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Andrew Lloyd Webber Announces New Broadway Musical, ‘Bad Cinderella’

Published on October 4th, 2022 | Updated on October 4th, 2022 | By FanFest

Andrew Lloyd Webber is bidding farewell to his last remaining Broadway show and welcoming another.

The legendary musical theater figure announced Monday that his updated “Cinderella” will play in New York at the Imperial Theatre in February, with new music, a new leading lady, and a fresh name.

Linedy Genao will play “Bad Cinderella” which borrows the title from a musical key rather than using London West End’s blander name, “Cinderella” She’s appeared in ensemble parts in “Dear Evan Hansen” and “On Your Feet!” Carrie Hope Fletcher previously played the main character in London.

Lloyd Webber is wishing for a more successful Broadway opening than his last fairy tale had in London. “Cinderella” didn’t make it past its first year and closed with substantial losses, especially after the pandemic moved everything around.

“It’ll be a treat to see what kind of birthday present I get,” the composer said at a press conference outside the theater, referring to the show’s reviews which will be posted on March 23, his 75th birthday.

Genao then took a can of spray paint and painted the word “Bad” over the show’s original logo. “I have one thing to tell you,” she said. “I’m not your Cinderella. I’m your bad Cinderella.”

The stage musical features an original score from Lloyd Webber, a book by Emerald Fennell, and lyrics by David Zippel. JoAnn M. Hunter will be the choreographer with Laurence Connor as the director.

Lloyd Webber announced that “The Phantom of the Opera” will close on Broadway in 2023. The musical has been running since 1988 and Feb. 18 will be its last performance, a day after previews begin for “Bad Cinderella,” This marks Lloyd Weber’s musicals having performed on Broadway every playing night since September 1979.

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