf and Jake buried Javier’s dad. I wonder who gave up that information.

Who, if anyone will slip up and connect the family to the robbery? Will Deran keep his bar clean? How with Smurf deal with Javier and now Craig’s daddy? Will Craig learn who his dad is? And into who’s arms will Nicky run after her abduction? Find out on Animal Kingdom, Tuesday’s at 9pm on TNT.

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