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Angela Bassett was Accused of Being ‘A Poor Sport’ After her Viral Oscar Moment that Followed Jamie Lee Curtis’ Win

Published on March 14th, 2023 | Updated on March 14th, 2023 | By FanFest

Unfortunately, Angela Bassett was not triumphant like her iconic Black Panther character Queen Ramonda at this year’s 95th Academy Awards ceremony.

Bassett was deservedly nominated for Best Supporting Actress, yet it was Jamie Lee Curtis who ultimately took home the trophy in recognition of her outstanding performance as Deirdre Beaubeirdre in “Everything Everywhere All at Once,” which won an Academy Award for Best Picture.

As all five nominees were illuminated by the camera’s lights, presenters Ariana DeBose and Troy Kotsur called out Curtis’ name. Her surprise was palpable as she uttered a stunned “Oh, shut up!” in response.

The cameras captured the bittersweet moment of defeat for Hong Chau, Kerry Condon, Stephanie Hsu and Bassett who didn’t seem too thrilled that they lost – none of them had expected to walk away empty-handed.

As she accepted the SAG Award, Jamie Lee Curtis expressed gratitude for her “nepo baby” status in Hollywood and noted awe at her success: “This is just amazing!”

As soon as Bassett was announced the loser, social media users were quick to point out her lack of enthusiasm – not once did she clap or smile – and quickly labeled her a “sore loser.”

One user took to Twitter writing, “Angela Bassett is an amazing actress, but the sore loser vibe… It would be great to see women supporting each other, even in the face of disappointment (esp. during women’s history month.)”

Another user was more critical, writing, “Angela Bassett is a sore loser, I’m no longer a fan of hers! It actually makes me happier that Jamie Lee Curtis won, now knowing that Angela Bassett had this hateful reaction! #Oscars.”

Despite not taking home the Oscar, Bassett still made history by becoming the first ever Marvel actor to receive an Academy Award nomination.

Following Curtis’ victory, his co-star Michael B. Jordan and the acclaimed Jonathan Majors stepped out to present the award for Best Cinematography in “Black Panther: Wakanda Forever“.

“Hey Auntie,” Jordan uttered fondly to Bassett, who was seated in the prime spot at front row center. The 64-year-old actress beamed with delight as she received the warm greeting.

“We love you,” Majors added.

Many individuals also came to Bassett’s defense on social media, with one person sharing on Twitter, “I can’t believe people are this upset because Angela Bassett didn’t immediately celebrate her losing. Didn’t even give her a chance to process her disappointment. Just immediately expected her to be the ‘you go girl’ type, and she refused. Good for her.”

Another user chose to applaud Bassett writing, “Good for Angela Bassett not smiling nor clapping. Y’all expect Black women to not only be exceptional, but be happy for others who get accolades we deserve over and over.”

Another person interpreted the viral reaction differently, noting, “I really believe Angela Bassett was just stunned when she didn’t hear her name called. But I don’t think she was being a sore loser or that she was bitter about Jamie Lee Curtis winning. So I hope people would stop attacking both these super talented actors.”

During this momentous awards season, both women were honored with deserved praise and recognition.

Bassett was honored with both the Golden Globe and Critics Choice awards for Best Supporting Actress, while Curtis picked up the Screen Actors Guild Award.

Each year, esteemed members of the Academy cast their ballots to select the most deserving honorees for Oscar glory.

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