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Andrew Lincoln: This is how I want Rick to Die

Published on March 28th, 2017 | Updated on March 30th, 2017 | By FanFest

With season 7 drawing to a close, we know one thing is for certain, someone big is going to die.

Now I’m not telling you it’s Rick Grimes. He is one of the last people I want to see bite it. But in the walker apocalypse, we have to be mindful that anything can happen. It’s kind of morbid and very George RR Martin-esque to think about, but not everyone is safe. Well maybe.

Andrew Lincoln even started to think this way during the filming for season 7. He spoke to the LA Times recently that he now knows that every character is expendable.

“I’m the dude that woke up in the hospital in the very beginning — I’d like to think there’s a bit of job security there…But then suddenly Negan turns up, with that crazy baseball bat, and all bets are off. Don’t get me wrong. I think Rick is very much in the fabric of the show. But then, so was Glenn. We’re all expendable on this show.” Lincoln went on to say in the interview that he really felt like Rick’s death was coming during the conversation with Michonne in 7×12 “Say Yes.”

And keeping with the theme of Rick’s impending doom, Lincoln spoke at a panel about how he wants his character to die. Shocking, right? Who would want their character to die? Honestly it’s a pretty great story.

He apparently wants Rick to heroically jump off of the bus shouting “Carl” and he’s fighting off walkers when one bites him (Ow!) He then waits to die… but doesn’t?

Maybe I’m the cure.

He starts heading back to Carl and runs into a herd of walkers coming right at him. But this time, instead of attacking, they move to the side.

Woah! Wouldn’t that be something- if Rick ends up being the cure.

What do you think of Andy’s idea for Rick?

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