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Andrew Lincoln says ‘Big Deaths’ are Coming in Season 8 of ‘The Walking Dead’

Published on October 8th, 2017 | Updated on October 9th, 2017 | By FanFest

When the cast of The Walking Dead sat down for a ‘Town Hall’ with Sirius XM, a lot of ground was covered. From Daryl seriously needing a puppy to Andrew Lincoln talking to his dad about why the show was so important, the floor was open for discussion.

The entire Town Hall won’t be played on Sirius Radio until October 19th on Entertainment Weekly Radio, but we did hear a few snippets of the discussion already. One of which was Andrew Lincoln sort of throwing in the fact that this season contains some ‘big deaths’.

It’s not like we haven’t all been fans of the series for 8 years now, but we never get used to the fact that the big deaths happen. Especially because of the way Andrew described talking to his father about them.

Andrew’s conversation with his father was sort of the perfect way to sum up what The Walking Dead means to them as a cast. They’ve dedicated themselves to the roles they play and to make the series one of the most successful in television history. While we would have loved to just focus on that, the whole ‘big deaths’ thing threw us for a loop.

It also reiterated what Scott Gimple said to EW about the losses we’ll all face this season.

‘I will say, when death came to the narrative when we were making this, people were pretty shocked by it, and there are some very difficult times for the heroes ahead — though in unexpected ways.’

The statements make us wonder, who really will come face to face with their demise this season? Some fans have predicted the losses will come in the form of three characters; Shiva, Eric, and Morgan with some adding a fourth – Carol to the list.

We aren’t sure just who we’re counting out yet, but we’re really pulling for Morgan to stay alive. Especially after Lennie James said he’d like to see his character fall in love again, we would too! Plus, we aren’t ready to say goodbye to Carol or Shiva yet either.

If you had to pick three characters to say goodbye to this season, who would they be? Let us know and don’t forget to catch the season premiere on October 22nd on AMC.


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